After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 79: Annoying Opponent

Tyre raised his eyebrows, thought for a while and still didn't know how to respond to his provocation. It might be more direct to kill him. The masculine man yelled arrogantly,

"Rookie! Remember my name, Frank Goludauer, a super genius from Holy Dragon Empire! Be grateful to be beaten by a mighty genius who comes from far away! You should kneel before me and cry for your worship to me!"

"Er... Can we start now?" Tyre scratched his head. This man must be out of his mind.

"Hem, are you so shocked by my greatness that you can only scratch your head to show what you got? What a humble poor thing! I’m telling you. It is not an equal world. People were born in different classes and you are from the bottom, I am standing at the top of the world, I will become... "

"Hey, Frank, are we going to fight or not?" Tyre narrowed his eyes and his sword was shaking. Frank laughed at his vain struggle. 

"Despair? Rookie. Painful? Regret to lay your ass in this world? You poor people think you can work hard all the way up to the powerful ones. The world is always on the side of geniuses, but not losers like you... "

"Hey... "

"Garbage! Dog! Don't bark in front of me! You should have knelt down on the ground like an animal. You think you are powerful enough to breathe the same air as us geniuses? No. Kill yourself! You are sinful to feel happy to breathe our air... "

Tyre couldn't stand any more taunts and launched the sword out of the scabbard and darted to Frank.

The man laughed and was about to continue mocking when Tyre’s black sword showed before his eyes.

It came God’s Fall Style, Heaven’s Fall! .

Boom! A formidable explosion sprouted from the wielding trace of The Fallen One. Frank was quickly thrown out off guard. Maybe because his extremely strong body, he was not much injured. Only that his incredibly tight outfit now completely was torn apart, revealing his grisly muscles.

"Hey! Rookie! Not bad. You made me step back over ten meters. I respect your efforts, but the world is not so simple as you thought. The weak is always the weak, genius is always genius. Only the weak dream of good things. The reality is that great power is in the hand of genius. How dare you…"

"Er! Can you be more annoying?" It was Tyre who had won the last move, but he was growing increasingly angry. He had never expected to be outraged by a muscular man this much. His sword started to roar. Tyre dashed directly toward Frank.

God’s Fall Style, Heaven’s Fall x 10!There came out a flash of black light and a quick explosion around Frank. The whole desert began to roll back with a horrible roar.

Heaven’s Fall x 10 was the complete version of God’s Fall Style. Although Tyre had not really mastered the Heaven’s Fall x 10, these moves were much more powerful than Heaven’s Fall.

Out of the dust sprang a person. He was all blood all over, but his breath was stable. All his muscles seemed to be dancing. His arrogant pride was totally gone. Now he was looking at Tyre,

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“It is my mistake. You are good. Then it is useless to talk to you.”

Tyre felt a little bit relieved to hear that. As long as he stopped talking nonsense.

Elena said, shaking her fist as she watched the Magic Video Stone,

"My Lord, defeat him. He is so annoying!"

"He really is." Sand Sword couldn’t help but agreed. Roselle Butterfly and Ghost Slayer nodded to agree too. Bayun Xiaoqi smiled as he thought of something.

"He is a funny character just like someone but wants to express his personality with words."

 “You are implying me, aren’t you?” Constantine pointed at himself. He knew he could be annoying sometimes but he didn’t jib jab like this idiot. That idiot got beaten up but still talked like a winner.

The silent Claude suddenly said seriously,

“This Frank is good.”


"You are distracted by his language, but you have not noticed that this man still remain a clam breath after he got struck by Tyre twice.” The rest realized that Claude was true. Ordinary soldiers would be defeated by a single move of Tyre’s. After two moves, this man only got a few bruises. It could be seen that he got powerful defensive ability. They were previously distracted to his trash talk from his real strength.


"Warm-up is over. Tell me your name." Like a completely different person, Frank asked directly and simply. His bones cracked very loud. As Tyre realized his terrible defense, he sensed that those nonsense he said before was up to something.


"You don't know, Tyre, that the people of Holy Dragon Empire have a horrible talent."

"Horrible talent?" The only Holy Dragon person Tyre knew was LongTu, but he didn't actually find any horrible talent that Dragon Slayer possessed other than being very violent.

"Hehe…For you information, everyone from Holy Dragon Empire has dragon blood. As long as we are hurt, we can... "

Boom! Suddenly, a pair of dragon wings protruding from Frank's back. His arms and legs got bigger and finally turned into claws. His blue eyes turned into blood-red dragon eyes, and a pair of dragon horns grew out of his head.

His power soared all of sudden. Tyre was shocked and he finally knew where his powerful defense came from. People from Holy Dragon Empire were born with the dragon blood as well as strong defense. Frank looked like a real dragon as half of his body was covered by dragon scales. He sneered at Tyre and roared like a real dragon,


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