After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 72: Interview

Walking out from the President's office, Lunaria was rather moody. Zamia didn’t say a word during the entire conversation. When he walked out of the room and closed the door, he started to talk,

"Ku wasn’t going to say those things to you, but obviously something changed her mind. You should understand her situation."

"No, I appreciate that she told me early, otherwise I still thought no one knew my secret. Now I know that I am not as capable as I thought of myself. ”

“I am glad that you can understand. Are you ready to return to District Nine?"

"Yeah. After all, I have nowhere else to go." Now Lunaria felt much better. Since she was in Avalon, even the Xavier Duchy could not reach their hands here.

"Then I will send someone to escort you back. It would be troublesome if you ran into hooligans." Zamia was obviously hinting something. But Lunaria shook her head and refused him.

"It's very kind of you, but I want to walk alone."

"All right, and from today on you are a member of the Student Union. Your information will be added to your student handbook. I believe that in many ways it will only do you good."

"Thank you, Mr. Zamia. Good-bye."

 “Oh, I nearly forgot to give you this.” Zamia smiled and shook his head, then took out a black veil from his storage ring. Lunaria saw the same veil from Princess Snow Lily. It was not penetrable by spiritual perception.

"The biggest feature of the Deceived Face Veil, which is made of Deceive Demon’s rib, is to block spiritual perception and face recognition. With it, you won't cause a chaos in front of the crowds. But your genuine temperament may still attract some people's attention." Zamia gave the veil to Lunaria who bowed slightly when she took it.

"Mr. Zamia, thank you."

"Well, off you go. If needed, you can find us in the student hall."

"Thank you. I need to go now."


Luneria felt herself covered all over by kind of unspeakable aura sent from the veil. No one could see her face with spiritual perception.

Walking on the way to the train station of District 15, she felt the happiness as a nobody for the first time. She used to walk every step under people’s gaze and admires. Not like now, she felt fresh and free walking on the street without being stared by one single person. She couldn’t scratch even if she felt itchy in the check before. But it was different now. Let alone the chest, she could even ... Easy, easy! After all, it was daylight. Better safe than sorry!

At the moment, however, a very gentle and handsome man suddenly rushed out of the crowd on the street. He wore a pair of frameless spectacles, different from other students, a suit and a tie. His hair was finely done like a successful businessman. He walked directly toward Lunaria.

"Excuse me... Are you Lunaria?"

"No, you got the wrong person. I am Rialuna." Lunaria immediately lowered her head and tried to run way, while the gentle man pushed up his glasses with his index and middle fingers,

"If you are going to run away like this, I don't mind shouting it out and draw everyone’s attention."

"Fine. Fine. You win. Yes, I am Lunaria. What do you want?" Maybe because of the veil, Lunaria spoke like a hooligan.

The man touched his glasses again and pulled out a notebook from his storage ring.

"An interview!”

"An interview? Why?"

"Oh. Started from this sentence already? You are indeed Lunaria, getting right to it so fast.”

"No, no, no, I don't know what you're talking about. How did you recognize me? No one could recognize me.” Lunaria couldn’t help but touch the veil. Zamia said the veil couldn’t be seen through by people even as powerful as him.

He pushed his glasses again and said rather proudly.

"Your face may change or be blocked but I wouldn’t be wrong about your instinctively sexy and hourglass figure. Do you want me to say your measurements? The way you walk is also another proof, plus your unique temperament. That’s why I can tell you from the crowd.”

 “So…let's get started already. The opening line: This is Moby Marklane. I came across Lunaria in disguise who is doing some shopping at District 15. Is this fate or god's guidance? Let’s interview Lunaria and get to know her private life.”

"Mr. Moby, will you please not write nonsense?" Lunaria was embarrassed. She might have heard of Moby somewhere. Yes, he was the editor-in-chief Constantine had kept whining about every day. He was a very popular reporter, also the man who Constantine wanted to kill the most.

Moby grinned, pushed his glasses up again. He then answered,

"You have the right to answer, and I have the obligation to modify. Rest assured. I will not badmouth you. You just answer my questions."

"What if I don't answer them?"

"In that case, I will make it a huge thing. For instance, I will put it on live stream like “Lunaria at District 15 now, come and see.”

"Wow, you're threatening me!"

"If you think so. As long as I get the news, I could even sacrifice my parents." Moby shrugged his shoulders. People would think he was crazy to say that. But Like Moby, Lunaria had no feelings about parents too. If it had to be, Mr. Lao Jerry might be more of a parent to her. But they didn’t stay long together, so they were not that close.

"Let’s begin with our first question if you have no more questions."

"Be quick. I have to go back to class soon."

"Well, first question. Are you a virgin?"

"Believe it or not, I'm gonna blow your head right now!"

"Sorry that I got too excited. Next question: when did you first meet Claude?"

"What’s the question for? If you ask, it should be last time when I was in the woods. I didn't even know why I was there, but I got saved by Claude who happened to be passing by."

"Oh ~ this should be the most classic fairy tale of a hero saving a beauty. What is your feeling about Tyre, also nicknamed 123?”

"Tyre? Well, just like that, you know."

"Like that? I see." Moby began to write something on his notebook. Luneria got a little creepy. She didn’t know what “that” meant. But Moby seemed that he totally got it.

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"Good. Let’s ask something personal. What’s your favorite food? Is it Xigely Empire food?"

"I have no particular favorite food."

"So you are not a picky eater. I see." Moby seemed to know things and started to write on the notebook. She got a little creepier now. She only said she had no favorite food but Moby seemed to be writing a long paragraph.

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