After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 96: Comments

"Tyre, you've got nice moves but your combat sense is terrible. Any man with a brain could anticipate your next attacks. When they are defending, your attack means nothing to them."

Tyre didn't take it seriously and held the Fallen One on guard and then launched as Vanas approached.

God's Fall Style, Heaven's Fall x 10!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Ten booms! But Vanas was not intimidated by the powerful moves. She generated her battle Qi into a solid red shield which blocked all the attacks of Heaven's Fall x 10. However, as the Heaven's Fall burst, the solid shield vanished quickly. Tyre dashed forward and swung the Fallen One at Vanas.

It was just a feint. Instead of actually cutting Vanas, he turned around with three folds. He appeared at the right rear of Vanas in a flash.

Vanas remained calm and was not deceived by Tyre's moves. She turned back without hesitation and threw a cut.

What! Tyre was mortified and couldn't understand why Vanas could anticipate his moves. The dagger got closer and closer to him and he couldn't avoid it. There was no way he could dodge the attack no matter how hard he tried.

He would die!

He would die!

Without any preparation and sign, Tyre fell into despair just because of one simple move.

However, right before Vanas' dagger touched Tyre, it paused. Tyre took the chance to step back until he was 10 meters away from the formidable woman. At that time, he was sweaty all over his forehead and back. His face was pale like he was terribly ill.

 "You are dead to me, Tyre." Vanas narrowed her eyes from which Tyre read disappointment.

"Now I see it. I thought too highly of you. I thought I may have found a genius. But you are obviously not. You have great moves but your combat sense and instinct are horrible.

Your sword skills are impressive but you only know how to swing. You don't know why to use them. You are just copying whatever other people do. So what you learnt are just slavish copies of the original. 

The only valuable thing about you is your learning skill of martial art moves. Unfortunately, you just learned, but you never put your own thoughts into it. When you learn a rock, you use the exactly same rock. But what you don't know is that a rock can turn into paper or scissors."

Tyre couldn't hear anything that Vanas said because he was struggling with fast heart beating and pale face. He thought he was going to be killed. If she didn't stop, he would be dead now.

What if he was dead? Nothing. He had no consciousness, or action or memories that he had lost.

Thinking of this, he started to tremble and fell down on the floor.

"Tyre, I thought you have the potential and wanted to invite you to my club. But unfortunately you are not qualified." Vanas shook her head.

"No. Actually you are not even qualified to be evaluated. Without your moves and martial arts, what else do you have since you have no experience or combat instinct? You are mediocre. Other mediocre martial art practitioners can work hard to become a master. What about you? I haven't seen any callus on your palm due to years of using swords, nor masculine shank due to tough practices of moves. And your physical condition is only mediocre. I can't imagine what made you finally learn such formidable martial arts. "

Tyre was shocked to step back and tremble all over his body.

Vanas ignored his feelings but looked at him in the eyes and said blandly,

"As your senior, there is one last thing I would like to say.

This is the best you could do, no better than the Heavenly Child level.

The best of you can only beat those under Heavenly Child level with your soulless martial arts and moves. Given time, those who are inferior to you will surpass you day by day."

Vanas had said enough. She was a straightforward person. It was not her type to talk a lot to someone she had no interested in, let alone that she didn't harm Tyre not at all.

She walked pass Tyre and flew to the direction where Angel ran to.

Tyre was standing there and trying to catch every breath, and thinking back of the fight earlier.

He lost, completely.

In fact, he felt something wrong with his martial arts long time ago but he never gave it a through thought because he survived from every danger with those skills.

Big Crab and Mr. KaMing kind of used special way of demonstration to show all sacred techniques to Tyre so that he could remember them very clearly. However, there was something Tyre missed out.

Vanas just told one thing he didn't want to face.

They were soulless.

He copied those fist moves but didn't turn them into paper or scissor moves or what. They were just slavish movements of his body.

This was the real him, a baby holding a sacred weapon.

As he realized the truth, he was suppressed in the chest, out of breath.

The Fallen One slipped through his hand and dropped on the floor soundlessly. As he couldn't feel his legs, he kneed down on the floor like a broken puppet, soundlessly like the Fallen One.

The sudden downpour wetted his hair as if it was mocking Tyre's failure. No one could read Tyre's expression.

Song Zhiping felt sorry for Tyre. Another genius was about to be destroyed.

What happened the most often at Avalon? Fighting. In a fighting between two geniuses, one of them inevitably got hurt. More than that, his pride and ambition would be smashed.

Avalon was one of the top universities. Those top geniuses had to defeat many geniuses to make it to the top.

"Let's go." Song Zhiping ordered his five followers. Even if he could continue to fight Tyre, he wouldn't be satisfied. He was one of those destroyed geniuses as well.   

When Vanas made it to Angel, all the masked men were already lying on the floor. A topless big man was new entrant to the fight. He had scary scars all over his body and face. Even Vanas got serious.

"Riot King works for you. Angel, you surprised me. But you used your friend to stop me. Aren't you feel guilty if I hurt him?"

"There are no coincidences. He will be fine."

Angel spoke with curt finality, which was not Vanas expected,

"True. There are no coincidences. I didn't hurt him but I ruined him. I hope it was no coincidence as you said, Angel. "


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