After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 106

Chapter 106 You! Do you dare accept!!!!!
Translated By: Naervon
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The most unexpected and most shocking sentence was born for the first time in the entire competition. No one laughed and no one dared to, for an elf rejected the offer from the Sacred Magician Simon, and for the laughable reason of gold.

Even Simon with his good tempers was riled by this and his expression gradually darkened. After all, how can a sacred magician swallow his pride after being rejected 3 times in a row, and if he did do that, then won’t he become the laughingstock of the century?
“I’ll rephrase it the, you become my disciple, and he gets to keep his little life.”

This was the last straw for Simon, and if Elena is unable to make up her mind, then Simon doesn’t mind adding a bit more blood to this competition.
Elena’s face paled even more as she had never thought that her hotheaded plan would land Tyre Sire in a life or death jeopardy.
“I. . . . . . .”

“Oi!” Tyre walked out from the VIP section and slowly made his way to the stage under weird looks from almost everyone.
“Aren’t you being a little too excessive?”
This was obviously directed at Simon, and caught the interest of the other judges, who all watched on with interest, wanting to see what happens next. The only judge who showed some worry was Nicole, for she didn’t want this competition to be ruined by this little thing.
“Excessive? Is it because your life’s on the line?” Simon calmly retorted back, his oppressive aura gradually fading till he was just like any other old man.

“No, although that has some weight, but it is mainly because your methods annoys me.” Tyre spoke out something that made everyone look down on him, method? You selling your own elf right after she loses value is not a method? Laughable, just like a cheater calls his partner a cheater first, shameless.
“Oh? And just what methods are you talking about?” Simon slowly sat back down, and his face not showing the slightest emotion, returning to his previous state, his eyes piercing and judging. He had only lost his composure because of his appreciation of Elena’s talents and seeing her situation, if it was anyone else, he wouldn’t even bother speaking out.

“You had your eyes on her start from the second round, obviously, you had already saw through Elena’s true identity, so your methods begun. Treating her like a toy in your little game, you deliberately gave her the hardest task in the contest to make her quit.”
“Oh ho~” Simon kept his mask of calm, and let out a cold sound, Tyre continued
“In the third and fourth rounds, your eyes never left her even once, and the entire time, I have not seen the slightest bit of appreciation or kindness in your eyes. Of course I also did not see any greed, but what I did see was the eyes of an researcher observing a specimen. Forgive me if I am being too straightforward . . . . . .”
“Simon Sire, your purpose of wanting Elena is not to be your disciple but rather to bring her back as a magical experimental subject right?”

Simon haha’ed and waved his hand in disdain
“You can leave now, little clown. Talking with you has been a waste of my time, not only did I not rescue anyone but my honor have been besmirched by lies, how long has it been since the last time that I have been sullied.”
“Sullying your honor? Do you think I would dare sully the honor of a sacred magician? No, I am only describing the truth.”

“Then it’s decided, I take back my words. I am not selling this elf anymore and lets all just treat this as nothing more than a little interruption and continue on with the contest, alright?” Tyre emphasized with his right arm, and said casually, but the little elf spoke up in a hurry
“No, not like that, Tyre S…..”
“Shut Up.” Tyre said coldly, he can’t afford to have Elena speak now and mess things up even further.
Simon shook his head.
“Laughable, do you think that you can just take back the water that you have spilled so easily?”

“The easterners have a saying, spilt water is difficult to retrieve or there is no use crying over spilt milk. Do you really think we are all brainless idiots here that you can do whatever you want?”
“Then how about this.” Tyre drew out the sword by his side slowly, and pointed it at the judges and the millions of audience behind them, and said under the shocked gaze of everyone
“I 123, with my qi harmony stage cultivation, challenge everyone who does not like my doings as long as they are not emperor stage or above. I swear to the Highest God’s name that if I lose a single battle, then I surrender my life to Simon Sire for him to do as he pleases, but if there are no more challengers, then the wind elf Elena will belong to me and Simon Sire will have no power to interfere.”
“You! Do you dare accept!!!”


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