After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 98: Is this your attitude?

Tyre went back to the dorm with both mask and fake face on. Bayun Xiaoqi and Constantine seemed to be busy with their own businesses. He sighed and walked into the bathroom.

After he walked in the shower room, Bayun Xiaoqi and Constantine had an eye contact and sighed in their own hearts.

Tyre put the Magic Video Stone  next to him in case that Pandora called him, given the experience that he had to get out of the tub to pick up his call.

Unfortunately, it never happened since Pandora called him last time a few days ago.

Tyre looked at the ceiling, lying in the bathtub.

That's it. That's all he got. He didn't mind topping those under Heavenly Child level. Some even couldn't advance to the level of Army Breaker. He should be proud of what he got now.

Those skills he learnt from others were good enough for him.

That's it. He might feel a bit terrible if people thought he had no ambition or his followers surpassing him.

As his mind was roaming, his eyes started to close and finally he fell asleep.

That's it. That was all he could possibly do.

It was 3 am next day when he woke up. Bayun Xiaoqi and Constantine didn't wake him. What if he was drowned?

When he walked out of bathroom, Bayun Xiaoqi and Constantine were asleep. It was still raining with thunders and lightening outside, which could help with falling sleep.

He didn't see Claude. He had a bad feeling when he thought of the question Claude asked. He couldn't stop thinking of it. It was a long day. He'd better have a nice sleep before it was too late. Tyre walked to his bed, took off his shoes and clothes, and slipped into his quilt in bed.

Thinking of what had happened today, he tucked the entire body in and fell asleep.


July 12, Monday

It was still raining. Tyre was woken up by Constantine. He still had a headache because he didn't sleep well.

Bayun Xiaoqi surprisingly got up early and Claude who usually got up early still hadn't come back.



"Where is Claude? Why hasn't he come back yet?" Tyre asked.

Constantine was startled and shook his head.

"No clue. Maybe he is hanging out somewhere."

"Ok…" Tyre thought of Claude's question yesterday. He didn't look like he was hanging out.

Right at the moment, the door was opened. It was Claude standing by the doorway. The three were confused while he just looked at Tyre right in the eyes,

"Come with me." He was being direct and resolute. Bayun Xiaoqi and Constantine had never seen Claude like this before, nor did Tyre.

Tyre realized it was something serious. He got off the bed and walked toward Claude.

Claude turned around and kept walking without looking back. Bayun Xiaoqi and Constantine caught up with them.

At last, Claude and Tyre walked out of the dormitory and arrived at the contestant arena.

"Go inside with me."

"What do you want, Claude?" Tyre wondered. Claude didn't talk but walked directly to the magical line room. Tyre looked back at Bayun Xiaoqi and Constantine before he followed Claude in.

Claude betted 10 points on the individual game and said to Tyre,

"Accept my challenge."

Tyre didn't refuse him. Instead, he walked to the other magical line core and accepted Claude's challenge.

They disappeared. Bayun Xiaoqi and Constantine opened the Magic Video Stone. In the screen, it was a battle field. The original inhabitants in the small world just went through a cruel battle because dead bodies were lying everywhere on the ground. Claude and Tyre were standing among those bodies face to face.


 "All right. You can tell me now." Tyre said seriously. A few seconds later, Claude said,

"I asked you a question yesterday. What is your answer?"

"I am who I am. Who else could I be? Since you know I am Tyre, why would you ask?"

Tyre gave an answer but Claude obviously didn't accept it,

"Are you really Tyre?"

"Then who could I be?"

"Then you should take a look at this." Claude threw a Camera Stone to him. Tyre caught it without any effort and clicked open the stone. In the picture, it was him.

It was when he was using the first move of Heaven Sword Ensemble.

Tyre was shocked and looked up,

"You stalked me?"

"Does it matter? Tell me your answer. Who are you? Why do you have the same sword skills as Lunaria's." Claude pressed him aggressively. Tyre was already in a bad mood. Now that he was stalked and his privacy was pried, which meant Claude must have seen what he'd been through yesterday, the anger built up in his heart was about to explode. 

 "Why would I tell you?! Are you even friends? What makes you think you have the right to question me?"

"So that means there is something fishy going on." Claude said.

"Haha. It's funny. Even it's fishy, what can you do? What do you want?" Tyre said.

"Tyre my lord, is this your attitude?" As Claude addressed him as lord, they were not talking as close friends.

Tyre was pissed off,

"Does it matter to you, master Claude?"

"I have many questions for you." Claude said.

"Piss off! Hypocrite! What do you want? Are you a detective or what?" Tyre shouted.

"One last time. Is this your attitude?" Claude repeated.

Tyre felt like he was being threatened by Claude, which made him even much angrier.

"My attitude has nothing to do with you! This is between Lunaria and me. It has nothing to do with you! You think you saved her once, now you have the right to know everything about her? Who do you think you are?!"

Claude narrowed his eyes. His heart skipped a beat and he was getting more and more serious. As a chill breeze blew across the piles of corpses, a smell drifted along.

"It looks like only force could make you talk."

"Come on! You really think you are the No. 1 genius in the northern empire, and you are formidable! Rubbish!"


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