After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 70: Benefits

As Zamia and Lunaria walked upstairs to the third floor, they saw a young man who looked eighteen years old or so standing in front of them.

It seemed that he had just come out of the president's office, having a confident smile on his lips. Until he got really close, Lunaria remembered who he was.

Skaret Tiferia, the man who was in the dispute with Claude on the special train. He was later subdued by a manager.

He also recognized Lunaria. After all, she was too beautiful to forget.

"Mr. Zamia." Skaret smiled and nodded slightly to Zamia who returned the salute and asked, "How is the thing Ku said to you?"

"Well, it's really tempting but I still need to think about it."Skaret said like he was having a hard choice, then looked at Lunaria, "If I remember correctly, you name is…Lunaria, right? What a coincidence to meet you in the student hall."

Lunaria did not answer, or even look at him, as if Skaret did not exist, which made Skaret shrug his shoulders.

"It seems that what happened on the train annoyed our little girl. It is not a good thing, because the more a woman hates me, the more I want her."

Skaret looked at her greedily, which made her frown. When she was about to talk, Zamia did before her, "Is there anything else you want to say, Skaret?"

Although Zamia didn't release any feelings, his condescending pressure made this arrogant man put away his smirk and step back aside.

"Nothing else. Please, Mr. Zamia, Lunaria."

"Em." Zamia slightly nodded, glanced at Lunaria, and then walked into the president's office. Lunaria, following Zamia, however, saw Skaret's snigger.

"One day, I'm going to make you have an orgasm in bed!"

Lunaria walked pass by without any expression on her face. Skaret slightly turned to look at the back of Lunaria, tittered and walked down the stairs.

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Lunaria didn't have a good impression on the man, whether it was his tone now or what he had done on the train. But since he could stand against Claude, he was no easy. He looked like a dandy, but he actually had unusual strength, which made him weird.

Anyway, what did orgasm mean?

When Zamia took Lunaria into the President's office, she saw an old-school room full of rosewood furniture. The desk, bookshelves and even flower pots were painted red. The pot plants and floor-to-ceiling windows distracted the eyes from focusing on the red color. Behind the office desk was a large transparent glass wall from which you could clearly see people walking on the street. At noon the golden sunshine on the floor looked pretty warm.  When the weather hadn't reached the hottest time in July, the sunshine wasn't the brightest but very comfortable.

The long purple-haired president was sitting at her desk, with fingers crossed and arms raised above her elbows. Her face was as calm as a pool of stagnant water.

Already aware of their arrival, the president still spent a full minute on deep thought before she laid her eyes on Lunaria and smiled at her.

"Hello, Miss Lunaria."

"Hello, Miss president."

"Make yourselves comfortable. I was the one who got you here. Let me get to the point. I want you to join the Student Union. "Ku smiled while she inadvertently dropped a news bomb. Lunaria thought she heard it wrong and came around after quite a while.

"President, I... "

"Don't worry. I was no better than you when I joined Student Union at first. I don't like to beat around the bush when I can manage things directly. Tell me your answer. " Ku crossed her arms in front, leaning on the soft chair, which exposed her graceful figure.

Lunaria gave it a long time to think it through. Did joining the student union mean that she would serve for all students? As a freshmen, she would be busy with monthly assessment and class competitions. Joining the Student Union would make her even much busier. She better refused.

Without getting an answer in a while, Ku seemed to know what she was thinking, and said,

"You know, I don't need you to do anything. In the first year we only need you to be a member of us. Your actual job starts from sophomore. And you don't literally serve students. In many ways, the Student Union is convenient for our members. Have you heard of the privilege of Student Union? If you are a member of us, you will also get more respect outside and those who covet your beautiful face will think it through before doing anything to you. "

Lunaria couldn't believe what she had heard. The president seemed not quite the same as what she had pictured in her mind. She was more casual and free, and she didn't try to hide the fact that the Student Union was an overwhelmingly powerful department. Was it because she was young so she dared speak freely?

Obviously not. A person who was chosen by Vermillion Empire, Xigely Empire, and Avalon College couldn't be a nobody. What she said was very persuasive and right to the point, that in the first year when Lunaria was too busy to get involved with Student Union affairs. The president knew it very well because she just added her name to the union in the first year and she would give her job to do next year. This was the best way to keep new members on hold. Given the member a year, anything would happen. But if she was not a member, even she was not busy in the first year, she would have nothing to do with the Student Union.  

"And your answer? Lunaria, I assume you are looking for some real benefits before you act. I am telling you. As long as you become a member of us, you can get an army weapon, and if you are promoted to secretary, you will get a national weapon. If you become the vice President or vice general secretary, then you can have a chance to appreciate a holy weapon. If needed, you are allowed to use it and experience its marvel. If you are lucky enough, you can comprehend marital art or magic out of it."

To appreciate and even use a holy weapon!

This idea struck Lunaria like a thunder. She got thrilled on her back. She couldn't believe that she could actually have a chance to look at a holy weapon that she had been searching for a long time.

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