After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 97: Face-disguising

Chapter 97 

 "We finally finished! I am so exhausted!" Niluka lied on Yexi's bed ridiculously, making Darmiala laugh,

"Dazzle me if you can die."

"I am so adorable. How can I die like this? Darmiala, I know you don't want to die." Niluka held Yexi in her arms and touched her body here and there.

Ye Xi was taking a break from struggling with cleaning the room while she was startled by Niluka's action. She blushed and her cheek turned obviously pink.

"Ni, Niluka, what, what are you doing?!"

"I'm checking your body. Yexi, you are well developed. Even though they are not bigger than Darmiala's, at least they are bigger than Lunaria's." Niluka grabbed her breasts. Yexi screamed and shouted,

"Space! Three."

Next moment Yexi disappeared and showed up 3 meters away, holding her arms over her chest to defend herself and shy with pink cheeks. Niluka fell off from the bed.

"Yexi, don't be shy. Uncle will be gentle…Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Darmiala, I am sorry! Stop patting me with the book. I will become stupid."

Darmiala put away the green magic book and looked at Niluka,

"Are you a horny uncle? How dare you tease Yexi now? You have to learn your lesson."

"They are girls. Besides, she is joking. Forgive her." LongTu was the eldest of them.

"LongTu, you think you are safe because Niluka won't touch your tiny breasts?" Darmiala was mean but she didn't stop,

"You poor thing. You just stand there and watch us compete each other because you have small tits. I feel so sorry for you."

"Darmiala, you know, big breasts will eventually sag as you age. So your insane amount of fatness make your boobs look like two watermelons and do you no good. You should watch yourself in case you fall down on the floor and crash them."LongTu got back right to the point, although she used metaphors which were quite uncomfortable too.

"LongTu, you sound very jealous. Even classmates the next door can sense your jealousy. Do you feel sorry for yourself for having such a pair of underdeveloped breasts when you take a shower? Hope you are not getting boob jobs in the future? "

"Ha. Ha. Darmiala, you know, in the virtual world, even if your breasts were ripped off, you would feel the pain as well." As LongTu said, everyone felt the pain in the chests, staring at the blonde girl with shock and holding their breasts.

Apparently LongTu won the argument.

"Lunaria, what's wrong with you? You are absent-minded." Hana Fuyuki realized something wrong with Lunaria. Lunaria was lying on the bed covering her head with quilt.

"I am tired. I am trying to sleep."

She sounded she was down. The girls had no clue at all. Niluka scratched her head and assumed,

"She might be having her period."

Bayun Xiaoqi and Constantine went back to the dorm. They were silent and ridiculously wet because of the heavy rain.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to leave him alone." Baxun Xiaoqi looked at Constantine with worries because the bright and outgoing guy shook his head seriously,

"Give him a space. If we say anything happened earlier, he will be embarrassed."


"We are not real friends."


"What are we to hide somewhere to watch Tyre to fight against a Heavenly Child level without any help? Our promises are just jokes."


"Yes. I am still useless as I used to be." Constantine shook his head while Bayun Xiaoqi was silent. Both of them felt down. It was still raining outside the window and the rain kept falling on the window. Lightening was striking, followed by thunder roars a few seconds later.


It was around 5pm when Tyre arrived at District 18. The street was almost empty at that time. Because of the rain, everything was veiled from truth.

He had no idea how he could move his heavy legs there. It was surreal.

The only thing he would want to do was to take a shower and hide himself in the bed.

It was annoying! No soul! Martial arts! As long as they worked, right? Why bother to dig deeper?

Tyre felt better when he fooled himself in this way. But he still felt depressed. Something was stuck in his chest to keep him breathing smoothly.

When he looked up, he saw a blonde man standing on the other side of the road.

His face was serious. Tyre recognized it was Claude.

What happened? Even he was not in a good mood, he couldn't help but wondered.

Before Tyre decided to walk to him, Claude asked coldly all of sudden,

"Who are you, Tyre?"

Who am I?

Tyre was startled. However, Claude didn't continue, instead, turned around and walked away in the heavy rain. Soon he was out of sight.

Who am I? Tyre murmured.

Did he know something? He started to feel a chill.

No! He had to make a fake face very soon. Otherwise he would be exposed. If his secret was out, it would be a big trouble than feeling down.

Thinking of this, Tyre came to a hotel, checked in a room and started to study the face-disguising skill.

Around 11pm that day, Tyre finally made a fake face he wanted after wasting a dozen of materials. He put it on and saw a very good-looking man in the mirror.

He smiled. After all, the fake face sort of comforted him especially after having such a bad day.


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