After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 75: Stewed Meat?!

“Have you had lunch yet? ” Lunaria asked out of nowhere, which made them even more confused. Zhang Ling answered then,

"No, I haven't had a bite because of what just happened."

"Then I'll treat you. Where are we eating? Why are you in District 15, by the way?"

"Well, we heard that this district has famous Vermillion wine. So we get here to find some. Unluckily we ran into Salma when just got into the pub.” Lunaria was surprised by the answer. They liked drinking. Last time when she left, they were drinking somewhere. Did they spend days drinking at the pub since then?

"Good, take me there. It’s destiny that brings us together. Drinks are on me."

"We don’t think it’s a good idea to let you pay." Zhang Ling said and Zamacia approved once he got an eye contact with Zhang.

"Exactly. As the guidance of Seven Stars tells me, we can let Miss Lunaria pay the bills for us."

Zamacia said that and Clarok nodded at the same time behind him. This upsetted Lunaria.

"Why? You look as if I buy you drinks because I want something from you."

"No! You must be kidding. We just don't want to trouble you actually..."

"Yes, yes," Followed by Zhang Ling and Zamacia's denials, Clarok started shaking his head in a funny way.

Knowing that they wouldn’t tell the truth, Lunaria came up with an idea and said,

"I do have something to talk to you."

“She was really up to something.” The three men thought. Luckily they didn’t agree to have lunch with her without asking beforehand, otherwise, they would have no chance to say no to Lunaria if she really asked them a favor.

They seemed to make up their mind to hear the truth from Lunaria. So Lunaria told the truth, which could be better for all of them. 

"It is very simple. As you know of my face, I am fine when there are not many people. But it is not pleasant if there are crowds of people. My face would attract a lot of attention which also means a trouble for me. So Zhang Ling, would you teach me how to disguise my face?

They were relieved to hear her favor.

"So that’s all you ask. We thought you want us to risk our lives."

Lunaria was not happy with the horrible impression she made in their minds.

Zhang Ling said before he thought for a while,

"It's a technique from the ancient east which is long lost. Few people know shapeshiting. But I can teach you since you are a friend and classmate and also a roommate of Darmiala’s. I will teach you every bit I know. "

"So you mean…"

"I will spare no effort to teach you, but on one condition."


“Don't tell Miss Darmiala. I refused her last time she asked me to because my Lord told me to. If she knew I teach you this, it is going to get ugly.”

Lunaria nodded. It would be silly to show off her new skills in front of Darmiala. After all, only Tyre would need this.

Finally, Lunaria treated them a nice drink of Vermillion wine. Completely unlike Xigely wine, Vermillion wine tasted very exotic. At that afternoon, Lunaria spent the entire time learning face-disguising skills from Zhang Ling. By the evening, she didn’t master the skill completely though, she started to get the hang of it. Given time and practices, she could be good at it eventually. By then, Tyre didn’t have to wear a mask or hide from Claude.

The nightfall painted the sky orange and the sunset added a beautiful touch of color to the campus. In other places, people were about to go to sleep. But life in the college only got started. Students came and went more frequently. More strange clubs started to show up.

Lunaria took Zhang Ling’s advice to go back to dormitory early.

"Lunaria, are you back?" At the entrance of the dormitory building, Shu Yueti, the houseparent, asked her. She was a serious woman. Because she was a senior warrior, she looked very young, about only one or two years older than Lunaria. 

Lunaria greeted back immediately,

"Yes. Why are you still up?"

"We don’t have time to have a rest from taking care of your daily life. I will have sanitary inspection on every room this Sunday. If I find out any unqualified room, then they will clean the hallway as the punishment."

Clean the hallway? The hallway needed to be cleaned? Lunaria thought it was clean as the way it was.

Did it mean that the stairs need to be cleaned, too? But there were 31 floors. It was all right for martial arts practitioners to clean them all. But it was too difficult for fragile magicians.

"Have you had dinner, Lunaria?"

"Not yet."

“Great. I've stewed a pot of meat. I can’t finish it by myself. You can have some if you don't mind Vermillion food.”

Stewed meat? Lunaria’s lips twitched slightly, because she could imagine it must be a solid pot of meat. She didn’t hate meat but didn’t want a full pot of meat either.

But since she couldn’t refuse her invitation, she was dragged into the room.

She was intrigued by the meat fragrance when she stepped into the room, and her stomach was signaling her mind to crave for food. Her stomach might growl if she was a little hungrier.

"Smells great." she made no secret of her thoughts, which made Yueti happy. She walked to a half-a-meter-high pot and opened the lid. It came out a white heat steam and together with even stronger fragrance. Lunaria was conservative to her meat intake before. Now the fragrance made her throw everything away. She walked up to see what was in it.


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