After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 95: Vanas

As Angel agreed, Tyre was actually about to challenge a Heavenly Child level, which was unbelievable.

Heavenly Child level, unlike Qi Harmony or Army Breaker, could fly in the air and even manipulate battle qi in the air. Only great magicians and magic directors could be matches for them.

Now what did that man say?

The weakest martial art practitioner was about to challenge a master of Heavenly Child level.


Or once could say it was total nonsense! It could be rendered as the funniest joke of the year.

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The woman martial art practitioner of Heavenly Child level was shocked by Tyre as well. She looked at the masked man with strange feelings.

Tyre was thrilled that Angel agreed to make a deal with him. He remained as a lower level of Qi Harmony for months. If he could get one thousand battle Qi crystals, he could at least promote one or two levels.

He didn’t ask too much. If he could climb the bloody 18-story building without panting with more battle Qi, he could grab the chance to fight against a master of Heavenly Child level.

Tyre even felt sorry about himself.

Song Zhiping tried to make a sound but he didn’t.

It was not his position to say that “You are my opponent.”

Tyre shrugged his shoulders and looked at the girl. She was wearing a mask though, she had a pair of beautiful blue eyes. And her uniform indicated that she was a senior. Given her attitude towards the Blue Sky Club, she might come from another power.

“Listen. If you are fine with it, we can just stand here and chat.”

As Tyre spoke, Angel was smart to step back and ran to the station.

The girl wouldn’t let Angel go so easily. Ignoring her arrogant henchman Tyre, she launched a dagger which accelerated twice in the air and shot right directly to Angel.

It could tell how big the difference was between a Heavenly child level and a Qi Harmony just from a single move. The dagger throw was incredibly powerful and fast. Tyre barely saw where the dagger was. Luckily he managed to use his move Boundary Breaker of God’s Fall Style to block the dagger like a barrier.

The dagger which was flying like a cannon lost its power right in front of the barrier. With the power of a Heavenly Child level, even its power was decreased, the dagger still pierced through the barrier and targeted at Angel with a harmful speed. Tyre didn’t expect this coming. It never occurred to him that this simple dagger could even break his Boundary Breaker.

Thanks to its decreasing speed, Tyre moved in front of Angel before the dagger. He launched the Fallen One together with God’s Fall Style Heaven’s Fall.


The dagger finally was stopped while Tyre was pushed a few steps back with blood at the corner of his lips.

The girl was surprised by Tyre’s power but she still  tried to stay calm and said,

“I don’t understand what you want by challenging me.”

“This is challenge I meant.” Tyre wiped the blood and stared at the girl seriously. The masked girl chuckled as if he was telling something funny.

“So that’s it. You think you can beat a Heavenly Child with one or two moves? What’s your name?”


“Tyre…hahaha. There was a god named Tyre in ancient history. It’s bad that you have his pride but not his power.” The masked girl seemed to mock him but she made it sound acceptable like a compliment.

 “My name is Vanas. You really impressed me. So I hope you can remember my name.”

Tyre couldn’t read Vanas’ expression but he saw a tiny smile around the corner of her eyes, a smile that he couldn’t understand.

The rest of crowds were astonished by Tyre’s moves because he literally counterattacked a move from a Heavenly Child.

Vanas stretched her right arm and launched another dagger from her sleeve. She held it in her hand and stepped toward Tyre.

Tyre was waiting on guard without making another move. What he saw was a death god who was overwhelmingly condescending, not just a masked girl.

“Why? Where is your attack? Where is your pride?”

As Vanas spoke, Angel stopped running and looked back at Tyre. She shook her head and kept heading to the station.

Vanas was not so eager to catch Angel because the other masked men knew what to do. Her first priority was the man standing in front of her.

He had a potential.

Tyre finally felt the same danger that could take his breath away when he fought with Dizi.

Eventually he beat the man who could compete with the No. 1 genius in the north of the empire.

Therefore, he had no reason to be afraid of her. No matter what it took, he could eventually win.

Song Zhiping found at who the masked girl was at last.

Vanas Claudia was a rare genius at the level of Heavenly Child among senior students. She was called the No. 1 genius in the south of the empire.

“Tyre, show what’ve got.” Vanas sounded calm but with a touch of smile. Pressured by her power, Tyre pushed the limit of the myriad of turn techniques. He turned triple times in the air and flashed at the back of Vanas.

He swung the Fallen One toward her back. Without looking back, Vanas blocked the Fallen One at ease with the dagger in her right hand.

“Great moves! You ignored gravity and inertia with the use of mirror reflection. You have defeated a lot of enemies way stronger than you with these moves, haven’t you?”

Tyre stepped back right after Vanas finished talking. Vanas turned around and shortened the distance between them into a minimum in a blink of eyes.

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