After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 87: Blooming on the train

The atmosphere went a little weird now, except for the chitchat among other passengers and the sound of the train flying across the sky.

A douche student opened the window. A fierce wind blew in and lifted all girls’ skirts blooming flowers, revealing colorful women’s blossom wide open. Tyre didn’t see what was behind him because he was standing facing Angel. However, he did saw a touch of blue under Angel’s skirt.


Not only Tyre, but Angel, too, was startled. He turned around at once as girls were screaming,

"I don't see anything."

But as he turned around, he saw many colors which nearly took his breath away. He saw everything!

"Idiot! Close the window!"

"I’m gonna kill you!”

"How dare you insult me, the daughter of Duke Lucas?! You are so dead!"

Girls’ abuses kept increasing. As the douche student came to realize what a serious situation he had caused, he shut the window right away without having a glimpse of the view. 

Constantine was excited in the next coach. He was muttering to himself, looking obscene. Claude and Bayun Xiaoqi had to look away. As gentlemen, they would not be taking advantage of girls like Constantine.

All the girls put down their hands to cover their skirts and stared at the stupid student who opened the window. He sweated a lot and tried to explain anxiously,

"Er, Er, I just wanted some fresh air."

These were his last words.

Tyre felt sorry about the man as he was there to witness the entire process of him getting beaten badly.

"You saw that?"

Suddenly he felt a chill behind him. Tyre nearly forgot he was with someone. So he immediately looked back. Angel looked still calm, but somehow the temperature had dropped.

"Er. Er. Angel, you know, the girls have punished the one who should take the blame. There's no need to take it out on me now."

"You saw that, didn't you?" Angel repeated and stared at him emotionlessly like Death, which upset Tyre.

"Ha, hahahaha... " Tyre started to sweat as much as that douche student. He forced a smile for a moment and then, threatened by Angel’s silent stare, he replied seriously,

"Shall I take off my pants so that you can have your turn to peep at mine?"

"... "

The ‘temperature’ dropped even lower now, and Tyre didn’t think he could bear the icy test any more with the lower level of Qi Harmony he got. The students around them were stepping far away, except for that douche student who was lying on the ground unconsciously. 

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, Angel, we are in the air. If you keep doing that, we are going to die together!"

People started to comfort her because they were scared too,

"He’s right. Angel, he just saw your underwear. You can see his too."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Be a big person. He is not a real man. Don’t take it too seriously."

"At this age, women even wear bikini at the beach. Don’t be so shy."

"He’s right. Look around. They are shaking out of coldness. Let it go."

Tyre kept nodding as the students behind him were trying to talk her out of this.

By the way, who just said that he was not a real man?

In the end, Angel was calmed down by those students altogether, and Tyre survived. Usually he could just turn around and disappear instantly. But he was on the train in the air, and the space was pretty cramped. If Angel took it all out on him, it would be a big trouble.  

When they got off the flying train, Angel stared at him as they walked out together.

Tyre forced a smile. He knew that he was not going  easy on him.

"Which way do you choose to die?"

"On the premise of death! I'm not much of a talker, Angel. There is nothing I could defend myself. But if there is anything I could do to make you happy, just name it."

Tyre looked like he was ready to die. The boys who were hiding in the corner looked at one another. They were surprised that Tyre could play weak.

"Then, die!"

"So it’s still death in the end! Angel, you need to be more conciliatory."

"Then, please die."

"You want me to die anyway, right? Let's put it this way. Is there any other solution other than death?"


"Huh! Angel, I thought you're more of a reasonable person."

"... " Tyre’s words suddenly shut Angel’s mouth because she didn’t know how to respond. When the masked man (Tyre) was wondering, she suddenly said,

"Well, for Long-Tu's sake, I'll let you off this time."

Oh! It was as good as absolution. Tyre could even feel tears of joy. He suddenly felt so lucky to have made friends with LongTu the real angel. "But I need a sidekick."

"... Well, I knew it was not going to be easy. There should be a time limit to be your sidekick, right?"

"Today, before dark."

"OK." Tyre gritted his teeth and agreed to her offer. He would have run away if it were somebody else. But Angel was not easy to fool. If he ran away now, he could imagine LongTu would certainly be furious at him and the girls would have a meeting to judge him.

Right now, it would be for the best that he apologized. After all, Angel made compromise too.

Claude and the boys were surprised by how things went ups and downs with their jaws dropped.


"Girls! Today we are going to have the weekly dormitory health inspection. We need to work hard to tidy up our rooms!" Niluka was giving the opening speech in front of her roommates.

"Please clean your own room, Niluka."

Darmiala replied with a smile that made Niluka hung her head down,

"It’s, it’s because Angel the torturous goblin has been away. And your next-door neighbors are suffering from a shortage of hands."

"Ha ha ha, you can’t assign us more work to do because of you."

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"Come on. Darmiala, we're good friends."

"How about this?" It seemed that Darmiala tried to keep teasing Niluka. So Lunaria had to stop her,

"Let's clean our room together, and when we are done, let's go and help Niluka."

"Ah! Thank you, my lovely and respectable Lunaria." Niluka jumped onto the bed and held on to Lunaria’s leg, rubbing her face on it. Her sudden move gave Lunaria jump scare.

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