After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 107

Chapter 107 First Battle!
Translated by: Naervon

As soon as Tyre invoked the High God’s oath, an unseen force fell on Simon, this powerful force was something that can bind even deities to their promises, so if he agrees to the other side’s rules, then both sides will be bound to the rules and this pact will not break unless one side fulfills the rules or becomes more powerful than the highest god. Once the pact is fulfilled, then the power of the gods will see to it that the agreements are also fulfilled by the other party.
Interesting, Simon thought as the corners of his mouth pulled upwards slightly.
“So what if I accept this challenge, are you really going to use your qi harmony cultivation to face the millions of people down stage?”

This magical girl competition was a highlight for the entire empire, and strong individuals came from all over the empire to witness this in person, so Tyre’s challenge effectively challenged all of the powerhouses. This type of recklessness is not commonly seen, and if it does happen, then the person speaking usually doesn’t live long.
Only, Tyre ignored everyone and nodded his head in agreement.
“Ha ha, hahahahahaha, how interesting.” Simon laughed loudly, and continued with even more excitement in his voice
“I Simon, accept your pact under the Highest God’s name! I will add one more rule to this. As long as you win the final victory, then as long as you are within my sight, hearing or perception range, then as long as I am alive, then no one can touch you!”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe everyone can tell that we have a little incident here, the first mishap of this competition! The price for this challenge being the ownership of the wind elf. Now then, let’s all watch and see who will laugh to the last. Will it be Mr. 123 with his Qi Harmony or will it be someone under Emperor cultivation who will take dominance! Who will be the victor?” Just as everyone was still processing the outburst on stage, Xiaer rushed out and loudly took the spotlight again, affecting the audience with his tone and energy, causing the crowd below the stage to become excited once more for the upcoming fights.

As for how people thought about this challenge… To be able to make a good impression in front of Simon Sire at this moment would be best window of opportunity towards success. Just think of all the benefits that Simon can grant them if they managed to impress Simon Sire! All the master and up martial techniques and magic spells that they will have access to. What? What if Simon doesn’t have them? Are you joking? A Sacred magician without magic spells or access to high end martial techniques? Impossible.
Thinking these thoughts, a youth jumped up to the stage.
“Damn, someone got ahead of me!”
“Shit, I should have jumped up there first, if this trash won in just one round then I’ll regret this for the rest of my life!”
“If I can enter the eyes of Simon Sire, then I can breakthrough my bottleneck! I must win this fight!!”

“He is mine!!”
With the crowd getting rowdier by the second, the youth readied his long sword in his hand and entered his battle stance.
“I apologize in advance Mr. 123”
Tyre looked at the youth and frowned, just a mid stage qi harmony? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Anyone with a pair of eyes can surely tell that this level of cultivation is nowhere near enough to match him after seeing his fight against Chelsea, do they really believe that they can bully him with numbers?
The youth saw Tyre relaxing and took that opportunity to attack. The long sword combined with his stance made his attack look like a hawk swooping down on its prey!
Tyre extended his finger.

Sacred Arts, Sharpness of Creation.
*Shring~* A clear sound of metal clashing against metal rang out, and when the youth reacted, his long sword had already been sliced in half by Tyre’s finger!
That’s right! Not Tyre’s finger in half, but the sword!
Under the teachings of the big crab KaMing, Tyre can bring out the weapon and sharpness in everything with the skill 【Sharpness of Creation】. Despite being armed with weapons, Tyre did not let up his training for the skills that KaMing taught him, after all, who knows when he will be in a situation with no weapons? So with this skill, Tyre can make anything into a weapon, rocks, branches or even his finger!

As for the mere run of mill mid stage qi harmony in front of him at this moment, Tyre didn’t even want to draw his sword for a trash like that.
“You can get off the stage now.” Tyre said. Because the youth was polite to him at the start, Tyre didn’t want to kick him off the stage with his foot. The youth drooped his head and made to get off the stage, but just when he walked past the blind spot of Tyre, the youth rapidly drew out a poisoned dagger and revealed a face full of viciousness as he stabbed towards Tyre. With the stab, his original mid stage qi harmony shot up to peak qi harmony, his speed so fast that in less than a blink of an eye, the dagger had already reached Tyre’s waist!!


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