After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Volume 1 Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Main Topic, Love!
Translated By: Naervon

The next to walk up to the sign was the girl who kept a good score throughout the contest, Darmiala. She had a head of long light blue hair, and when she walked by, people would unconsciously turn their head to follow. Even Tyre was attracted to her as she walked by.
What a refined girl, Tyre stroked his chin as he examined her body closely from behind for competitive reasons.

If it wasn’t for that black mask covering Tyre’s face, Tyre would probably be thrown off the stage by the guards for his dangerously perverted look on his face.
“Then Miss Darmiala’s number will be 1, and her topic is war.”
“War. . . . . .”Darmiala frowned, war is a very hard topic to enact, because war always takes place on a massive scale, and to perform the essence of war with just two people is almost an impossible task.

Lunaria walked up right after Darmiala, walking very close behind her and cutting in front of another girl to ensure that she gets the spot. She hit the sign.
A number 10 appeared on the sign. Xiwa nodded her head and said.
“Okay! Our Miss Lunaria’s number is 10, and her topic is Love!”


“Love, Miss Lunaria.”
“. . . . . . . ” please let me make a face of *Kill me now please*.
Lunaria covered her face with her right hand as she walked back slowly. She’s done for, why in the world does it have to be love of all things, what difference is there between having her perform this and having her go die?

And the most important thing to focus on here is, she must perform it with her partner, who is a man, and this man just happens to be that damned Claude.
Now here comes the question, what happens when a man performs an act of love to another man? Sparks of love? Or sparks of …….
Anyways, the answer is yes, it might happen, but never to himself.
Wuwa, just thinking of that scene make her face go red, is this a punishment from the heavens to punish her for cheating? Is this a shame play?

As for Claude, when he heard the topic was love, countless thoughts flew by his brain, and amongst those thoughts, the phrase, I’ll love you to death, took over half of them. Yes, half of his thoughts were still on that sentence this entire time……..
At this moment, Lunaria finally reached her spot by Claude, but because her figure was kind of short, so she appeared tiny when compared to the knightly Claude. Lunaria had her head lowered and her face bright red when she said lightly.

“Claude young master, what should we do?”
And then Claude saw that moment, that moment when Lunaria looked up with her face bright red and tears gathering at the corners of her eyes as she pleaded him for help with her eyes looking at him full of hope.

Badump Badump! His heart felt as if it was just shocked by a 16th stage magic spell.
Claude’s face gradually turned red, and in front of Lunaria, who appeared so fragile and so in need of his protection, his protective soul and chivalry surged forth.
Even though he was still in a state of disarray, but his voice spoke up with confidence as if it was his nature.

“Do not worry, I will protect you.”

“No no no, I meant what should we do to perform this topic.”

“Do not worry, I will protect you.”

“. . . . . . . . .”

“Do not worry, I will protect you.”

“*Sigh* Looks like I’ll have to think of a plan myself.” Even though she doesn’t know what Claude was thinking, but Lunaria decided to think of her own plan, because Claude definitely looks like he’s been kicked in the head by a donkey.
When the drawing finally finished, everyone was given one hour of time to think of their performance, but because of the ordering, as the last to perform, Lunaria had at least twice that amount of time to prepare and think.

In actuality, this hour was another form of rest for them, and because the organizers couldn’t just leave all the audience waiting for 60 minutes of nothingness, a slew of performances took the stage, and even Duke Xavier himself popped up on stage for a few words before hurriedly leaving.

“So Elena, do you have any thoughts?” Tyre and Elena were hiding in a corner, and the two were secretly talking it over.

“What, what thoughts, Tyre Sire.” The little elf blinked her eyes, clearly not understanding what Tyre meant.
“I mean what do you think we should do for this topic of Nature. Aren’t you a wind elf? Doesn’t nature come naturally to you? Isn’t it something that every elf knows?”

“. . . . . .” Elena’s brain started to fry, her finger started twirling around in her hair.
Tyre saw this and felt he was cheated, this little elf dares to play with her hair and ignoring him when he’s asking questions? And all this just after a day of not teaching her proper manners, looks like she has some explaining to do.

“Why aren’t you speaking?”
“No it’s not that, Tyre Sire. Only I really don’t have any thoughts about the topic of Nature.”

“Why? You are a wind elf, so when you talk about nature, then other than you wind elves, only water elfs can be closer to nature!” Tyre is really confused now, and he stuck an arm out in front of the little elf to block her path, and pressed his face closer and closer to her face.
“If you don’t have a reason that I agree with, then I will treat this as you not cooperating with me okay? So if that happens, then I will have to punish you by doing perverted things to you, and I will do it without the slightest hesitation!”

“P ppp Perverted things…..” The tiny elf’s face instantly turned white, and as she saw Tyre’s face becoming ever closer to hers, Elena hurriedly said

“I grew up with my father, and he was just a normal merchant in the great San Cheal Ces Empire. Other than hiring an old priest to be my teacher, he is always outside doing trades and making money. When he finally got a successful business going, he took me to see the Great Forest of Funerals’ Goddess of the lake, as it was rumored that you only need to get her blessing to become a real priest. But we were set upon by a strange mist, and I was separated from my father and his troop, then I was captured by humans and held in Ensisly First World Kingdom for half a year, and then I was moved to Miliac Kingdom to be sold as a slave, and then I met Tyre Sire you.”

“So, other than knowing a little bit of magic, you basically have no clue about everything else?”
“Yep Yep.” The little elf nodded her little head furiously.
You trying to fool a little kid with that excuse? Tyre thought inside as he kept his face straight. She was obviously lying to him, but if he keeps pressuring her, then their relation might become strained. So after giving it some thought, he decided to think of his own plan. All of a sudden, he felt the bad parts of having two bodies. He had to do twice the thinking and do twice the performance for both Love and Nature.. . . . . If the heaven’s have a reward for working overtime, Tyre thinks he deserves to be number one in line to get that reward right now.


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