After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 74: Yorkson

The suit man’s words made Lunaria want to laugh. Weren’t they supposed to point fingers at each other? But now it seemed that the man wasn’t about to fight while Zhang Ling was very outraged, 

"As I have said, it is impossible. I will serve Lady Darmiala all my life. If you insult her ever again, you will be sorry for what you say."

Urgh…Now Lunaria seemed to understand the situation. The man in suit continued,

"You know, Ling, what are we doing here in Avalon? We cannot succeed even if we can learn a few moves secretly from those masters if we don’t have the talent. And masters are too busy with study to take care of us, which means you are free. They wouldn’t find out whatever you do. Even they do, they wouldn’t mind. So you should join Yorkson Underground Auction. The owner and I have a high hope on you. He is even willing to pay a high price to the Convictor of Tiferia  Principality to get you freed from slavery.”

"I am not in contract, and every action is my own will. Salma, you better drop the idea forever."

Zhang Ling's answer was simple but extremely pushy. Now Lunaria understood Zhang Ling’s abnormal action because the man really crossed the line. He insulted Ling’s master Darmiala. 

“What's Yorkson Underground Auction?”

Zamacia immediately answered to Lunaria’s question.

"Yorkson Underground Auction is one of Avalon College's contractors. Not only does it have an underground auction place for students and teachers, it also has a reputation throughout the whole south Gabriel Island and the Horizon Ash Alliance. This old auction house is number one in terms of reputation and quality."

Since Zhang Ling was qualified enough to be selected by such a powerful auction house, it meant that he had exceptional abilities. Otherwise, Salma would not say that even the boss thought highly of him.

Therefore, Salma didn’t intend to provoke Zhang Ling. The tension between them was rather tight but actually they wouldn’t end up fighting each other. Zhang Ling was smart enough. He looked angry because he wanted to bluff to force Salma to quit. Obviously he underestimated Salma’s insistence. No matter how hard he tried to threaten him, Salma kept using different excuses to get back at him.

Just then, a calm voice came from outside the crowd.

"Since Mr. Zhang has kept turning you down, you should give up."

Salma seemed to recognize the voice and responded,

"But Lin, this is an order from the boss."

"Hehe. You can’t control other’s will with an order. I will talk to Ghana Geva later. Off you go." As the voice got close, the man walked out of the crowd. All onlookers made a way for him like he was a super star. The Vermillion man stepped into Lunaria’s sight.

"My name is Lin Xiu, a junior student here."

"A student?" Zhang Ling was confused why a student would step into this.

Lin Xiu smiled,

"Aka, the shareholder and president of York Underground Auction."

"President?!" Zhang Ling couldn’t believe what he heard. Yorkson was not a vending stand. How could a student be a president of Yorkson? But this young man looked like he wasn’t joking at all.

"Since Mr. Zhang won't accept our invitation, no one can force him. But you are welcomed at any time. If you are interested, you can do a part-time job. What do you think?"

Unlike the chatterbox Salma, Lin Xiu gave a nice and tactful suggestion. Zhang Ling already lost his patience with Salma, so when he heard Lin, he quickly said,

"I'll think about it."

Lin Xiu smiled and nodded slightly.

"Then I hope to hear from you. Thank you for your time." He said to Salma.

"Salma, go and do what I told you last time."

Salma, who had been silent behind Lin Xiu, nodded slightly and said yes.

Lin Xiu smiled at Zhang Ling before he hopped on the carriage to leave.

Salma had nothing to say since Lin Xiu had made up his mind. But he didn’t approve the results. He shook his head and then left in the opposite direction to Zhang Ling. 

Then the crowd spread out to do their own things. And everything in the street went back to normal.

Zhang Ling was relieved and looked at his companions subconsciously, but found a new face.

He was a little confused,

"This is... "

"This is Lady Lunaria." Zamacia introduced before Lunaria introduced herself. Then Zhang Ling suddenly took a tumble,

"So you are Lady Lunaria. May I know what I can help?"

"Stop calling me Lady. Lunaria or Miss Lunaria would both be fine. Lady Lunaria is too much.” Zamacia and Zhang Ling looked at each other. They were her servants. Lady Lunaria was the right address for them.

"Don’t look at each other. Anyway, I don’t like being called Lady. No one is born to be a servant. I hope everyone can be treated equally."

" Miss…Lunaria?" Zhang Ling tried carefully, which made Lunaria speechless. Was he afraid of stepping on a mine?

"This topic is over. I guess I could picture what happened before. But why do they choose you? What have you done?”

Zhang Ling felt strange that Lunaria asked the question, but he still answered it specifically,

"I did a part-time job at the auction house. It never occurred me that they like the way I auction. So they want to hire me. But you should know it is impossible because I am a servant of Miss Darmiala. There is no way I could end master-servant relationship with her just for such a teeny-tiny auction house.”

Teeny-tiny auction house? Before Zamacia explained to her, she really had thought Yorkson was small.

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