After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Listening to Suggestions
Translated By: Naervon

“Claude young master, are you feeling more composed now?” Lunaria gave Claude a glance with slight contempt in her eyes, and watched as Claude scratched his head in embarrassment. Claude recalled his behavior just then and his face reddened even more.
“Yea, Yes, I feel better now.”
“Then let’s discuss about love.”
“Ah? This, aren’t we going too fast?! But, I’m still not ready inside!”

“We only have about an hour’s worth of time at the moment, what do you need to prepare yourself for?”
“Oh, oh, so that’s what you mean. Lunaria, you are talking about the main topic…….right?”
“What did you think I was talking about. Okay, Claude young master, just tell me if you have any special ideas for this.” Lunaria said casually, but when Claude heard her say that, his happy meter burst through the roof, because he had just called Lunaria by her name, and she didn’t turn away from him or look at him as one would look at a pervert, what a huge step forward!
“Lunaria, I feels like we should go ask other people’s opinions on this.”

“Others?” Lunaria looked around her, and saw only the 20 contestants in the room if she counted herself and Claude.
Claude nodded his head and continued
“Lunaria, even though we both do not have any direct experience with love, or understand what it fully means, but that doesn’t mean the other contestants don’t. So if we ask around, we might get an answer.”
“But since they are our opponents, do you think they will answer us at all?”
“How do we know if we don’t try right? And I also believe that they are nice and generous people.”

“Umm, are you Miss Darmiala?” Lunaria first approached the girl magician closest to her, the girl who ranked second in the last round. The most important deciding factor has to be because she was also a very pretty girl. I mean, who doesn’t want to look at eye candy right? So Lunaria is very obviously not against that idea. Of course, if other people knew what Lunaria was thinking, they would probably just throw her a mirror and tell her to go stare at herself for eternity.
“Yes, and may I ask Miss Lunaria’s purpose?”
There are only 10 contestants left in the final round, adding that to Lunaria’s otherworldly appearance, it was almost certain that Darmiala knew Lunaria’s name.

Seeing Darmiala’s polite bow, Lunaria hastily responded with one of her own before continuing with her purpose
“It’s not anything important, it’s only that I have some trouble understanding my main topic, could Miss Darmiala help me understand it?”
“I don’t think that this is proper, Miss Lunaria.” The person who spoke up was ZhangLing, who stood behind Darmiala. Lunaria’s impression of this person was that he was very powerful, because as a peak 【 Emperor】 stage individual, he has mastered not only qi but also a set of very powerful staff techniques. Sadly, he was matched up against someone who was also very difficult to deal with, so his points were not that great.
Darmiala waved her hand to silence ZhangLing, then said

“I don’t have any issues with that, and to the contrary, I am also in puzzlement for my own main topic.”
They discussed things at length and both were happy with the results. Although Darmiala was young, but she had a time of romance when she was even younger, which made Lunaria re-evaluate her opinion of Darmiala even higher than before. As for ZhangLing, he was already around 30 to 40 years old, and because of his cultivation, his appearance kept the look of when he was 20 or so. Despite him not too familiar with the field of love, but just based on his experience alone, he was able to give Lunaria a lot of material to work with.
Lunaria didn’t have any good suggestions towards the topic of war, but Claude did. And after some deep exchanges with old ZhangLing, both sides were happy with the results.

“Umm, excuse me, are you Miss Elena……..”Lunaria rolled her eyes as she asked un-willingingly. Claude made her come and ask, so she suspects that Claude was still wary of Tyre.
“Ah, yes, yes.. And you are……”
“Eh” The little elf’s answer completely stopped Lunaria in her tracks. Could you at least observe your surrounding contestants a little? Can’t you at least remember the top of the leaderboard? As Lunaria I am very high up and well known by the other contestants, does it hurt to at least memorize my name…

“My name is Lunaria, and I come from here, Xavier Duchy.” Finally, Lunaria decided to give up and introduce herself, noting that Claude was monitoring Tyre, who was standing behind Elena, with a cold glint in his eyes.
On Tyre’s side, Tyre already has trickles of cold sweat running down his face under that black mask. This guy is worthy of being that old duke’s grandson, just being stared at is giving me so much pressure.
“Elena, be polite and introduce yourself.” Tyre lightly reminded. Elena finally recovered her wits, hastily bowed and said
“I, I’m just Elena, first time meeting you, hello.”

Lunaria really wanted to slap this wild little elf upside the head, for Elena completely forgot all the manners she taught her, and not to mention her snail like response speed and complete and utter mess of a sentence. If Claude was not here, Lunaria just might drag the little elf to a dark alleyway and coordinate with Tyre to pull a double education on this little elf, until she learns all the knowledge in her dumb little head.
Sadly, Claude completely ignored Elena’s bad mannerisms and continued his hawk like observation on Tyre, as if he was a hawk flying in the skies preparing to strike on the running prey.
“Pleased to meet you. I just wanted to ask you, Miss Elena, what experiences do you have with Love?”

“Love, love. . . . .” The little elf repeated, then looked towards Tyre with a pleading look in her eyes. . . . .
Why are you looking at me! Ahhhh idiot, don’t pull the attention on me. . . . Tyre’s face went as straight as a board under the mask, but the little elf was immune, as she completely ignored Tyre’s change of expressions, and she kept going, saying weakly and as if she was bullied
“Ss, Sire, how about you answer this question?”


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