After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 77: Matches

The next day

"As you know, matches among classes have officially started. There are three categories, class, group, and individual. Class matches consist of two thousand students, each group of six people, and individual is one on one. Our technical team has set up virtual world magical lines required by the matches overnight. When you go out you should see the game signs."

At the morning meeting, teacher No. 3 started to explain the most important project for all the students.

"So the most important thing you should remember is to get points. Every freshman is given one hundred points to start with. When you finish one class, you can get three points. Depending on your performance in the classroom, teachers will add or reduce the points for you accordingly. We have a student who once hit one hundred points in a class. So don't miss a single lesson. Individual match winner can win the loser’s bet points. For example, one student bets 10 points, if he loses, his opponent will win 10 points and he will lose 10 points. Vice versa.

In group matches, each group consists of six students. You can study the combat rules when you are back. Dizi and Claude have experienced it earlier. If you have any doubts, you can ask them. As for point rules, you will be given a specific points, 600, for example. When your group fights against the other, the winner will get 600 points.

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Class matches are a massive scale fight of two thousand versus two thousand. It takes place once in half a month. The rules are extremely complicated. Today is July 6th. We will have a class match on July 15th. When time comes I will explain more to you a few days in advance. Before that, you can also learn the rules beforehand."

Teacher No. 3 looked at the silent but attentive students, nodded slightly and continued,

"The points you earn will be added to your monthly exam. If the pass score for this month is 3000, then students under 3000 after the monthly examination will be forced to drop out of school, and after four months, that is, at the end of this semester, the class with the lowest points for all five monthly exams will be cancelled. Have I made myself clear?"

Everyone nodded slightly, meaning they got what he said, but they all looked more serious than ever before.

Teacher  No. 3 looked at them and smiled faintly.

"Don't be so nervous. This is just the beginning. You will spend a long time in the college. Each of you in Group B, Class Nine is the best among all the students. You don’t want to be dropped out of school, do you? All of you, look at me, show me your motivation to come here at the very beginning. If you have that expression on your face before everything even begins, it is my failure. To give you pressure does not mean to make you despair, but to find hope and continue to become stronger under the pressure! Why are you here? Because Avalon is popular? Because it's a prestigious institution? Or because the facilities here are advanced? How is that even possible? These things are all less important than your real thoughts. You want to become stronger, to be Heavenly Children, to become a great magician, to be an emperor, to be a master of magic, to be a sacred magician, to be a demigod, or even a god."

On hearing the word “god”, Yexi, sitting next to Lunaria, got excited because she breathed quickly and had passion in her eyes. Lunaria and Darmiala didn’t get to understand why.  

"Good, morning session is over. Work hard and try to pass every exam.” Teacher No.3 always left the class after he made all students depressed, but no one resented him at all. Because he said nothing wrong. On the contrary, it would be immature if they were mad at him.


"Come on, do you have any lessons in first session? Come with me if you have no class." Constantine couldn’t wait to get up from the seat. Bayun Xiaoqi was speechless about his behavior.

"Are you a child? Just a moment."

"For what? There will be no room for us. Hurry up." Without saying another word, Constantine grabbed Bayun Xiaoqi’s arms, winked at Tyre and Claude and walked out.

Tyre and Claude looked at each other. They eventually chose to go out with them, while Dizi couldn’t go with them because he had a class.

Although the girls and the boys knew each other for a while, they didn’t spend all day together. They were mature ladies. They so ignored Constantine’s childish action and focused on their next class.

When Constantine arrived at the gate of Yusheng building, Tyre and Claude followed.

"There you are. It looks like there are only the four of us, so maybe our group match will be... Wait? Your minions seem to be coming along, "said Constantine, pointing to Tyre's back, and as he turned his head he saw Sand Sword and other three men marching quickly.

"What's the rush?" said Tyre.

Sand Sword answered,

"We saw you here. So we assumed that you are coming for the virtual world. We all have a hundred points now. Even if it's not new for us, it would be good enough to get some points."

Tyre nodded and agreed on what Sand Sword said. They have experienced the virtual world but they had no idea about the point system.

Now Constantine was right but a little reckless.

"Constantine, how long are you going to hold my hand?" Bayun Xiaoqi said discontentedly, which startled Constantine to uphold her right arm.

"Sorry, sorry, because your arm feels like a sponge. I didn’t feel your resistance."

"Is that a compliment?"

Bayun Xiaoqi shook her head. Claude didn’t know what to say but could only shrug his shoulder.

"Well, now that we have enough members, let’s go and have a look. Teacher No.3 said it was set up all over the campus. Let’s start with the Development Street."


They found a room labeling Match Arena on the Development Street. Due to short time, the decoration of the room was very simple although it had a huge magical lines pattern. Maybe they would remodel the room one month later, but not now.

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