After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 80: Fight against Dragonman

"Tyre, get ready for round two." Frank smiled grimly. Flapping his dragon wings, he was suddenly out of sight.

He was fast! Tyre turned around and stepped away unconsciously. Frank’s dragon claw appeared where Tyre had been standing. If he hadn’t stepped away quickly enough, he would be torn into pieces.

"Very quick. And your weird step. Haha! What an interesting opponent!"

Frank was not surprised but more excited. His claws swooped down on Tyre like a big net.

A terrible wind blew the sand around Tyre wildly and its force cornered him to retreat. He also threw a Heaven’s Fall move while he was retreating.

After a big bang, the dragonman emerged unscathed from the dust with a confident smile on his lips. Tyre had to pull up all his strength against his enemy.

"My power will increase several times once I am dragonized, including my speed, power, defense or response. Our strength is way more powerful than Qi Harmony. Now that my power is multiplied, your attack has no substantial damage to me. It is not a smart choice to waste your time on an enemy you cannot possibly defeat just for 20 points. You should give up.“

Tyre was shocked by how logically Frank could talk. But the truth was that there was no that Frank could defeat Tyre no matter how strong he was physically.

Because he had no intention of letting anyone touch him. After all, his body at a lower Qi Harmony level was as weak as tofu in the eyes of a strong man of the Army Breaker level. But if they got close to him off guard, they would be lost instantly.

He once fought the Ogre King before. Why would he be afraid fighting a half-dragon?

"You don't look like you're going to give up. Fine. It’s a good chance for a freshman to see how bad he is."

Frank flapped his wings and soared into the sky. Closed his claws before his chest, a red ball of light opened his claws from inside. Frank's tail seemed excited and swung the red ball high up, which swirled sand off the ground, like the world were saluting it. Tyre’s eyes narrowed because he sensed that something terrible was about to come. 

"Dragonization’s gifted talent, Bitter Cannon. Try this!"

Frank dropped the ball which crashed down quickly like a free shooting star toward Tyre. Its supreme power could affect a span of one hundred meters. Tyre couldn’t dodge its strike even he used Three Fold in the first place.

It left him no choice but to meet him head on.

Holding The Fallen One, Tyre increased his power, as did the surrounding area. Next moment a silent shadow flashed under the sun.

God’s Fall Style, Boundary Breaker!

The second move of God’s Fall Style, Tyre's recent achievement, was one of the best in the genre although there was no stronger move of Boundary Breaker. The transparent flying blade silently moved toward the red ball of light.

Before the red light ball could get near the transparent blade, it gradually began to descend, and when it was about to hit the blade, it had completely disappeared, as if it was just an illusion.

The dragonman in the air was surprised. The transparent flying blade rushed towards Frank right away. For a moment Frank found that the strength in his body was rapidly missing out. If the flying blade got closer to him, he couldn’t even remain as the dragonman. So he dodged.

However, like Tyre knew where he would go, Tyre was there waiting for him. Frank freaked out and couldn’t figure how possibly Tyre could show up where he hid.

"Well, second round is over."

Holding The Fallen One, Tyre aimed for Frank’s neck while Frank was freaking out. Frank’s dragon scale, which was supposed to be strong enough to defend any kinds of strike, now became weak in front of the transparent flying blade. With a cut, the skin was severely wounded. Frank pressed his neck painfully and soon disappeared in this world.

 [The winner is Tyre from group B, class 9, freshman year, winning 20 points and battle rating 37, battle of glory. 5 points as bonus.]

Tyre raised his eyebrows by the announcement from the loudspeaker. He did not expect to get extra points by playing a better game. There came another announcement,

[Rank raised. Tyre from group B, class 9, freshman year is now ranked 2 stars.]

Two star? Aren't they ranked by numbers? Tyre opened the rule instruction and carefully read a few pages to find that, new entrants were not ranked by numbers at the beginning. Starting from one star, each winner could get one star from each victory, and each loser would lose one star. When a new entrant hit 100 stars, he could be ranked by numbers and get points every 3 hours and 24 minutes. But unfortunately, the ranking would be removed by the end of the month and restart from one star next month.

It seemed not easy.

Tyre felt a little frustrated. But he knew he couldn’t stay low as he learned a lesson last time. If he wanted to get more attention from the Student Union and to get the holy weapon, he had to show what he got.

It was time to pull himself together and show what he could do.

It was also why Tyre, who would never have said a word before someone else, had suddenly gone out of his way to take the lead.

As he made up his mind, Tyre appeared in the magical lines room. Then he walked out.

Elder Xun smiled when he saw Tyre. Tyre respectfully saluted to him. Constantine and others immediately surrounded him.

“How are you feeling?"

"Did that annoying guy hurt you?"

Tyre smiled and shook his head,

"Don’t worry. The virtual world is so stable that it's no different from a real body. Except for Frank’s language, he didn’t hurt me at all."

Everybody laughed, so did Claude who was relieved and said,

"It's time to play group match."



"Ah!!!!! My 20 points!!” On the other end of the institute, the muscular Frank was shouting painfully in front of his partner who said,

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"You always say you are invincible in your defense. Why did you lose?"

"Well, it was all a joke. But Tyre was really impressive. I only saw  he was only at the Qi Harmony level at first, so I started talking nonsense with him and messing with him."

"Yes, I saw it. I wished I were Tyre to punch you in the mouth."

"Haha! Anyway,  it proved that I got what I wanted. Unfortunately his martial arts skills are very strong. Even I am way more physically powerful than him, I still lost."

"Good that you think it that way."

"Come on. I, Lord Frank, how can I go to the dogs just because of such a small setback?"

"People like you from the Holy Dragon Empire are optimistic like they said."

"You are right. Now that we have had fun, let’s go grab some food."

"But it's only nine o 'clock."

"It’s session meal. What do you know?"


"Elder Xun, we are ready for group match."

Constantine said.

Elder Xun said nothing but took a slightly thicker manual from his own storage ring.

The boys read it with ease, and Constantine began to read aloud again,

"The rules for group match are, first of all, a team must be composed of six members and three alternatives in case of accidents. Each competition is six VS six. Rules are as follows,

Each group sends a random member as a starter and sends the second one after 30 seconds, the third and the fourth after another 30 seconds, the fifth one minute later, and the sixth stands by as backup and replaces with one of the former five whenever needed. 

Rankings of group match started with Grade D. Each victory can upgrade the ranking. Group ranked No. 1 of Grade D can be promoted to Grade C. The top grade is No. 1 of Grade S. Each winning group is awarded points for its class. The points cannot be assigned to each individual but as class points. [Note: Class points are related to class ranking by the end of the semester. The five classes with least points will be directly expelled]

It turns out that the points won in group matches are not for individuals. That makes it harder for students who don't like teamwork to compete in group matches."

"But in this case, those classes who don’t like teamwork will probably be expelled at the end of the semester." Sand Sword frowned slightly. He was not sure if his class was good or bad at teamwork, not now at least.

"This is a test on teamwork. Group matches are also a chance to improve myself. I don’t really care much about points." Constantine shrugged his shoulders. Tyre and Claude felt the same way. As long as they made sure they were not going to be expelled, they would try to earn points for the class.

"Then let’s discuss which the six of us join the match. Tyre and I, Bayun Xiaoqi, and Claude, for sure. And you… Tyre, do you have any recommendation?"

Constantine asked.

Tyre said to the four of them after thinking for a while.


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