After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Everyone’s Opinions
Translated By: Naervon

*Cough Cough* “I personally don’t have any Love experience. . . . .” Tyre constricted his vocal cords and changed his voices, but before he could continue, the little elf piped up almost immediately
“Sire, why did your voice change?”
Oh fml! Tyre almost couldn’t resist pulling out his blade right there and then to unleash the second stance of his strongest attack to forever silence this bothersome little devil. Why didn’t you reply this fast earlier, why is your voice so clear and strong when you pick on me, are you kidding me?!
“*Cough Cough*, I caught the cold earlier this morning, so my voice is kind of raspy, please forgive me Miss Lunaria.”

“So that’s how it is, I’m feel your pain, after all you did just fight a powerful magician like Chelsea just a few moments ago. Since Mr. 123 doesn’t even know, then lets go and ask others.” The last part was directed towards Claude, and for reasons unknown, Claude’s hawk like eyes slowly returned to his normal state ask he nodded towards Lunaria.
“Sorry for the intrusion.”
“No problem, we should be the ones apologizing for not being able to help.”

Lunaria glanced at Claude with some surprise at his sudden trust, but since Claude didn’t say anything, she is just as happy to pretend like she doesn’t know anything.
Claude’s eyes narrowed a bit, for his sudden relaxing had to do with the absence of his sword qi on Tyre’s left arm.

【Sacred Light Style】 Was the name of the style that Claude follows, created by 【Sage King of Holy Cleansing】 in his early years. The style is so powerful that even martial artists can make use of the holy element if they have even the slightest holy affinity. When Claude wounded Tyre, he left a residue of holy attribute in the wound, and because of the special effects of the sacred light style, the holy magic will stay in the wound to prevent it from healing and cannot be removed by anyone less that a deity. So even if the man in front of him looked very similar to the man who violated Miss Lunaria, but Claude can be sure that they are two separate people.
Only, what he doesn’t know is that Tyre’s arm wound was actually healed by a deity…..

“What’s the matter? Lunaria, don’t you want to come with me to meet with Princess Snow Lily?”
Claude asked when he saw Lunaria hesitating, but as soon as he asked, she immediately took two steps backwards. She answered with a slightly shaky voice
“Claude young master, can you not see that pillar of grudge rising to the skys from that direction?”
“I always get the feeling that if I go over there right now, I will face the completion of this life and head on to the next, so if young master Claude wants to, please go ahead without me. I am okay with just staying here.”

“. . . . . Then I’ll stay too.” Claude nodded his head after rethinking everything through. As for Snow Lily, she was currently glaring at Lunaria with her bloodshot eyes through the black veil that covered her face!
“Big brother Claude is mine, Big brother Claude is mine. . . . . . . .”
So many repetitions of the same words seemed to make even Wolfus uneasy, because it gave him the feeling that she was about to lose it at any moment and run over there to tear Lunaria to pieces. Only after seeing Lunaria and Claude leave did Wolfus let out a sigh of relief. Good thing that Lunaria had some senses about her, because if she stayed, Wolfus really didn’t know if he could keep Snow Lily in check.

“As for asking Chelsea….. Let’s not go there for now, I had a little disagreement with her not long ago, so if I go and beg her for help, she will just laugh at me instead.” Lunaria made up an excuse on the spot, but Claude frowned
“What disagreement? What did she do to you?”
“It’s nothing big, don’t worry too much about it. Let’s hurry and ask the other people.”
“Okay.” Claude nodded his agreement, then looked towards Chelsea’s direction with a blank expression on his face before turning and following Lunaria.
As for Chelsea, she was deep in meditation when a sudden feeling of being chilled down to the bones struck her, as if she was one step away from death. She rapidly stopped her meditation and looked all around her with cold sweat flowing like crazy, but she didn’t see anyone or anything around that was threatening her life, was it just an illusion? No, that terrifying feeling cannot be just an illusion!
“What’s wrong? Second Mistress?”

“It’s…….nothing.” Chelsea replied while thinking, then, her fair complexion darkened as she said impatiently
“Hurry up and help me with the main topic, why else did you think I brought you here for!”

“Hi, are you Miss Angel?” Lunaria gave a mannered bow, and received one in return. A smooth and relaxed voice replied
“Yes, and I assume Miss Lunaria is here for questions concerning the main topic, correct?”
“Miss Angel, you are truly smart and beautiful just like your name suggest, I’m asking around for information on the main topic.” Lunaria gave her a praise but it landed thin air as she only received a cold reply.
“Love, I have never experienced it. Clarok?”

Clarok was Angel’s martial artist partner, he had a strong physique with his massive upper torso sporting countless scars giving off a battle hardened man! As for his face, there can only be one word to describe it. Ugly. An extremely gruesome scar ran from the top of his head all the way down his face and continuing down his torso, making his appearance all the more frightening.
Clarok seemed as if mute, for he only shook his head in response. Receiving a reply from Clarok, Angel turned back to Lunaria and gave her a look saying why are you still here.
“What a shame, I am sorry to bother you.” Lunaria politely bowed, and received only a bow in response.
Even though Angel kept a cold face, but her overall attitude was not bad, so Lunaria did not feel like this exchange was a bad experience. Only, with Angel being the last contestant, she had asked all those who can be asked, so now she has to summarize and plan for the main topic!


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