After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Sorry
Translated by: Naervon

“!!!!” Tyre opened his mouth slightly as he slowly looked up!
Elena stood in the center of the stage, and the contestant who was about to perform stopped in her tracks, obviously scared by the sudden change.
Not only the people on stage, the judges and the audience were also scared to silence.
What is this guy doing!!!!
Tyre opened his eyes wide, and replayed Elena’s words in his head again.
Is she trying to sell herself and use the money to say she’s sorry? Thinking that she has no worth so she wants to use something that has worth to repay him?
Finally, someone in the audience spoke up
“Elf, it really is an elf!”

“This is my first time seeing an elf!”
“Oi, can an elf even be a part of this contest?”
“Wait, wait, did she just say that she wants to sell herself?”
“Yea, looks like she’s that black masked martial artist’s slave.”
“Haha, looks like he wanted to use the elf to get a recommendation letter, and seeing that he has no chance, he wants to sell her while her name is still good to boost the price, that 123 guy really knows how to make money!”

“I bid 150k gold!!!!” Suddenly, an ugly fatass screamed out with a lusty look on his face, his high pitched voice awakened the crowd!
“200k!” a old person wearing a suit shouted out. He has several pretty girl servants standing around him, with each one giving off a strong aura, obviously all powerful fighters.
“250k!” Once more, another person spoke up, and surprisingly, it was the person who reported Elena for cheating in the first round. Not liking the fact that this pretty girl is in this situation, and at the same time, his opinion of Tyre worsened by a huge margin.
“It is still competition time, I hope that everyone will calm down and realize where you are.”

A terrifying aura spread out and suppressed everyone, and the rowdy audience suddenly quieted down. When they turned to look, they saw Simon stand up.
“Yes . . . . . . .” Elena’s face paled as she faced Simon, and her dried up tears started to flow once more.
Simon slightly frowned, and the other judges all waited to see what this terrifying old man wants to do.
“Your talent has caught my eye, and despite the fact that you are an elf, but this isn’t enough reason to reject you. Become my disciple, and no one will harm you!”

This immediately shocked the entire audience. Who was Simon? He was a bonafide Sacred Magician, a crazy inventor so well received that even some deities owe him favors. If Simon wanted to protect someone, then even if another deity wanted to make a move, then that deity must consider the consequences. So once she became Simon’s disciple, then that basically means she is safe to do whatever she wants as long as she doesn’t actively cause catastrophes. And with Simon as her master, she can basically enjoy a life without worries under the big tree of protection called Simon.
“Simon Sire, how much will you give Mr. 123 Sire if I become your disciple.”
“. . . . ” Simon’s face fell and slowly looked towards Tyre. He gave a cold humph and said
“Nice plan!”

Tyre’s body shook with cold sweat, because that gaze from Simon was accompanied by Simon’s perception, and that feeling of his life on the cusp of death was ever so clear!
Only, as a Sacred Magician, Simon wasn’t going to kill him outright in front of so many people and lose face, and only because of this fact alone that Tyre managed to keep his life.

After Tyre dared to breath again, his entire body was covered in sweat, and his face pale. Under his mask, his face contorted to the extreme, not from fear, but from anger, anger at himself for being so powerless and so weak.
If it wasn’t this type of stage, then that old man would have killed him already, and this happened because he shooed Elena away.

The originally small thing has now escalated to a matter of life and death because of Elena’s stubbornness and kindness to repay Tyre. And because of Simon’s appreciation of Elena, he is now stuck in this dangerous situation.
“. . . . . ” Tyre clenched his fists, the blood draining away from his force.
Simon turned his gaze back to Elena, and calmly said
“I won’t give him money, and you need not be afraid of him. Just follow me, even if he gave you some poison or had you swear a god’s oath, I have ways of helping you erase them.”
“No, if you cannot pay Sire, then I cannot become your disciple, I am sorry Simon Sire.”
. . . . . .
The entire place went dead silent.


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