After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 82: Group Name

"Elena." Sand Sword put the huge wide blade on his back with one hand and flicked Elena’s forehead gently with the other. Although it was not hard, it was a heavy blow for Elena because her skin turned a little red.

Elena covered her forehead but did not cry out, knowing that if she cried out at that moment, Tyre would be irritated.

"Come with me." Sand Sword didn't say much, because they needed to take the chance to widen the gap since they outnumbered the opponents now. 

The second one Wang Huisheng was a plain looking woman. As she knew that she couldn’t defeat the two of them, she did not strike first, instead she waited for the third and the fourth coming out.

Tyre sent Bayun Xiaoqi and Constantine as the third and the fourth member. They were powerful enough to destroy the four membesr of Wang Group without hurting their own partners. Before Claude and Tyre came to fight, Wang Group’s leader throw in the towel. Group Tyre won earlier than they expected.

Then came the announcement from the system.

[Winner of the group match goes to the unnamed team with 50 class points. Check your individual extra points in the system. Your group is ranked 1754 of D Grade. Way to go!]

As the announcement was finished, Tyre and his group were sent back to the magical lines space.

Constantine became a little unpleased,

"Why didn't we even get a name for our group? They've already got a group name. Name like Group Constantine, Group Stantine, or even Group Tine would be awesome, intimidating and catchy. Don’t you think so?"

"You are joking!” Tyre patted Constantine on the shoulder.

Claude paused and looked at the others,

"So what do you think?"

"Claude, you pick one." Bayun Xiaoqi shrugged his shoulders. Their captain should be Claude because he deserved it. It would be for the best if he could name the group. Tyre agreed too, so did his other four fellows. Therefore, Claude became the group’s captain whose first job was to name the group.

"We've done what we're supposed to do today. Claude, think about it before we leave school. Remember, it has to be intimidating as well as graceful, luxurious as well as conservative."

The group was shocked by what Constantine said. No one could possibly come up with a name like that.

But Claude took it very seriously. Sometimes he could be hopelessly stubborn.


At the end of the class, Claude finally pounded his desk and stood up,

"I’ve got one!"

Tyre and DiZi was slightly startled, “You are absent-minded in class all day just because of the group name?”

This topic immediately triggered Constantine. He then trotted toward Claude and asked expectantly,

"Wow! You are worthy as our Captain. Tell us the name."

Bayun Xiaoqi sighed and then walked up, followed by the rest of the group.

Claude took a deep breath and said seriously,


"... "

There was a dead silence.

Constantine asked after a long pause,

"Well…urgh…Captain Claude, did you just put our initials together?"

"Exactly!" He replied confidently.


There was another dead silence.

Bayun Xiaoqi rolled his eyes at the name.

"No! I'd be better off playing an individual instead of a group with such a shameful name."

"You can’t say that. Claude racked his brain for the name all day long." In fact, Tyre didn’t like the name either.

Bayun Xiaoqi kind of hated it,

"This is what you've been thinking about all day? I don't like it! It's horrible."

Tyre’s four fellows who had no voice could only force their smiles without saying a word, which made Claude a little upset.

"Please, please wait, guys!" Claude took a deep breath and said,

"I apologize for it. I will let you know the name tomorrow morning! I promise you it will be a great one. So please calm down."

Since Claude apologized, Bayun Xiaoqi stopped whining about it. He nodded slightly and calmed himself down.

The group was easygoing and naturally accepted Claude’s apology.

Once again Claude was lost in thought.

One day on the way back home, Claude, an idol in girls’ eyes, hit walls, wood pole, even fell in a water ditch again and again because something was on his mind.

In the evening at bath time, Tyre was lying comfortably in the bathtub, enjoying one of the happiest things in life.

At that moment, however, Tyre's Magic Video Stone rang again.

He got intense because it could only be one person, no, one thing, that would call him at such a time.

But just in case, Tyre took his Magic Video Stone out of his pants in the wardrobe to the bathtub and made the most handsome posture he could possibly do before answering the call.

"Hey, human."

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Its pronunciation was more standard than the day before, and Tyre felt its obvious improvement. Its face was still horrible, but it got more intelligent.

"It’s been two, two days. Have you become stronger?"

Tyre still did not answer, but looked at him in the eyes.

"From, from your eyes, eyes, I see your determination. You want to kill, kill me, right?"

Pandora looked at Tyre carefully with its own ‘eyes’.

"I, I'm somewhere in the suburban of Miliac Empire. Listen, it’s, it's called Meteor Mountain... Hee hee hee, I see other feelings from your eyes. So at Meteor Mountain Range, human, something must have happened to you, right? And the place means a lot to you. So that’s why I am very interested in you, especially that you don't throw the Magic Video Stone away, away, away. It is rare for a human to do that. I, I, would like to see, see you in person, and, and have a nice meal."

Tyre looked at him like always. He wanted to keep the monster! If he throws the Magic Video Stone away, he may forget about it because he would be busy with school thing.

Tyre didn’t hate Pandora. It was more of responsibility for him.

He couldn’t forget how Mr. Zack had died!


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