After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 81: Group Match

Since Ghost Slayer and Roselle Butterfly had fought last time, it was Elena and Sand Sword’s turn. 

Tyre said after thinking for a little while,

"Sand Sword, Elena, you join us first."

"OK." Sand Sword agreed as he expected. Elena pointed at herself as if she was asking," Do you really want to choose me? " Tyre gave her a positive response through their eye contacts.

"Are you prepared? Come in with me.” Elder Xun said slowly, and all of them followed him in again.

"I've heard from Ray Lindauer that one of you took his first test."

Elder Xun suddenly asked.

Claude nodded slightly,

"Yes. He invented the virtual world, right?"

"Yes, he had this plan a long time ago, and it was not implemented until three months ago. Now it is finally completed. All the pains are paid off." Elder Xun said and reached out his hand,

"Give me all your student ID cards."

They gave him their exquisitely-designed student cards without any hesitation. Elder Xun demonstrated them how to operate it, and explained again,

"As you may have read the competition rules, group match is a six on six game. Once six members are fixed, they can only be replaced by the three pre-decided alternatives. If anyone else appears in the group, the system will regard it as cheating and deduct double points.”

"Roselle Butterfly and Ghost Slayer, you are our alternatives. You are up for next group match."

"As you wish." Ghost Slayer answered without hesitation, while Roselle Butterfly nodded.

Tyre was satisfied with their answers. He then said to Elder Xun,

"We are ready."

"Good. Now that you know the procedure, you can do it all by yourselves in the future."

Elder Xun clicked on the magical lines, and the screen showed [matching].

"Good luck, then."

"Thank you."

The group disappeared right after. Ghost Slayer and Roselle Butterfly quickly took out their Magic Video Stone  and input Tyre’s student ID number to log in Avalon TV.

A beautiful wonderland appeared in their Magic Video Stone.

Birds were singing and flowers were blooming on the grassland. As a breeze blew by, petals flew and animals were startled to run away. The group was amazed by this scenic wonderland.

"This tiny world has everything. I can’t bear to destroy any bit of it." Bayun Xiaoqi was astonished, so were the others. They didn’t intend to damage the land but in fact, their damage was nothing compared to the world. 

At the same time, there came the announcement with a robot voice from the sky.

[Group match officially begins. Elena and Wang Yejun, please stand out.]

"He is a Vermillion. Elena, you have to be careful." Said Sand Sword. Tyre gave her encouraging eyes because Elena got cold feet.

Elena regained a little courage and stepped reluctantly toward the center of the battlefield.

Elena could do it if she knew that there was no possibility that she would hurt anyone, like what she did at the Magician Girl’s Tournament. But when it came to killing, it was too much for a peace-loving elf. Looking at Elena trembling, Tyre thought maybe it was necessary to get Elena trained. After all, she was determined to follow him, so she couldn’t be his burden. At least she shouldn’t show her mercy on the enemies, otherwise he could get killed because of her.  

Thirty seconds seemed very short, but in the eyes of the strong it could be infinitely elongated. At the twentieth second, Elena and Wang Yejun started their first move.

The black-haired Wang was the first to start. Without saying a word, he threw his sword toward Elena.

This wasn’t Elena thing. And now when she saw the incoming sword which greatly increased the fears in her heart, she immediately used the Agility Arts to dodge.

However, Wang wouldn’t let Elena go so easily. His sword was lightened up together with the sword qi and petals off the ground. Then the sword qi aimed at Elena.

Elena, though she wanted to quit, had the ability to fight back. Now she saw herself in danger, she murmured tremblingly a few words and released a second grade magic by accident, the Stone Wall.

The sword qi hit on the Stone Wall. The magic that had been expelled in haste was broken into nothing immediately. The cracked stone pieces hit on Elena's body and she groaned painfully. The pain was nothing serious for an elf. But there was no way she could possible kill someone.

"Hit him, silly elf!" Tyre got angry. Instead of remaining calm as he always was, he yelled at Elena who was running toward the group.

Surprisingly Elena still had time to answer him while she was dodging,

"My Lord, I can't do that!"

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Bloody hell! Tyre was outraged. If he could, he might have killed the useless elf with his sword.

However, Elena was strong enough to make it 30 seconds after avoiding the incoming attacks.

[30 seconds counted. Sand Sword and Wang Huisheng stand out.]

"Sand Sword, beat his ass! And show something to the stupid elf."

"OK." Sand Sword forced a smile and then ran toward Wang Yejun with his epee and shield in his hand.

Affected by an overwhelming power, Wang Yejun was startled and stepped back immediately. Without giving much thought, Sand Sword raised his epee toward Wang Yejun, passing by Elena.

Depressed by the condescending epee qi, Wang Yejun couldn’t launch a bit of strength. At the moment, Sand Sword made his move and killed Wang Yejun who took an upper hand with one single move.

[Wang Yejun from Wang Group, out.]

Tyre nodded slightly. Sand Sword’s power was incredible. He could easily crush average fighters with the Army Breaker power. He was satisfied with what he could do and he was right about him.

Only this stupid elf... If he left her like this, Elena may become a big joke of his team! He didn’t need a useless eye candy in his team.

Although as the other self, Lunaria was called eye candy by Teacher Cat.

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