After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 88: District of Monsters

"Well, Niluka, restrain yourself." Lunaria was too panicked to know where to put her hands which were holding books. Niluka still kept rubbing her face against Lunaria’s leg like a kitten. Even Tyre who was in District Four felt goose bumps on his leg. Luckily he was good at foot work. He staggered for once and walked weirdly. Passers-by gave him a weird look, which embarrassed Tyre who was wearing a mask though. 

"Niluka, stop rubbing her! Her meat is about to fall apart.” Darmiala’s words crept them out. Niluka jumped of the bed right away and flew to LongTu’s bed.  

"Then I'll rub LongTu’s leg."

"Ha ha ha. Try your best. The most proud thing of our Holy Dragon Empire is our defense." LongTu did not care about Niluka’s sudden move. She laughed aloud. Darmiala gave a stare at Niluka, which stopped her from doing it and behaved. She moved toward to Darmiala’s bed little by little.

" Darmiala,  help me."

"... "

"Wow! You have a pair of long and sexy legs. Wow! Your underwear is black and chick! I love it very much!" The girls were lying on the bed with only shirts and underwear on, revealing two legs out there. With a closer look, their underwear could be seen under the shirt.

Niluka’s nonsense flattery would usually work on anyone but not Darmiala. She patted slightly on Niluka’s head with the green magic book in her hand. Niluka stepped back like a cute kitten although she felt a little painful. Darmiala shook her head at her behavior but sighed, 

"This won't happen again."

"Oh yeah! I knew you are the best in the woIf you loaf on the job when we are cleaning our room, don't blame my rudeness.”

"I got this! Leave it to me!"

Said Niluka thumping her chest. Lunaria seemed to have gradually adapted to girls’ life because she had no feelings about things that could have turned ‘her’ on, such as that time with Angel. Tyre wasn’t turned on but startled by it. 

No. It couldn’t be like this. Given time, Lunaria suspected that she might turn to a woman not just physically but also spiritually. 

The thought of the Tyre self wearing makeup and acting like a girl gave her goose bumps.


"What's the matter, Tyre?" Angel stopped to ask, noticing Tyre looked a little weird.

Tyre rubbed his arms with his hands and shook his head,

"Nothing, nothing. I just felt a sudden chill. Well, where are we going?"

As Angel and Tyre kept walking further, they felt the District of Monsters was getting closer because the sky which was supposed to be bright with sunshine now suddenly turned cloudy, dark and depressing.

The streets were full of bars, casinos, and hotels. The students were wearing school uniforms, but they all looked kind of dispirited. When they looked at Angel, there was obvious obscenity in their eyes.

Tyre frowned slightly. This place wasn’t safe.

Soon, as he thought, five stalwart students stood in their way, silent but smirking. Angel looked back at Tyre,

"So to speak, what are you doing here in the District of Monsters?"

"District of Monsters?"

"The district is nicknamed District of Monsters."

"So that’s it. It was nothing big. But what I need is a bit complicated. I was told that Yorkson sells all sorts of stuff. That’s why I am here." Ignoring the gangsters who stood in their way, Tyre and Angel continued their chitchat. This made the gangsters who were trying to make some fun of them feel humiliated. The guy who looked like their boss eyed a black-haired minion a signal.

The minion plucked up his guts to throw a punch at Tyre in the face right away.

Without sparing a look at him, Tyre dodged away with a jump whilestill looking at Angel,

"What a coincidence! I am going to Yorkson too.”

"Are you saying that I can buy my stuff there too?” Tyre said as he successfully dodged the second attack. Angel’s facial expression didn’t change a bit, as if she was thinking something very important,

"Yes if we have time.”

"Thank you.” It never occurred to Tyre that he would need someone’s permission to buy stuff. The minion went mad because he missed his target for several times. A fire came out from his fist right toward Tyre.

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"Come and take my fist skills! Flying Flame Fist!”

Fist skill? These two words successfully aroused Tyre’s interest. He looked back at the minion and couldn’t believe what he saw.

Did he just call it fist skills?

Be it Mo Qingting or LongTu, their fist skills were out of the world.

But this boy called his punch with a little sparks fist skills?

It’s hilarious! Tyre shook his head and turned around. He kicked the guy in the legs with just a little power. The minion couldn’t stand the power and fell down on the floor with his face downwards.

The boss narrowed his eyes. He could tell he was dealing with someone better than them only by a few moves of Tyre. The girl was beautiful but she was way out of his league. After thinking for a minute, he shook his head and left instantly unlike the evils in the Magic Video Stone who talked a lot before leaving. And his fellows didn’t crowd him in the center like others.

Even if he could win, he had to pay for it. He was not stupid enough to fight against a stronger one than him.

Let’s go.” Tyre and Angel were not affected by their leaving at all. They kept going. Claude and other boys who were still following Tyre started to complain.

I have a bad feeling about this place. It is hard for Tyre to take off his mask now.”

Anyway we are already here. We should stick to the plan. Are you gonna go back on your words?” Constantine provoked Bayun Xiaoqi who straightened up his chest, 

No, of course I am not!”

At this moment, a few gangsters circled the boys in the center and looked at Bayun Xiaoqi dissolutely.

Mentally abused by them, Baxun Xiaoqi already went outraged.

All of sudden, the entire alley was brightened by a dark ray of light!


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