After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 86: Communication Disorder

Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi were chasing out of pace. If it were not for Claude, they would have lost the sight of Tyre.

"Is he a rabbit or what? He is only at the level of Qi Harmony but how could he run so fast?”

"Haven't you noticed how he moves?" Claude said, which Bayun Xiaoqi agreed.

"I've seen a lot of weird moves that he used during the group match before. Is that his move?"

Claude nodded slightly, staring at Tyre’s back,

"Yes, and it's because of this strange move that Tyre could stand out from a group of men at Army Breaker level."

"If you put it that way, Claude, I didn’t see you paid much effort to win the games. Tyre would be a match of yours if you two fight against each other.” Said Constantine, patting Claude on the shoulder and smiling.

The blond knight said seriously,

"We'd better keep following him."



Finally, Tyre arrived at the flying train station, which was one of the most popular transportation among students, and also one of the most crowded places in the world. People walked shoulder to shoulder. It took Tyre quite a while to sqeeze into the train, so did Claude and the others.

Tyre met someone he knew in the train.


Tyre saw she was cornered by a few boys who were up to something nasty to her. Usually Tyre could have walked away, but Angel was on the same train and she might be helpful when they arrived at District Four. For the sake of his interest, Tyre felt that it was necessary to help Angel out of this.

Tyre leaned over to Angel, standing between Angel and the three boys.

"What are you going to do?"

The three senior students were not happy to be separated. The red-haired young man in the middle said,

"Why? Freshman? Are you trying to protect her?"

"You’ve lived a long life.”

"Bastard, do you really think you're really something since you are a student at Avalon?"

The other two repeated the red-haired man's words like villains in the Magic Video Stone.

Bayun Xiaoqi in the next coach was worried,

"How could Tyre possibly use his magic power in such a cramp space?"

"It’ll be fine. He will fix it. He is not a reckless man.” Constantine got right to the point. Yes, Tyre was the type of man who always thought before he acted. He wouldn’t do things that was beyond of his reach.

Claude nodded slightly in agreement with Constantine.

As they expected, Tyre unleashed his sword power which was too intimidating for the red-haired man to stand with. He was scared to fell on the ground and the other two boys were driven a few meters away. Since his sword power worked, Tyre took it back and said to them, 

"You have five seconds to leave."

The boys were angry but they did not dare to fight here. They had to leave and found a place in another coach.

"Damn it! I thought I could have banged a beautiful woman."

"It happens. You get your shoes wet eventually when you walk along the river too often. Out of so many women we did, only one was saved. As long as we stay alive, we can live with a failure.”

"I get your point. But I couldn’t get over with it when it actually happened to me. "

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"You are just saying that. But you also admit that you are scared of his power too."

"Damn you are right."

The three were laughing and teasing each other when a blond man stood in front of them all of sudden. He said gloomily,

"This time you'll get your shoes really wet."

Tyre was relieved that the three students disappeared, although the others were still looking at the masked, dark-haired young man with fears. Tyre ignored their fears and asked Angel,

"Are you alright?"

"I’m fine. Thank you, Mr. Tyre."

Angel was very polite in words and manners though, Tyre could feel the cold from her, nothing else. Darmiala once mentioned that Angel couldn’t express her true feelings due to the negative effect of her unique magic.

"Never mind. I'm just afraid if those three guys are going to do something stupid to make you freeze the entire train, I would be the innocent one to get involved."

Although Tyre seemed to be making jokes, Angel didn’t even stretch her lips, which was really awkward for Tyre. He realized that he shouldn’t have made those jokes because he knew she was very hard to please.

"You are going to District Four, too?"

Tyre sensed that it was a question without interrogative tone.

"Yes, and you?"

"Me too."

"What are you going to do there?" Tyre felt so embarrassed that he couldn't find a topic to talk about. Why was it so difficult for him to communicate with girls? How did he chat with LongTu before?


Tyre was speechless with her short answer. He needed a getaway from here. All of sudden, he felt girls were so horrible. He had a feeling that she had answers of less than three words to all of his questions.

Bayun Xiaoqi and Constantine in another coach were worried about Tyre while they were secretly looking at him. Both Tyre and Angel were bad at chatting.

"If I were him, I can definitely make Angel laugh."

Constantine showed off. Bayun Xiaoqi looked at him contemptuously and didn’t respond. Claude who just had gone to teach the three students a lesson now returned to them.

"How's it going?"

"Tyre was struggling to have a conversation with Angel.” Constantine shook his head, and Claude looked curiously at Constantine. Had he forgotten why they followed Tyre in the first place?

"Er... What are you going to buy?" Tyre tried to pick up the conversation once again. Angel looked at Tyre and made a pause before answering,

"That is a secret."

Oh my! That was her answer?! Tyre was on the edge of going mad. It was rare for him to save a girl who wasn’t grateful but instead didn’t have a good conversation like classmates or friends. Tyre was really embarrassed because he wasn’t sure if he could possibly continue this conversation.


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