After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 78: Individual Mode

A stooped old man was standing at the entrance of the arena. Tyre and others could clearly feel kind of overwhelming pressure from him without using the spiritual perception.

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In the Development Street, not many students passed by. Despite virtual world's recent popularity, the match arena in Development Street was empty because the location was very isolated.

"Which mode are you gonna choose?"

Asked the old man, loud and clear. The boys had a quick eye contact. They could give it a go.

"I'll go first for individual," said Tyre first. Other boys didn’t stop him.

The old man raised his head slightly, then took out a pamphlet and threw it to Tyre.

"This is the rules for individual match. You can take a look at it."

Tyre looked at the cover before opening it. Everyone joined him and Constantine read it aloud,

"Competition rules for individual matches. First of all, contestants must bet a certain amount of points and wait for an opponent in ten minutes. Then they enter the virtual world (randomly chosen) together. Any means could be adopted. And the winner gets the loser’s points and ranks higher on the list. Individual ranking is related to individual points every three hours and 24 minutes. For example, A ranks 127th and he will get 50 points every three hours and 24 minutes; while B ranks 10th and he will get 100 points every three hours and 24 minutes, plus task points he earns every day. For example, the mission of this individual match is to defeat three magicians in a row. After finishing each task, he will get corresponding points. The higher he ranks, the more points he will get because he will be given bonus points in addition to task points. We look forward to your performance!”

"Stop it, Constantine. Do you know that you are very annoying?" Bayun Xiaoqi said impatiently. Constantine shrugged his shoulders. He meant well to read it aloud so that they could understand better. But obviously they didn’t appreciate it at all.

"Are you finished?" The old man asked Tyre.

The young man with black hair and blue eyes nodded slightly and answered seriously,

"Yes, I am finished. May I begin?"

"Yes, go on in then." The old man walked into the room with Tyre, and the others were shut out.

The room was similar to the one Rayline once took them to. If there was any difference, these magical lines were much simply finished, obviously a product of short-notice. It was however a grand gesture that the school could set up the entire campus in just two days. The most important thing was that they didn’t realize it until their teachers told them so.

"Give me your student card."

Tyre took out his student card and gave it to the old man, then the old man said,

"When you enter one room in the future, read your student card directly in the center of this round shape magical lines. Look. You can read your points here. You have 114 points now. You can also track down your point details. You have 100 points to start with, 3 points each for four classes, plus 2 extra points for real fight test, which totals 14 points."

Tyre looked at the points and thought of Yong Ye’s proud and arrogant face.

He did not expect Teacher Cat even gave him bonus points since it seemed he had never been satisfied with anyone. But the truth was, Teacher Cat saw something out of him.

"Well, the next thing is to place your bet. How much are you going to bet? 10 points or above."

"Then make it 20 points." The old man was surprised by Tyre's choice because other students usually bet 10 points to test the environment out. Not many people would start with 20 points like Tyre. 

The old man showed Tyre how to place a bet, and then said,

"Now it's time to match your opponent. You just stand here and wait. Normally someone will stand out in a minute."

"Well... "Tyre wanted to say something but didn’t know how, but the old man already saw him through and answered casually,

"My name is Xun Zihao. If you don't mind, call me Elder Xun."

"Yes, Elder Xun, may I ask if this kind of test has ever happened before?"

"Yes, of course, but not so perfect as it is now. The virtual world once was just empty space, not a small world that one’s consciousness can interfere." replied Elder Xun. Tyre nodded and understood why Elder Xun knew so much about the virtual world, because they had similar ones before. No wonder the rules were so impeccable.

While he was thinking, Tyre suddenly felt his whole body being lifted, then he disappeared in the magical line room.

"He got a match now." Elder Xun nodded slightly and walked out of the room, while Constantine asked when they saw him,

"Excuse me... "

"Call me Elder Xun."

"OK, Elder Xun, can we watch the live stream of Tyre’s match."

"Sure. Let me check his student ID number. All you have to do is type in his student id number so that you can watch his live stream on Avalon TV through your Magic Video Stone."

"So convenient!" Constantine uttered with kind of exaggerating voice. The others were not shocked by Elder Xun but startled by his weird scream.

"Now, open it and let’s watch."

Claude took out his Magic Video Stone, input the student number and Avalon TV frequency. A vast desert appeared inside the stone where Tyre was standing.

The others followed Claude and focused on Tyre in the desert world.

It was Clear Sky World, a dead world, where deserts were scattered and battle qi between heaven and earth was pathetically thin. Fortunately, Tyre didn't need any battle qi, which became an advantage of him in this world.

Not far away, a man appeared in front of him. It was a man who almost outgrew his clothes. His face was nicely carved. While Tyre was sizing him up, the man was also looking him up and down. When he felt the pathetically thin battle qi on Tyre, the masculine man smirked,

"Lucky me. I didn't expect they sent a rookie in my first fight. It would be some easy points for Lord Ben Frank. I'm really curious how a piece of garbage like you could have the courage to place a bet of twenty points."


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