After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 85: Stalking

"You are overthinking. Maybe he just likes wearing a mask." Bayun Xiaoqi murmured with uncertainty. Constantine continued confidently,

"Really? In that case, why does he wear a mask even in the shower? You were there when he was taking a shower. You know he does that."

"Yes, indeed." Bayun Xiaoqi suspected it too. After all, no one would wear a mask in shower.

"But, but it's his privacy. It is not our place to talk about it."

Constantine moved a step closer to Bayun Xiaoqi and asked with a very strange look,

"Aren't you curious?"

"Er…" To be honest, he was, especially after Constantine encouraged him. Claude who was lying on the bed with eyes closed didn’t speak a word until Bayun Xiaoqi was successfully persuaded,

"I also wonder what it is like behind Tyre's mask."

"Oh, Claude, you know me so well. Now that we’ve all agreed, let’s start with the first step of our plan."

"First step?"

"Stalking. Think about it. Why does he wear a mask all day long? He couldn't take it off because we were there. But when he was outside, he wouldn’t be so careful. We’d have a chance to find out the truth if we stalk him." Constantine was very confident. But Bayun Xiaoqi was quite worried,

"What if he finds out about us?"

"At his Qi Harmony level, he had a bad spiritual perception. If we could control or hold our breath, he wouldn’t notice.” Constantine put his arm around Bayun Xiaoqi’s neck and pulled him to his side and laughed,

"Why? Are you afraid, man?"

"How, how come! I’m in!"

"Haha! Without further ado, let's go. Claude, get off your bed."



Tyre was walking down the street in District 18. Power trains didn’t run so often. So usually he chose to walk to the train station.

Tyre took a pamphlet out of his storage ring and began to write with a pencil in his hand.

"Remember the materials of face-disguising skill are Saints’ Flower, Morgan Root, Withered Love, Willow juice, Flying Ape meat, and sterilizing tools, embalming magical lines, and some gadgets."

It was really hard to make a mask like this. It took a long time just to make the preparation work. When Zhang Ling taught him, they used his personal materials. Now he had to find his own materials, which turned out to be very difficult.

Zhang Ling once told him that there was an auction house named Yorkson where most things could be bought.

It was said that personal points could be used to buy things, which was also the motivation for students to earn points.

Tyre opened his student ID and gently pressed the magical lines on it. It showed on a transparent screen,

[Tyre, from Group B, Class Nine of freshman year, with a total of 315 points, including 100 basic points, 50 class points, individual test ranking: the seven stars, 150 points; group match with bonus 15 points, ranking D level 320. The qualification level this month is 2500 points. Please try your best to earn more points.]

"2,500 points, that's pretty tough." Tyre felt the high pressure to get qualified even he got a nice point. Those whose points were less than him must be crazy about earning points now.

It was on the 8th of the month after all. He still got plenty of time. In order to adapt to the environment, Tyre and others didn’t make much effort to earn points these days. Now since they got familiar with the rules, they could earn enough points if they worked hard.

Right now, face-disguising was the most urgent thing to get done, otherwise it would be bothering Tyre all the time.

"It says on the map that Yorkson auction house is in District Four, where is the very edge of the college. As one of the contractors of the college though, they do not dare to set up an auction house in the center of the campus."

Which made sense because anything could be put out for sale at an auction. If they made business underground, the Student Union would turn a blind eye at them. But if they made a big fuss in the centre of the college, they would be dead.

Anyway, he should go and have a look at District 4 first.

Determined, Tyre speeded up to his walk, while three heads sneaked out in the alley along the street.

"Constantine, where is Tyre heading to?" Bayun Xiaoqi was confused. Constantine covered his forehead with one palm and answered with uncertainty,

It looks like he’s heading to the train station to District 4."

"District 4? Isn't that the dirtiest place at the college?" District 4 enjoyed a very bad reputation that even Bayun Xiaoqi knew about it. Some even called it the "monster’s district". Most people who walked into it would be polluted with its bad habits. And many students got kicked out of school because of it.

"The monster district was scary, but with the control of Gambling Club and Blue Sky Club, it is not chaotic. Even if it were, the Student Union's Disciplinary Committee would take a control over it."

"Tyre," murmured Claude. No one knew what he was thinking when he was looking at Tyre.

"Follow him! We'll be a coach away from him on the train. He wouldn’t be sensitive enough to know that we are stalking him."


On the way to the flying train, Tyre saw a student who was hit by a power train. He was seriously injured. But he chose to ignore it as he usually did. Claude helped the student after Tyre was out of sight. They kept following Tyre after.

After that, Tyre ran into a few sophomore students, who looked unfriendly and intent to rob him. They took Tyre to an alley. Soon later, Tyre came out of the alley unharmed.

Claude checked the sophomores in the alley, they were beaten badly. After they called school doctors, they continued to stalk Tyre.

This time Tyre bumped into Lunaria’s fans. There were about 15 of them. As Tyre was the fans’ biggest enemy, once they saw the man wearing a mask, they went crazy and shouted,

"For Lunaria! For Lunaria!"

Tyre was chased for seven streets by these crazy men before he finally managed to escape. If it weren't for superior strength, Claude and the boys might lose the track of Tyre.

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