After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 91: Auction

Heavy rain poured down in a flash, which added a touch of horror to the already dark district of monsters. At Yorkson, the fight was still on, but as Tyre's sword cutting down, the scene finally came to an end.

Heaven and Sword as One was unstoppable. It was impossible that the fat man could defeat Tyre. With one move, Tyre could end all of these.

The giant man finally fell on the ground, and there was blood everywhere on the floor. Tyre didn’t plan to kill the man while he was on campus. The man was injured but stayed alive.

Until then, the securities of the auction house slowly walked in. They dragged away the fat man without asking a single question. The fat man’s fellows ran away immediately. It never occurred to them that they could avenge their boss.

Tyre exhaled, tossed the softened belt on the floor, and strode over to the counter to ask about the materials needed for face-disguising skill.

Claude looked gloomy and turned off the Camera Stone, said to Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi,

"I'm going now."

Without getting any response, Claude had marched out of the auction house, leaving Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi confused.

"So he just took my Camera Stone like that... "

Constantine said to himself.


Tyre rested assured when he got everything he needed. Now that his goal for today was accomplished, he could focus on what Angel would do. If there was no great danger, Tyre would like to help her.

Walking out of selling section, Tyre came to the hall where Angel was still standing near the front desk, quiet as if she was in a painting.

Tyre leaned closer and asked,

"Aren’t you tired standing there?"


Tyre was aware that he had asked a useless question. Both of them remained silent for a long time, until a female voice announced,

"The auction in number three room is about to begin. Please go to auction room number three."

The woman repeated five times. Angel walked to auction room three without saying anything to Tyre. Tyre followed her. He realized that Angel was here to join the auction.

There were tons of rules of auction. Generally there was one law: the valuable auction item was rare to buy, meaning that it might not be available in other markets no matter how much you pay. Tyre was pretty sure that it was not a game for poor people like him. To think of this, he looked at Angel differently. 

She must be super rich. But usually she was quiet in school and she would come to such fancy places after school. She was something. Tyre showed his respect to her gradually.

Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi had secretly registered numbers to the auction room at the reception. Fortunately, Angel stood there like a wooden puppet, or she would surely recognize them.

After entering the auction room, they could see the layout was similar to that of the classroom, with stairs of seats around the stage. The carpet was red and the music was elegant. The center stage was there in the obvious center.

Angel and Tyre sat next to each other. When they sat down, Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi sneaked in and sat behind Tyre and Angel. Fortunately when everyone sat down, the shining Nightless Stone went out and the dim lighting red firefly stone was turned on.

The next moment, the stage, surrounded by all the seats, shone brightly as a sexy woman walked out behind the stage.

"Good afternoon, everyone! Let’s get the auction started now."

A wave of applause from nearly a thousand people echoed in the room.

When the applause stopped, the sexy woman bowed slightly, revealing much of her cleavage that made young men thirsty.

"My name is Huiyan, hostess of this auction and also the auctioneer. You all know the rules of our auction. So let’s jump to our first item.”

As Huiyan was speaking, the staff already pushed out a box which was covered by red cloth.

The moment the coquettish hostess lifted the red cloth, the room was as bright as golden sunshine coming in. 

"It’s one of the three selling items today. It is named All Saints Hammer, a middle level national weapon. It not only increases its owner’s power tenfold, but also absorbs the power of the sun. If it is fully charged, it could be as powerful as a lower level holy weapon.”

Holy weapon!

The words "holy weapon" made everyone gasp. Although “fully charged” was ambiguous, it would certainly be extremely expensive if it could be as powerful as a holy weapon.

The starting price was as high as 1, 000 battle qi crystals.

What was battle qi crystal stone? When Sword Sand and others promoted from the premium Qi Harmony to Army Breaker, they used only one battle qi crystal. 

Now a thousand of them! It was enough for nearly a thousand people to promote from the premium Qi Harmony to Army Breaker level. The starting price already made Tyre feel depressed for no reason. Moreover, this was only the starting price and it soon went up to seven thousand, and it didn’t stop there. 

Who were these people at the auction? Students? The students who came to Avalon were arrogant and competitive. Two rich students were even picking on each other just for a big shining hammer. They added to 8000, 8500,9000 and even 10000 finally.

Tyre watched them arguing fiercely blandly. He felt a little bored so he asked Angel, 

"What are you going to bid for, Angel?"

"I won't tell you."


It was well known that Tyre was not a patient person. Generally he would get mad if he was rejected twice. For example, the fat guy cutting in line. He went mad when he got no response from the fat man twice. Angel was an ice queen indeed, but Tyre would rather call her a poker face. Since they were a team now, there was nothing to hide.

Of course, Tyre only complained it in his heart. He still remained calm on the outside. As they were talking, the big hammer was sold. The winner was extremely delighted while the loser who was gloomy though didn’t leave.

Huiyan always kept that smile on her face. She would like to see the price going up high so that they could make more money.

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