After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 84: Curious

"How about Heaven Sword Ensemble?"

Tyre was surprised by the name because it was one of his moves. How dare Claude steal a name from his moves?

Tyre’s other four fellows agreed for sure. Bayun Xiaoqi accepted it because it sounded better. Constantine was fine with any name. Tyre was fine with it, after all, he wouldn’t hate his own move.

Given it a second thought, Tyre realized that Claude really gave the name a serious thought. Because he and his four fellows wouldn’t reject the name at least, which meant two-thirds of the group agreed. Bayun Xiaoqi and Constantine had to accept it because they were outnumbered.

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A perfect scheme. Very good actually. It seemed that Mr. Claude really cracked his brain. He had some good quality of Duke Falysses after all.

"Since everyone agreed, then we are Heaven Sword Ensemble. We need to register the name later. For a long time to come, Heaven Sword Ensemble will be our group name!"

Claude was relieved that no one was against it. He indeed had done some study on Tyre while he was thinking of their group name. Tyre used to use Heaven Sword Ensemble a lot when his sword was broken but he never used the first move. Why so?

If Tyre knew what Claude was thinking, he might be mortified.

"What are you talking about? You look all pleased."

DiZi walked up to them in a gentle manner that made it hard to imagine his toughness in a battle.

"We've got a group called Heaven Sword Ensemble. Do you want to join us? We are short of one member." As Claude was in a good mood, he sounded closer to DiZi.

DiZi chuckled and shook his head,

"No, unfortunately I joined another team with someone else yesterday."

"Oh? Who is it?" Claude was confused. Dizi smiled and leaned slightly on one side. It stood out Dragon Slayer.

"LongTu? DiZi! Don’t tell us you are on a team with her and other girls?"

DiZi nodded. Constantine beat his chest really hard and regretted,

"DiZi, you traitor! You, you, you, you, why didn’t you call me! I am so jealous!"


"Our group name is Dragon Emperor! We have Lunaria, Yexi, Darmiala, Niluka, Hana Fuyuki, Angel and me. We can beat you at ease!” Said LongTu.

On hearing that, Constantine regretted more and beat LongTu’s chest even harder.

In fact, Tyre already knew this yesterday because LongTu invited Lunaria. LongTu and Yexi picked DiZi because they saw something in him.

To be honest, Tyre was jealous, too.

"Well... "

When this young man who was usually invisible to people’s attention showed, Lunaria just realized she had ignored this clingy guy for some time. 

"What's wrong, Noah?"

"Am I late?” Noah asked, and when Lunaria was about to talk, Constantine jumped the conversation,

"No, no, no, come on, Noah, we need one more in our group."

"But I want to join Lunaria’s group."

LongTu shook her head.

"We are full. You can join them."

"Alas!" Noah made a noise and silently walked over to Constantine after thinking for a while. Poor Constantine was still standing there awkwardly.


Sunday, July 11.

"Wow! Finally it’s Sunday and I can take a break." Bayun Xiaoqi stretched himself. The group was exhausted physically and spiritually after a few days of classes, individual and group matches. Sunday was exactly what they needed. It was mandatory to take one day off on Sundays. On Sundays, all students had to stop joining any activities. They were allowed to study but no points to earn.

Sunday was the most relaxing day in the college. Almost 90 percent of students would choose to rest. Deep sleepers like Niluka could sleep through the entire morning.  

Constantine looked at Xiaoyun Baiq yawn and teased him,

"Look at your sexy waist, beautiful belly button."

"Get lost!" Bayun Xiaoqi curled his body, looking at Constantine like he was a pervert.

"You are shy or what. You are not a girl. Come on, you are a man!" Constantine said while he was drinking a canned drink on the sofa. Bayun Xiaoqi wasn’t comforted at all. He launched a black element ball in his hand.

"Fine. Fine. You win." Constantine muttered, sitting up and moving away.

"You are acting more like LongTu now."

"Hum!" Bayun Xiaoqi now got to know what kind of person Constantine was now. He was lecherous, gossipy, and careless just like a rascal. Although Ghost Slayer once joined hooligans, they were better behaved than Constantine. The latter was a total joke that feared the strong and bullied the weak. If Hana Fuyuki caught Constantine alone, it would be hard to imagine how bad he was going to end.

While they were arguing, Tyre remembered that he had something else to do. After all, he got the hang of face-disguising skills. It was time to buy some materials and try to make one.

He got out of bed, put on his shoes, greeted the other three, and then went out alone.

Actually it was a small thing. After all, they went out alone a lot. However, Constantine suddenly came up with an idea. He sat down on Claude’s bed and whispered,

"Seriously? Aren't you curious?"

"Curious about what?" Bayun Xiaoqi asked. He knew he was up to something evil Claude looked at him for an answer too. Constantine pointed at his own face and said,

"Guess what’s behind Tyre's mask."

"Human face. Do you even need to ask? It can’t be a monster."

"Hee hee. You have never thought about it, have you? Think about it. He's neither sick nor a loner. Why would he always wear a mask? In my point of view, he is either too good-looking to keep girls away, or too ugly to wear a mask in case he scares us.”

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