After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 99: Proving Himself (1)

Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi looked at the Magic Video Stone  silently. Now they finally understood why Claude suddenly left at that time. Right now these two persons were about to have a fight or even worse, their friendship would be ended.

"What should we do, Constantine?"

"How would I know? Let's just watch and see."

As Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi talked, Claude was already holding a long, illuminating sword in his right hand.

"There's time to answer, Lord Tyre."

"Fuck you!" Tyre could not believe he had said those swear words. Nevertheless, he pulled out the Fallen One to point at Claude who was holding the grudge on hearing Tyre's swear words.

He said no more because it was impossible to have an effective conversation with Tyre. He grasped his sword tightly in his hand and dashed toward Tyre suddenly.

So fast!

But still acceptable for Tyre! By using myriad of turn techniques, he appeared instantly on the right-hand side of Claude, which didn't surprised Claude at all. Claude swayed the sword expressionlessly as if he already anticipated where Tyre would show up. 

Tyre's pupils constricted because Claude acted exactly what Vanas did to him, making Tyre even angrier than he already was.


Both of them thought he was the tougher one!

Four fold! Without any concern of his bones under the high pressure, Tyre used the fourth fold, the skill he hadn't accomplished before. Driven by anger, Tyre folded suddenly as Claude's sword touched him and appeared behind him. Before he saw where he was, Tyre already threw the Fallen One.

God's Fall Style, Heaven's Fall x 10!

Go die!

Claude just swayed his sword backward and blocked away Tyre's sword very easily.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Although it kept banging, it was not powerful enough to deter Claude.

"Lord Tyre, has anyone told you that your attack moves are very easy to anticipate." Claude used his sword to deter Tyre far backward as far as a doze of meters.

Tyre could feel the pain in his body but he was even heartbroken by his words. He looked at Claude speechlessly and silently.

Claude went ahead, "tell me about the relationship between you and Lunaria and who you are."

"Fuck off!" Tyre pounced directly at Claude. They fought without caring about the dead bodies under their feet because they only cared about each other.

"You are not my match." Claude lifted up the illuminating sword and there was a black-and-white energy ball at the tip of the sword. It sent out an unstable wave of element attack, as strong as ocean waves.

The Vedas and Upanishads, Black and White Impermanence!

The massive amount of black-and-white energy ball was launched out of Claude's sword. The slow ball suddenly speeded up as if there was no limitation of time and space on it and showed up before Tyre's eyes the next second.

Damn! What kind of freak he was! Why would he be so powerful! He roared as the energy ball zoomed up in his eyes.

"Fifth fold!"

With the technique, Tyre was hovering in the sky. His overwhelming muscle made a crushing sound and the change made Tyre cried out with huge pains.

Claude wasn't surprised that Tyre dodged his attacks because he was Tyre, a strong man who deserved his seriousness. Whenever he was in a fight, he was very serious no matter if his opponent was strong or not. If he was too proud and arrogant to look down upon someone weaker than him, it would be very easy to lose.

Lions would spare no effort to fight against a rabbit, let alone Tyre was powerful enough.

Before Tyre fell down from the sky, Claude launched another attack by throwing the golden light hammer at Tyre.

Magic level three, Holy Hammer!

Gritting his teeth, Tyre threw the sword in huge pain.

God's Fall Style, Boundary Breaker!

The transparent sword barrier showed up in front of Tyre. The Holy Hammer was powerful but not enough to break the defense zone of the Boundary Breaker. It already vanished five meters away from Tyre.

It took Tyre a lot of effort to stop the attack. After that, Tyre could barely stand on his feet. He fell down from the sky right onto the dead bodies, making his face dirty with blood.

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