After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 89: Cut in line

"This place looks familiar to you, Angel." Tyre looked around. He saw more people as they moved further. People were even fighting on the street.

Angel neither answered nor looked back at him, which made him shrug his shoulders.

Before long, a huge building with a mallet logo appeared in front of them. It was like a huge thing under the cloudy sky, looking down upon human beings condescendingly.

"Here we are."

As Angel spoke, Tyre looked up and down at the building. It was silver and black on the outside, which was perfectly matched with the gloomy ambience around it. The sign of a hand holding a mallet was exceptionally obvious, with the uppercase of Yorkson under it.

Passers-by came in and out of the building. Here more people wore casual clothes other than school uniforms. So it was hard to tell which grade they were in or whether they were just random visitors.

"Let's go," said Angel without hesitation and with a slight nod from Tyre, they walked in slowly, followed by Claude and the boys less than half a minute later.

Inside the auction house it was not as dark as they expected. It was even brighter because of the Nightless Stone. The light of Nightless Stones was reflected by the black, smooth floor. To protect women from revealing their underwear by the smooth floor, the black floor barely reflected shadows. 

It also helped Tyre stop thinking of dirty stuff.

Angel walked up to the front desk and talked to the receptionist for a while. She got two number plates: 39 and 40. She gave the 40 to Tyre.

"There's going to be an auction later. You're going to come in with me. You still have some time to do what you want now."

Tyre nodded slightly. Angel wasn’t as indifferent as he had thought before. Au contraire, thanks to her, he saved a lot of time finding the auction house. If he could buy all materials he needed here, his shopping tour was a huge success. 

"Where should I buy things directly?" Tyre asked at the front desk, where a mature woman slowly raised her right hand and smiled,

"The selling section is on the right."

"Ok, thank you." Tyre thanked her, turned to Angel and nodded slightly, then headed to the selling section on his left. It was not good to leave Angel alone there. Since she planned to come here alone, she must be well prepared. All he could do was to make things easier for her.

The Selling Section was different from the hall. There were even more people here and most of them rushed in and out just for shopping. Some students were arguing with the counter workers. The entire section was as loud as the train station.

Tyre chose a counter randomly. Because of the crowds of people, he had to stand in a long line. Although the queue was long, the counters were very efficient. They could basically handle one person in one minute.

When it was Tyre's turn, a fat man kicked the man in front of Tyre away and stepped in.

Cutting in line happened quite a lot. The person who was kicked out had to swallow his pride and stood at the end of the line because he was threatened by the fat guy’s strength and battle qi. 

Tyre ignored whatever happened. It made no difference to him because there was still one person in front of him. But when the fat man invited a group of men to cut into the line, Tyre was forced to step back a lot,


Tyre smiled. The boys were spying on him from a distance. Constantine suddenly spoke,

"Look! Look! Tyre is getting mad. According to my observation these days, he is a man of extreme benefits. For instance, when the fat man cut in line, the other man was kicked out of the line. In his point of view, it does no harm to his own benefit. But a couple of men cut in line especially in front of him, then he has to wait a lot more time, which was not acceptable for him."

"Is Tyre, as you said, more of a petty businessman?" Bayun Xiaoqi was confused.

Constantine shook his head,

"Business is not as simple as you think. Tyre is more self-involved. He only cares things that annoy him on the surface. It only took the man who was kicked by the fat man one minute to get things done at the counter. But now the fat man needs ten minutes. It was not a good thing. This would be what businessman would think of, not Tyre. What he would think of is what’s on the surface. He is fine with one for one. But two for one? No matter how valuable the two are, Tyre couldn’t care less.”

"Ooh, it looks complicated."

"To make it simple, Tyre doesn't like more than two men cutting in line," said Constantine as Tyre already made his move,

"Excuse me."

The man was more than two meters tall, as fat as a mountain of meat. Tyre’s calm voice couldn’t be heard by him at all.

He then shouted, raising his decibel,

"Excuse me, sir!”

The fat man still ignored him. When he and his gang were about to have their turns at the counter, Tyre yelled at him unhappily,

"Hey there, fatty!"

Perhaps the fat man was sensitive to the word “fat”, he turned his mountain-like body and looked down at Tyre,

"What did you say?"

"I didn't think you could hear me, fat-ass." Tyre smiled. Threatened by the tension, the crowds in other lines began to scatter away. The lines now were standing in a circle. The fat men and his fellows walked toward Tyre as they sensed something wrong.

The fat man’s eyeballs opened wide suddenly, and the blood in his eyes immediately spread like a spider's web.

"Do you know what will happen when you say that?"

"Do you know what will happen when you cut in line?" Tyre was still smiling at him, without caring about the pressure and spiritual perception the giant man was releasing.

"Eh? ! You are just at the level of Qi Harmony. Who gives you the guts! Die!" After sensing Tyre’s real level of his battle qi, the giant man threw a punch athim instantly.

His punch was launched with horrible wind pressure and explosion sound because of the outburst of his battle qi.

Tyre nodded slightly because of the punch. This punch was more of fist skills.

However, it was not even close.

Holding the sword between his fingers, Tyre leaned his body slightly to dodge the incoming huge fist. At the same time, his fingers targeted at the fat man’s arm and cut it off. Blood poured out like a fountain.

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