After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 83: Student Clubs

Wednesday, July 7

So the next morning, the morning Claude promised, after having taken a lecture from Teacher No. 3, some went to classes happily, some gloomily.

"By the way, are you all in a club?"

Constantine summoned Tyre's gang and asked.

Tyre shook his head, while the others shared cheerfully.

"I joined the Night Dance Club and the Costume Club," said Bayun Xiaoqi. Constantine held his chin and judged,

"If I recall, Night Dance Club is a place for dark sorcerers, right? It does suit you, but why do you join the costume club?"

"Personal interests, why? Got a problem?"

"No, of course not. What about you, Sand Sword?" Constantine and Sand Sword and the gang got closer after yesterday's teamwork. Now they talked like close friends, which was one of things that Constantine was good at.

"I love martial arts, so I joined the Strength Club and Knife Club."

"Knife Club… You are actually using a wide-edged sword? "Constantine wondered. Sand Sword nodded slightly and took a huge wide-edged sword out of his storage ring.

"This is my partner. But I can't give up on knife skills that Mr. Tyre taught me. So I've been treating it like a broadsword."

"Good idea. How about you, Butterfly?" Constantine turned to the lovely but determined girl.

Roselle Butterfly was known as Butterfly to her best friends. Her full name was rarely used nowadays. She knew it very well that her full name may be a burden for her before she became independently strong.

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"I joined the Sword Club if you ask."

"Only one? But anyway Sword Club is by far the largest. It is good enough to join this one." Said Constantine, who seemed to know everything. He looked at Elena who came around in a while, asking,

"What are you talking about?"

Everyone sighed.

"Don't stop me, Constantine, Sand Sword! I must teach this silly elf a lesson today." Tyre was stopped by Constantine and Sand Sword. Elena seemed to be thinking of something. She suddenly took a tumble and clapped her hands,

"I know now. I'd like to have Vermillion food today."

Crack! Lunaria broke the pencil in hand on the other end. Darmiala and Yexi, who were writing magic formula composition with Lunaria, were confused by her behavior.  "No, it's all right." Lunaria took out another pencil from her storage ring and began to write, but the horrible air around her was obvious for Darmiala and Yexi.

"All right, Tyre, it's enough. She is an elf. We should understand that she needs to learn a lot in this strange human world." Constantine tried to calm Tyre down, and so did Sand Sword who winked at Butterfly. Butterfly immediately understood and then whispered to Elena's ears.

The elf finally knew what was going on and said happily,

"This time I actually found an ally."

"An ally?"

"Yes, I didn't know there were a lot of pro-human clubs at Avalon, like Elven Club. Avalon also exchanges students with Elf Empire. Elves are particularly rare at the college."

This was good news. Tyre, who had been extremely angry, was much relieved. Now Elena didn't need to hide her secret at school anymore.

Yet Tyre himself was still hiding behind a mask.

"I know this in fact. Not only elves, dwarfs, orcs, or any kinds half-human are allowed to study at Avalon as long as they mean seriously to. The only thing is that they are not very welcomed here. The situation is better for elves because they look no much different from human beings. Those species such as half-tiger or orcs which look much unlike humans are not favored by students. They were isolated in the school, which is also why we don't see them a lot." 

"You are right. Actually orcs are very modest. They are the friendliest in the club. Although they fought against elves in history, they are now friendly to communicate with each other."

"The world is developing. If everyone is still stuck with the past, the world wouldn't be as much civilized as it is now." Constantine had an open mind. But an elf enjoying having a conversation with orcs was a different story. Elena was such peculiar elf, whose brain must be lacking of something.

"What about you, Ghost Slayer? How are you doing?"

"Well, actually I am considering joining News Club, although I already joined Lurker's Club."

"Good! Very ambitious young man! Come and join me in the News Club. With my intelligence and journalistic sense, as well as your lurking ability and agile skills, we will surely do something big in the club." Constantine put his hands on Ghost Slayer's shoulder, eyes shining bright.

Encouraged by Constantine, Ghost Slayer nodded hard and became much more confident,

"Dude, I will count on you in the club."

"Sure thing. Sure thing. The last one, Claude, right? Claude! Claude!"

"Ah? What's the matter?"

"Which club are you would you like to join in?"

"Club? Magic and Sword Club. What?"

"Well, nothing. Just curious. How's our group name thing?" As soon as Constantine asked, everyone got intense. They were prepared for a strange and shocking name coming out of Claude's mouth.

Claude nodded hard this time and said,

"I finally came up with a good one just now."

"Oh? Tell us then." said Constantine, taking a step back.

Claude smiled and when he was about to speak, Bayun Xiaoqi suddenly cut in,

"Wait. I need a minute for this." Bayun Xiaoqi took a deep breath and said calmly,

"Go ahead."

"Come on. It is not a fight. Don't worry. I am sure the name would bout it!" Claude smiled confidently like he usually did,

"The name of the group is...


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