After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 93: Revenge

Threat! It was a obvious threat! Although Angel’s voice was as emotionless as it was always. What she suggested was it was a total threat. If LongTu had known what had happened today, it would be a big trouble for Tyre. Maybe being Angel’s shield was a better choice.

"Fine, you win. Let’s go. Just let me know how we get out of here."

Tyre no longer hesitated but only wished that this drama could be over as soon as possible.

Angel was also a straightforward person. She walked out of the door without stopping.

It was raining heavily outside. Tyre was fine with getting wet. Angel casted a magic spell to shield from the rain.

"When we get to the gate, attack whoever would harm us."

"So pure violence, isn’t it? Great. But don't blame me for not defeating a Heavenly Child level." Tyre shrugged his shoulders, as if he would ran away anytime he was outgunned, while he followed Angel very closely. 

"It's not so easy to get promoted to Heavenly Child level." Angel shook her head slightly.

"There is a huge difference between Army Breaker level and Heavenly Child level, and the promotion between the two is not accelerated by the amount of battle qi."

"I've heard that a master Heavenly Child level can fly in the sky." Tyre had seen a lot of masters fly in the sky, and they didn't usually interfere with those of Army Breaker level and Qi Harmony level.

Angel nodded slightly,

"Flying in the sky is a basic skill. They generate the battle qi in the sky instead of storing it in their own body."

"With that skill, it is a lot more convenient to travel. But I have nothing to do with it." Tyre laughed at himself. He was at lower Qi Harmony, far away from being Heavenly Child level. Based on what he had now, it would be impossible for him to become Heavenly Child level in his lifetime. 

Angel looked at Tyre and kept walking and said until they walked into a sparsely populated street,

"Your martial arts talent is rare, but your battle qi talent is terrible."

She touched his sore spot. It was also his recent concerns. As Dizi, Claude and even his followers got stronger battle qi, he remained still. It was not very acceptable.  

And at the same time, several masked bandits suddenly appeared to attack Angel. Obviously they aimed for the bead. Angel didn’t stop walking nor pay attention to them. Tyre sighed and bent to pick up a stick on the ground. He turned around and injured one masked bandit right away. It was not a serious injury enough to knock them off but not dead yet. Before the rest came to sense, Tyre threw a few attacks. The masked bandits felt down on the floor within a few seconds. Tyre threw away the stick and stood beside Angel like nothing had happened. 

"Who sent these men? They are just Qi Harmony level. Are they sent here to test us?"

Tyre was confused because those bandits were only at the Qi Harmony level. They might have a chance if they attacked a three-level magic practitioner, but definitely no chance in front of Tyre. 


"Oh…Do you know this place well?" Tyre asked because he had a feeling that Angel was familiar with the place. Angel did not answer his question. She remained calm as if nothing could change her emotionless expression a bit.

They walked to the end of the street and turned around the corner. Ahead of the corner was the flying train station where no one dared to make a fuss. Those who did never ended well.

Just then a group of men appeared behind Tyre. Unlike the masked bandits before, they stared at Tyre unfriendly.

"They are looking for you." Angel realized that only Tyre was their target. Tyre shrugged his shoulders as he knew them. It was those men who cut in line before. They must be helpers for the Blue Sky Club or something. 

"Boy, do you feel sorry?" The leader of the Blue Sky Club was a man who was wearing a pair of sunglasses but had strange hair. Although he couldn’t see his eyes behind the sunglasses, he could assume his arrogant expression by judging from his tilted chin.  

Tyre wondered why there were so many self-righteous people. As a matter of fact, the situation was dangerous for ordinary martial arts practitioners because that man was the leader of the Blue Sky Club. As long as they were in the district of Monsters, anyone would be doomed if they messed up with him.

"By the way, is there any academy here?" Tyre asked Angel.

"Yes. The freshman classes 31 and 32 are here," Angel replied calmly, which was an eye-opener for Tyre. In such a chaotic district, those freshmen would be suppressed as soon as they got in here. Many of them would drop out under such pressure.

The leader of Blue Sky Club, who was ignored, took a deep breath,

"I know you are good. But you can’t beat all of us. I am curious why you still remain so calm.”

Tyre looked at him and spoke to Angel,

"Wait here for me."

Angel nodded and stopped walking.

Tyre then turned around and asked,

"How many men have you got?"

"Twenty-seven. You should know that even a Heavenly Child level wouldn’t like to be outnumbered like this. Besides, there are five upper Army Breaker level except for me. Li Guohong, the man you defeated before, was just a middle Army Breaker level. You are lucky to meet…"

Before he finished his sentence, Tyre turned to ask Angel,

"Can you wait half a minute, Angel?"

Angel thought about it and finally said,

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"Twenty seconds."

"Er, all right." Tyre scratched his head. He meant to take his time. But Angel was even more observant than he had expected.

Pulling out The Fallen One from his waist, Tyre said,

"So that's it. I don’t have much time. Don't move. I'll finish you in twenty seconds."

"You think?!" The leader sneered. Next moment Tyre disappeared, and screams were heard behind him. Those Qi Harmony level practitioners were defeated with one move and those at Army Breaker level couldn’t resist much longer. Tyre swung his sword wildly like a wolf rushed into a sheepfold. People felt on the ground each time he threw a chop. The five at upper Army Breaker level wished they could help but Tyre was too fast to be spotted where he was. He flashed in the crowd with his weird skills. He could dodge every single incoming attack in every direction. The leader was shocked. He was trembling while more and more of his fellow men fell down. Who the hell told him that the man was only a middle Army Breaker level?

Middle Army Breaker level was no match for him!

He was quite mistaken in thinking that they would win because they outnumbered him. The fact was that in front of a true master, it was only a matter of time he beat all of them.

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