After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 76: Return

Yueti was happy to see Lunaria looking forward to crave. She took out a small dish and spoon to scoop up a mouthful of soup from the pot and had a taste of it. Then she placed the stewed meat in the big dish.

The meat was different from what Lunaria’s imagined. It was slightly golden but also orange red as it was stewed with sauce. The soup smelt amazing, along with green-to-red vegetables and carrots, making it look delicious especially under sun shines. Lunaria was eager to have a bite right away unless Yueti stopped her.

"Wait a minute." Yueti was amused by Lunaria’s reaction. She scooped out a spoonful of soup from the pot to spray on the meat. The steam soared high into the air and throughout the entire room.

Yueti smiled and took out another bowl. She scooped out a bowl of sticky white grains with a clean spoon from a small pot beside her. Another wave of white but scentless steam soared.

Lunaria was puzzled, while Yueti continued,

“Vermillion use it to go with with dishes. We call it rice. You may not get used to it in the beginning but you will get attached to it every time you eat. These two long bamboo sticks are called chopsticks. You are smart. You can learn how to use it very soon.”

Lunaria nodded. She once used chopsticks when she had dinner with Lao Jerry. But she had never have rice before. It looked very Vermillion.

“Alright. Before it gets cold, let’s dig.”


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Lunaria finished 70% of the whole pot of meat and Yueti ate up the rest 30%. She was surprised by Lunaria’s great appetite.

“Lunaria, come and help me with the dishwashing.”

“Ok.” Dishwashing was a right thing to do after she had a great free meal. Lunaria then did together with Yueti.

 “Did you go to the Student Hall?”

“Oh? How did you know?”

Yueti shrugged, “Your roommate told me. How are you feeling about it?”

“Nothing special.” Lunaria shook her head as she thought of what the president said to her.

“I just feel that I am too amateur.”

“Amateur?” Yueti said after a few seconds’ thinking.

“We all go through phases. Even the mighty martial art masters started from zero, or like a sapling growing into a tree. Everything begins with nothing. The more you learn, the stronger you become. If you think you are amateur, work hard for whatever you are determined for. One day you will grow. You might get lost somewhere halfway. But don’t forget where you are now. You are at Avalon which is not your first home but an important lighthouse to enlighten your life when you were in the darkness.”

Lunaria’s mind went blank and asked after a while,

“Where do you know these?”

“It was a quote by a host of programme Looking Back Your Life on Avalon TV.” Yueti answered and then laughed like a man.

“I knew it. It is so not you.” Lunaria exhaled. The way she laughed was so her. Unlike her laugh, her quote was spoken by a wise, gentle friend.

“It’s getting dark. Go upstairs. Your roommates are worried about you.”

“Ok.” Lunaria nodded and said goodbye, then took the power elevator back to her room.

 “Wow! Isn’t it our goddess just getting back?”

The minute she opened the door, Niluka started to tease her. Thanks to her joyful voice, Lunaria relaxed a bit.

It may be good to live with them.

She smiled when she looked around all the girls in the room.

Yes, even that she left Hillier and that her secret was known to the duke and the president of student hall. So what?

Because she is here now.

“I am back.”

“Welcome back.”


“I ran into Zhang Ling, Zamacia and Clarok on the way back from the student union today.” Lunaria said when she sat down on the coach in front of the bed. Niluka got intrigued and asked,

"Well? How is Zamacia?"

"Niluka, they are at the Emperor stage, much stronger than us. No need to worry about them." Darmiala sighed and looked at Niluka sympathetically. Niluka looked very fragile whenever she got yelled at by Darmiala.

When she did, Darmiala didn't know what to talk back although she had so much to say. The girls laughed aloud and giggled at them. The entire room was full of laughers.

"But I met someone else before I met them."


"Mobei from the news department."

"Mobei? The host of Zhen Xian Qian and also the founder of Half-Blossom List?” Niluka had a great memory of this and she started to pour the information out before anyone asked.

Hana Fuyuki, who had been intimidated by strangers, now was not that shy as she got used to the roommates. She added,

"Also, also the one of the men women want to kill the most of the year."

"Wow, it sounds awesome. Die he sexually harass you?"

"How come? I drove him away with my fireballs."

"You are awesome! He deserves to be punched in the face directly." Niluka threw her arms in the air and acted like she was about to kill Mobei, who embarrassed the girls. Mobei didn’t actually do anything harmful to anyone. She just hated him like everybody else.

Lunaria also didn’t take Mobei as a very annoying person, at least he was very honest when he talked. But his writing was a completely different thing.

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