After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 73: Encounter

"How do you feel about having topped the Half-Blossom?" Moby put down his pen and asked.

“I feel nothing. I would be thankful if they can remove my name from the list.” Lunaria frowned slightly

"I see." Said Moby as if he had taken a tumble.

"Goddess Lunaria is so humble to win the first place in the Half-Blossom, and she is not obsessed with the title, which is a very noble behavior. We should learn from her carefree and noble spirit.”

Lunaria didn’t want to talk to this man suddenly. How could he write something that she didn’t say? Moby wasn’t satisfied obviously with what he got, so he continued.

"Lunaria, can you tell us whom your favorite person is?"

"Favorite person? I have no favorite person." Lunaria searched her mind. Indeed, she had no favorite person. For her, there were people who she liked or hated. Her answer obviously choked Moby. But as an experienced reporter, he then asked, "And who would you most like to see?"

"There's no one I particularly want to see." If there was one there, actually it  shouldn’t be called a person. It was a monster called Pandora.

Moby was still not satisfied with the answer. He had to use his last move to dig more gossip. 

"Lunaria, one last question, only today's last question I mean, because I will be very happy to interview you next time I see you.”

 “You are happy? I am not.” Lunaria could not help complaining him in her mind. He wrote something opposite to whatever she said and added many words to hers against her will. 

Before Lunaria said anything, Moby already posed his last question.

"So, Lunaria, if you had to make a choice between Tyre and Claude, who would you choose?"

Lunaria suddenly realized why that asshole asked her who her favorite person was. “I am a man. How can I like another man? I would definitely neither choose the Tyre self nor Claude.” Lunaria thought to herself.

“Please tell me who you choose.” Moby looked at Lunaria with all his expectations, while Lunaria stretched out her arms and had two fireballs on her palms.

"I choose to die."

“Wait. Wait. Lunaria, calm down. I understand the question is too advanced for you. No rush. You take your time to think about it. We can wait even if you give an answer even, next month, next semester, even next year. You should be careful of your choice because the man you choose might be ‘baptized’ by Lunaria’s fans. I am leaving now. So stop casting level three magic.”

Frightened by Lunaria’s terrifying momentum, Moby fled quickly and disappeared in a blink among the crowd.

Lunaria could not help sighing. This man was weird. If he kept talking, she would throw a level three fireball toward him.

Never mind. It was all gone. Thanks to Moby, her mood was not so bad any more.

“I should go back. Darmiala and the gang were still waiting for me.” Thought Lunaria to herself.


On the way back, Lunaria suddenly came across a few old acquaintances gathering around among the crowd like there was a conflict.

Lunaria lightly elbowed through the crowd, made it to the front. She saw a man wearing an outfit peculiar to Vermillion and a young man wearing a business suit.

"What's going on here?" Lunaria wondered not because she liked to watch dramas, but because she knew the Vermillion man. Because of him, she wanted to see what happened. This man was called Zhang Ling, one of Darmiala’s followers. He was an ancient martial arts talent who also knew face-changing disguise. Face-changing was a very important skill especially for Tyre because he couldn’t wear a mask all the time. Since president of the Student Union knew about her, she understood that she couldn’t be lucky all the time. If someday she showed her slip, her entire secret would be revealed by wise men. 

So Tyre had to fix this problem as soon as possible. Even if Lunaria did not come across Zhang Ling, she would be looking for him lately.

Lunaria shuttled through the crowd, and came to Zamacia, a follower of Niluka, asking,

"What’s going on?”

He looked puzzled on hearing her.

"May I ask, you are... "

"I am Lunaria."

"Lady Lunaria!" Zamacia's voice was loud. As Lunaria was about to shush him, he was smart enough to lower his voice and said softly,

"Are you wearing a Deceived Face Veil?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"The veil is quite popular among noble ladies. Many big shots will wear it when they are out. Lady Niluka also used it a few times, but she threw it away because it was too uncomfortable to wear.” Zamacia’s explanation made sense to Lunaria. Then she asked, 

"What's going on here? Is Zhang Ling having a fight with someone?"

“Oh. It wasn't a big deal. They had an argument at the pub, then made it worse outside. One thing led to another. ”

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"Argument?" Lunaria couldn’t imagine Zhang Ling would have an argument with others because Darmiala’s servant would be as quiet and calm as her. Lunaria turned her gaze to the shirtless, masculine Clarok, who sensed Lunaria’s gaze, slowly turned his head around and then wore a thinking expression as well. Zamassia said

"This is Lady Lunaria."

Clarok loosened his brutal-looking face and nodded slightly.

"Clarok, is Zhang Ling really fighting with you because of an argument?"

Clarok nodded slightly, although he could not speak, but this did not stop him communicating with Lunaria. Lunaria then asked,

"Was Zhang Ling outraged because of an argument?"

What kind of argument would make the calm Zhang Ling lose his hair and fight in the street?

Soon Zhang Ling's opponent gave her the answer.

"Hey, Ling, you are very talented. You really shouldn't follow Darmiala. She is beautiful, nothing else. You can make a living with it, right? In our world, we value strength, skills, wisdom, which you all have. You shouldn’t serve people like her. You can be your own master. I feel really sorry for you.”


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