After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 90: The secret is out

"Huh?!" The fat man didn’t felt the pain of his bleeding arm. But he was amazed by Tyre’s speed. As he retreated his punch, Tyre stopped throwing another punch but said,

"Everyone who cuts in line stands behind me, except for you."

"Ha, ha ha ha ha ha! Kiddo! No one dare to mess with Blue Sky Club here! You’d better watch your language.” The fat man let his arm bleed and snorted at Tyre. Unfortunately Tyre wasn’t the kind of men who thought before he talked,

"One more time, stand behind me. Don't waste my time."

"What if I won't?"

As soon as he finished the sentence, Tyre had already swayed his finger sword at him, followed by a formidable sword power. The giant man who had been laughing at him, was surprised that the young man was not afraid of the Blue Sky club.

There were two kinds of person who would do this. One was reckless fool and the other was the one with enough power to fight against Blue Sky Club.

He would be no threat if he was a fool. But if he had the power to fight against Blue Sky, he would be a sacrifice for peace-making negotiation between two forces. He would end up very ugly. 

That meant there was a 50-50 chance he would be doomed. If he could step aside, nothing bad would happen to him.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

"I fucking like to beat you stupid." The fat man felt excited. Of all these years he stayed in the district of monsters, he had never been scared by a man who was 50% chance powerful than him. As long as he was not happy, he would beat a man with 99%. 

The fat man got encouraged and a mantis shadow appeared behind him, followed by an array of furious punches,

"Fist skill, Mantis Rain!"

Tyre raised his eyebrows and nodded as he dodged the storm of intense fists.

This move was something real. But unlike LongTu’s move, it was too superficial. The constant punches looked very imposing, but only for outsiders. In fact, it was only good enough to defeat someone below or equal to him. He couldn’t defeat Tyre who was unique.

At the same time, Tyre pulled off the man’s belt. Obviously, the man didn’t notice it because he was too concentrated on his fist skills. 

Everything could be useful.

With the help of martial art, the belt was stretched straight as if a sword in Tyre’s hand.

As Tyre cut down with the belt, a horrible wound was left on the man’s hands. However, the man didn’t care about it at all. He laughed while he threw another wave of punches. 

Tyre was surprised how tough he was.

Those guys behind the giant man wanted to help him when the man was outgunned. The giant man stopped them, “Back off. He is my prey.”

Prey? He was arrogant. To end it quickly, Tyre changed to second fold to step backward.

Hold the straightened belt like a sword, he stood there with strong sword power like a super swordsman.

Heaven Sword Ensemble, first move.

As Claude watched the gesture in the corner, his mind went blank and stopped thinking.

Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi exchanged an eye contact about Claude’s strange action. They had no idea why he reacted so weirdly to Tyre’s move.

No one else but Claude knew very well about it because he had seen it before.

The one who once used the move was Lunaria, the champion of Magic Girl Pageant. 

Claude once cooperated with Lunaria prior to the Magician Girl’s Tournament. It was at that time when Claude discovered that Lunaria was practicing high-level sword skills.

It was also when Claude found something wrong.

He once talked to Grandpa Lao Jerry about it but got no reply. Grandpa Lao Jerry even warned him not to tell Duke Falysses. Claude later put that behind. When Lunaria officially used the move during the match of Magician Girl’s Tournament and particularly asked him to keep secret for her afterwards, Claude confirmed something wrong. 

Tyre once used the second and third move of Heaven and Sword as One before, but never the first move. He once assumed it was a taboo. But now he suddenly understood why.

His eyes were getting cool and his heart was getting hurt.

He was deceived.

Lunaria may not know about it because she lost her memory, but Tyre definitely knew Lunaria. Otherwise, they wouldn’t know the same moves. Even if they learned from different teachers who came from the same martial art backgrounds, why would Tyre especially hide the first move? He never used it in front of him or Leah but he did in a completely strange environment.

There was no other explanation than he was not being honest!

Claude wished he could rush out and grab Tyre by the collar to ask him why. But he tried to calm himself down.

It was not the right time.

Claude muttered while he was looking at Tyre,

"Who has a Camera Stone?"

"What?" Constantine did not hear clearly what he was saying, but Claude was upset and stared at Constantine,

"I asked if you had a camera stone! Are you deaf?"

Startled by Claude’s anger, Constantine immediately took out a camera stone from his storage ring.

Claude grabbed it and took photos for Tyre.

Bayun Xiaoqi had no clue what happened and asked Constantine,

"What's wrong with him?"

"Honestly I don't know. I've never seen Claude get angry. And I have no idea of why."

... They shrugged their shoulders helplessly. They also wondered why the Claude got so angry.


"Alas! Why do we even need to clean the windowsill? Who designed the windowsill!" Niluka was whining when she was cleaning with a stick in her hand.

"And it is so hot! Why is it so hot in July! Oh my great and holy god! Please make the sky cloudier! Better rain, even better, rain for half a month, or even better... "

"Clean up quickly! Do you need help or not?!" Darmiala warned Niluka who stuck out the tongue. Ye Xi who was cleaning the window glass on different side of the room felt something cold on her face. She looked up at the sky. 

Dark clouds were gathering over Avalon College, even the entire district.

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As the sky got darker, the air was oppressive and the temperature dropped.

People on the streets began to search for shelters. Ye Xi narrowed her ruby eyes, and muttered,

"It's raining."


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