After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 71: President of Student Union

Ku gave her a bigger smile when she realized that Lunaria had made up her mind.

"What do you say? There is only one chance. If you turn it down now, you may have to go through the selection process to join us in the future. Nobody likes exams. You really shouldn’t waste this chance. ”

Lunaria nodded subconsciously, then asked,

"May I ask why you enroll me? Not just that I am good-looking, I guess."

"If that’s the only reason, I can get you enrolled as well."

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"Lunaria, do you know yourself enough or are you being modest?" Ku gave her a strange look and didn’t understand why Lunaria was confused.

"You know that you are now on top of the most beautiful people list in the college, don’t you?"

"What?" Lunaria was confused. Was it a thing? Did she really need to know things that she didn’t care about? Last time Constantine was way too excited and shouted that he knew the most beautiful person in the college in front of the Tyre self, but it couldn’t cheer her up at all, instead she was a little upset. So she forgot it very quickly.

She did not expect this would be the reason to get her enrolled in the Student Union.

Ku exhaled a bit.

"Yes, it is true that other qualities apart from your beauty have naturally attracted our attention, like your abilities and magic achievements. Of course these are not the main reason. "The President’s smile suddenly became elusory. Lunaria had a bad feeling about what she would say next.

After a few seconds, Ku said,

"Do you remember what happened to you at the Magician Girl’s Tournament?"

"Magician Girl’s Tournament... "Lunaria kept thinking without giving an answer. Ku also didn’t press her.

"The Healing Arts you used in the second round was so powerful and formidable. Do you think you can cover it from me with Miss Nicolas’ sweet words? I have another proof. The one who was called 123, now known as your classmate Tyre, was seriously injured. If I recall it right, it is you who saved him, right? I don’t think you could use you unique magic Healing Boost, such an absurd name you named it,  to save a total stranger. Even if you are a kind person, you couldn’t have a big desire to cure a stranger. Within twenty minutes of our conversation, I can tell you are a more realistic person. I'm afraid saving a stranger is not a type of thing you would do. So here comes my conclusion. "Ku looked at Lunaria’s gloomy face.

"It is only possible that your Holy Affinity is over 80 percent. Since only god can make it to 100 percent Holy Affinity, your affinity is already between 80 and 99. And from the video recording at that time, you just started to learn magic and martial arts."

Ku seemed to have figured out a lot of things about Lunaria. Being disclosed by someone was not a good feeling.

"Speaking of martial arts, I also secretly sent someone to look it up. It turned out that Xavier Duchy had no same skills as you used when you were fighting with Mo Qingting. Although you hid it very well, obviously those skills were too mature for a girl who just got rescued out of the forest. You seemed to be very confident that you could fool everyone. In fact, not just me, Duke Falysses  also looked into it.”

Lunaria felt like she was beaten directly into an abyss by Ku’s words. She thought she could see a light but now she was lost in endless darkness.

Looking at the silent Lunaria, Ku continued,

"Why didn't Duke Falysses attack you? First, because you are useful. After all, your Holy Affinity over 80 percent is too rare. Second, it is because of Mr. Lao Jerry. From what I have learnt, he alone shut down the voices who wanted to get rid of you. His attitude altered the Duke’s attitude, especially after the Duke’s birthday party. Therefore, it is not you who benefits from joining us. It is us who benefit from you. ”

Lunaria slightly lowered her head, with bangs covering her eyes. Even Ku couldn’t see her eyes, but she continued anyway,

"So if you really need a reason why we rope you in the student union, it is obviously that you own Holy Affinity over eighty percent. If there are other reasons, it would be your world-famous beauty and exceptional magic talent. This is only something about your power. Apart from it, if you are smart enough, it is not hard to get you immediately promoted to secretary."

 “Does she mean I am too stupid?”Linaria thought to herself. Lunaria forced a smile for she had never expected she was so lame. . She thought her plan was flawless, but on the opposite, she was seen right through. She was just a joke in the eyes of real wise.

She thought of the question Lao Jerry asked her after the Magician Girl’s Tournament if she would do harm to the Xavier Duchy. It might be at that moment she had been exposed. She was worried if Claude had known about it or not.

"So, that's why I want you to join the Student Union. Is that enough?"


"So…do you have any other questions?"

"No, thank you, Miss President."

"It looks like you are devastated. Although we can't find out your true background, you are a student here in Avalon now. You are protected and also bound by the college. Enjoy the seven years life in the college and forget everything before." Ku never stopped smiling from the beginning, expect the emotionlessness before Lunaria arrived.

Skaret was the last one who came out of the office. What did he say to make the President so serious?

This made Lunaria feel strange. Ku was a real wise, also an intelligent genius who had the highest level of calculating, observing and logic ability. For example, for martial magicians, to be a god was their lifetime goal, also the highest limit. For scholars, students, state tutor, military counselor, etc., who would use their brains, the wise man was what they dreamt of becoming.

Ku had made such an achievement at such a young age. No wonder she had been made the president of Student Union for years.


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