After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 94: Challenge the Heavenly Child Level

When Tyre finished all the members, he stared at the five men with high level of Army Breaker who were aggressive at the beginning but now were falling back one by one with fear. Tyre didn’t let them ran away easily because he launched God’s Fall Style at them.

Struck by the God’s Fall Style, the five upper Army Breaker level men were immediately thrown away. As they were experienced, they weren’t defeated by just one shot. But they lost their battle qi because of it. When they tried to raise their hands to fight back, they found it was nearly impossible to move.  

"Captain, this guy is creepy." A tiny man told the leader. He was intimated by Tyre and didn’t have a good feeling about Tyre’s move.

"All right, all of you step back." The leader shouted and stepped forward,

"Junior year, Class 3, group C, Song Zhiping. What's your name?"

"Freshman, Tyre." Tyre replied briefly because he did not have much time. Before Song Zhiping said anything again, he rushed toward him and his sword was already on the edge of killing.

Song Zhiping pulled up all his nerves. This mask man was really something. Although he was just a Qi Harmony freshman, he was powerful enough to kick an Army Breaker’s ass at ease, plus the black sword in his hand… Maybe things wouldn’t end well as he expected.

As soon as Tyre moved, Song Zhiping did too. He launched a smooth move from his leg. Tyre was surprised by his move but dodged easily. When he stood steadily, he saw Song’s legs tied with steel. If he was hit by the steel, he might have been smashed into pieces.

If that was all he got, their leader was not powerful enough. Even though he was a premium Army Breaker level, the highest level on the land, he was no match for Tyre. Tyre could defeat even the ogre king with LongTu and he got promoted recently.

Right at the moment, a dozens of masked men showed up around the corner. They were all at Army Breaker level. They surrounded Angel and Tyre. 

Song Zhiping who was already in bad mood because of Tyre now frowned and shouted,

"What do you mean? This place belongs to Blue Sky Club. Are you asking for death?"

One of the masked men sneered,

"You used to ‘take care’ of us. Now it’s our turn to ‘take care’ of you."

Blue Sky Club basically dominated the district of monsters. Students who were usually bullied by Blue Sky Club could only hold the grudge in their hearts. Although they were aiming for Angel’s dragon core, they didn’t mind kicking people of Blue Sky Club’s asses as well. 

No one fell back. Song Zhiping sneered,

"You really think you can win because you outnumber me?! Today I will let you know what Blue Sky Club is capable of."

Tyre raised his brows. The man just said exactly the same thing about him being outnumbered. Now all of sudden he could win?

Tyre stepped backward and leaned against Angel. He smiled reluctantly,

"You can’t blame me. It is an accident. Twenty seconds doesn't count."

"I know," Angel said as if she was not surprised by the masked men,

"Take them down in a minute as soon as possible."

"No way! All of them are at the Army Breaker level and they are very good. It is difficult to finish them in one minute." It meant that he could succeed. The masked men didn’t agree with such an arrogant freshman.

Song Zhiping, who had seen what had happened before, knew it very well that Tyre was not joking. This man may possibly defeat those scumbags in a very short time.

Nothing was more evident than a real fight. In a fight, the one who attacked first might not take the upper hand. But Tyre chose to start first. He used his weird movement again, which stunned the masked men. Song Zhiping also joined him in the fight, plus his five premium Army Breaker level fellowmen, victory was on Tyre’s side.

When Tyre and Song Zhiping’s team were fighting fiercely, a cold voice was heard as if thunder roared in the sky,



Tyre and Song's mental perceptions were shaken, so were their bodies. When they stood still, a masked woman fell from the sky.

Fly in the sky! Heavenly Child level!

Tyre sensed her level from her overwhelming and powerful spiritual perception.

Song Zhiping sensed it too. Women at heaven level were rare in the district. He could easily find out who she was. But before that, he wouldn’t fight against a Heaven easily.

"Give me the dragon core." The woman was direct and didn't waste time on anyone else, looking straight at Angel as if she would rob her if she refused her.

But Angel ignored her and turned her eyes to Tyre as if she was asking something.

Tyre sighed. A Heavenly Child level! This was a tough one.

Angel got serious as she sighed and shook her head.

So that was all he got. She was disappointed. In the dormitory, she heard more than once that how LongTu and Darmiala praised Tyre. In fact, he was impressive when he pointed at millions of people at the Magician Girl’s Tournament.

Unfortunately, those were in the past. She expected this man who had guts to pursue Lunaria had something extraordinary. But in the end, he was just a coward.

Angel shook her head slightly and was about to speak to the woman when Tyre sighed and scratched his head,

"If you can give me a thousand battle Qi crystals, I can fight for you."

Everyone was stunned. Song Zhiping thought there was something wrong with his ears. What did he say? Challenge a Heavenly Child level? With the power of Qi Harmony?

Angel obviously didn't expect Tyre’s decision. There was no change to her facial expression, or else she would have been shocked.

If you decide, show me if the 123 who once shocked millions of people still got it.

"Ok. Deal!"


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