After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 92: Shield

Although half time of the auction flew by, it was already a whole new world beyond the reach of the mask man Tyre. The lowest starting price was as high as one hundred battle qi crystal, and the price could go up to thousands after rounds of biddings. All Tyre had with him was worth only one hundred of a single auction item. As a poor freshman, he was not qualified even to see the items, not to mention to bid for one. He was later bored to doze off by resting his elbow on the armrest and placing his hand under his chin.

Angel just ignored what he was doing. The mask man placed his head on the ice queen’s shoulder and he was drooling!

Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi who were sitting behind him tried their best to hold their laughter. Their faces even turned red because of it. Angel obviously wouldn’t let him take advantage of her. Just because he was asleep, it didn’t mean he could be forgiven for the nasty thing he was doing.

The air around Angel got much colder. Tyre was woken up from his dream by a thrill. When he realized that he was leaning on a girl’s shoulder, he checked who it was and then saw right into Angel’s pretty face. Tyre was startled and sat straight up right away, and even leaned a further away from her before he asked,

"What are you sitting so close to me?"

Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi could barely hold laughter by what they heard. They hunched wildly in the chair.

"You fell asleep."

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"Well, about that, I am mentally fatigued these days because of a lot of matches recently." Tyre scratched his head. Campus life was so relaxing that he could sleep so well. He’d never slept so soundly in the Forest of Funerals.

Angel nodded slightly and was about to speak when the hostess on the stage raised her voice,

"Well, today's second grand item comes out. Please wait and see!" The entire room sat straight up when they heard Huiyan and stared at the center of the stage.

A white-haired middle-aged man came out behind the curtain, holding an exquisitely carved box in his hand which was very hard to forget.

"Let's have a look," she said, and the middle-aged man opened the box. A scarlet bead was exposed.

Connoisseurs who knew its value were stunned and even the amateurs could tell the bead was unique. The atmosphere of the entire room got to a whole new peak.

"Some of you may have heard about it before the auction. It is a core from a Fire Dragon Clan who lived in the Forest of Funerals."

A core? It was a strange word for Tyre, but he neither was as diligent as before to study hard nor did he have the guts to ask Angel.

All of a sudden, everyone got thrilled because fire dragons were proper competitors of monsters. It was just that they were very rare. Otherwise, monsters wouldn’t be ruling the Forest of Funerals. 

Fire Dragon was one of the five kinds of dragons dating back to the Noah era, also with the largest number. They had dragon cores with fire element inside their bodies. Their dragon cores could generate their lifelong fire element power. Every time they fought against the enemies, the fire they spitted out was extracted from the dragon cores.

It was not easy to kill a fire dragon because as a superior species, they were born with the power at the Heavenly Child level which enabled them to fly freely in the sky. Even a supreme Imperial level master should be extremely careful to hunt an adult fire dragon.

And now this dragon core being auctioned must belong to a baby fire dragon, absolutely not an adult one. Angel stared at the core expressionlessly but really hard. The bored Tyre observed her and soon figured out why, giving it a thought to Angel’s unique magic nature.

"Then the second grand item starts with a thousand magic crystals, and the highest bidder wins. You can start your bidding now." After a series of introductions, Huiyan finally started the bidding of this item.

Those who wanted it kept raising the prices. Tyre got kind of intimidated by the bidding prices. 

Magic crystal…was 1.3 times expensive than battle qi crystals, meaning that 10 magic crystals were equivalent to 13 battle qi crystals. However, these bidders kept increasing the price as if it was only a number. Tyre doubted whether he went to the same college as them.

As time went by, the bidding finally came to an end. After a teenager offered 15,000 magic crystals, the whole room finally went silent. When the teenager was smiling confidently to get the item, Angel suddenly said with a cool voice,

"Twenty thousand."

At the same time, she held up her number 39.

Huiyan was excited by the unexpected surprise. She even raised her voice much higher and said to Angel,

"Good! Number 39 offered 20,000. Anyone with a higher price?"

The young man who offered the highest struggled to hold up his sign,

"20,500 magic crystals."

"30,000." Before the young man finished his sentence, Angel offered a price much higher.

"30,000! Anyone who got a higher price than 30,000?" Although Huiyuan looked calm, deep inside she was extremely excited because it had been a long time since she’d met such a generous bidder like Angel.

The young man sighed and shook his head slightly at the price.

Angel, thus, won the core of Fire Dragon at ease.

Neither Angel nor Tyre was interested in the following auction items. Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi were intrigued instead and they also learnt a lot.

Finally, the final auction item was presented in front of everyone. It was a magic wand once used by a Sacred Magician. Although Angel was a magic practitioner, she had no interest in it. Once it was done, they went to the backstage to take the dragon core.

After Angel took the dragon core, she then turned to Tyre,

"Now it is your job."

"What do you mean?"

"There is a vice in the district of monsters."


"Some people with evil thoughts may rob the auction items."

"Are you saying that we'll be robbed right after we walk out?"

"Quite possible. But it might be a rumor," said Angel while she already walked to the exit.

Tyre scratched his head and suddenly realized this was when Angel needed him for as her sidekick.

But he would rather consider himself as a shield than a sidekick.

"If you can’t handle it, you can go." Tyre was surprised by what Angel said because he never thought this ice queen could be so considerate. However Angel didn’t finish,

"If you go, I'll tell LongTu what happened today."


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