After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 69: Goodbye, General Secretary

“It’s impressive!” Lunaria responded emotionlessly. Then they went silent again. It was awkward for Lunaria. Kaga was a completely different person from the last time she had seen him. Did she do anything wrong?

“Hm…well…Excuse me, sir, may I know your name?”

Kaga was startled by the question she asked. Judging by his shocking face, Lunaria couldn’t help thinking that she might have asked a wrong question. What she did know was that Kaga was embarrassed that he forgot to introduce himself.

It almost took Kaga’s full attention to stay calm in front of the exceptionally beautiful girl Lunaria. Now he forgot to introduce himself, which was not polite in his opinion.

“Forgive me. It’s my fault. My full name is Longyuan Kaga.”

“Hi, Kaga.” Lunaria nodded to greet. Because of her emotionless greeting, they went silent again. Kaga was sad about his impoliteness not to introduce himself earlier. He felt bad that he wasn’t powerful enough to behave appropriately in front of this beautiful girl, let alone make a conversation with her. He was not qualified to deal with huge things like this yet. 

As time passed by, they arrived at the train station of District Fifteen and finally at their destination after passing ten blocks taking a power car.

The three big words “Student Union Hall” written in Vermillion language were carved on the gate. Passersby would be intimated by these condescending characters. They must be written by great masters; otherwise its remaining willpower wouldn’t be so overwhelming.

The Student Union Hall wasn’t very big, almost half of Yusheng Building. Like the other buildings, the Hall was basically red. It had three stories, not outstandingly tall among all other buildings though, it was no less important than the rest.

 “This way.” Kaga nodded to Lunaria who nodded back. They walked into the building together.

Then she saw Zamia, general secretary who once attended the Magic Girl Pageant.

He smiled to Lunaria, “Lunaria, how are you?”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Zamia.” Lunaria bowed sincerely. She respected him as a super powerful man who could compete with gods. Without stopping her bowing, Zamia nodded in return and looked at Kaga, “You may leave. Remember to finish your job as soon as possible. You know about Posuo.”

“Yes.” Kaga responded with respect and saw himself out. After he left, Lunaria got a little timid, “Excuse me, Mr. Zamia, now we are…”  

 “Wait here for a while. Ku may be in the middle of something.” Zamia gave her a simple answer. Then they came to a lounge by the hall on the first floor. The Heavenly Mortal and Eyesy flowers could be seen in the room and the flower scent was pleasant to breathe in.

“You like flowers?” Zamia showed Lunaria to sit on the sofa in front of him. He poured two cups of drink, one for him and the other for Lunaria.

“Mr. Zamia, please allow me to do this for you.” Lunaria was nervous. Without saying anything back, Zamia held up his cup, “Have a sip. It’s Vermillion Dragon tea. It is tasty but also helpful for magic enhancement.”

Really? Lunaria held up the cup to see if it was real. The tea water was crystal clear and light green. She could feel the sweet scent from the heat of the hot tea.

Tempted by the fragrance, Lunaria drank up the entire cup. She felt a stream of warmth running all the way through her body to her fingers and toes. She could barely help moaning. But in front of Zamia, it was rude to do that. She pulled herself together and put down the cup slowly.

“The tea is very…tasty.”

“It is. If you are interested, you can join our Tea Ceremony club. You will meet many tea masters there. They will help you to take a lot of pressure off your shoulder.”

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Lunaria nodded. She could taste too much attachment from the tea. Maybe Tea Ceremony club was a choice.

“Mr. Zamia, Heavenly Mortal is my favorite flowers.”

Zamid didn’t expect Lunaria changed the topic so abruptly. It took him a second to catch up.

“Look at me. I totally forget that I asked the question earlier. I am getting old.”

“You are not old. You are still young.” Lunaria sounded like she truly meant it, which made Zamia laugh out loud. His girly face became more attractive as he laughed, which amazed Lunaria.

“Hahaha. Lunaria, you have learned how to flatter people in only a couple of months. It seems you are not such kind of person, but it is not a bad thing if you know how to apple-polish. Or I may put it this way. You are lucky enough that you don’t take advantage of your beauty on everything.”

Lunaria forced a smile and felt embarrassed because she knew that her little trick was useless in front of people with super powers like Zamia. The latter was looking at her with appreciation in his eyes. “She has potential.” he thought. If Duke Farleycis was fine with sending her here, he would be fine with taking her on their sides. What he was concerned about was Duke Farleycis’ intention. He tried to talk with Duke Farleycis but got rejected. After Duke Farleycis’ birthday party, the Duke’s attitude got completely changed. He even left Lunaria on the train without even asking about her. There should me some smoke in it. Zamia couldn’t find out why in such a short time. After all, the Duke was the only one that was smart enough to compete with Ku. He saw his super intelligence on his birthday party. Even though Ku almost made a prediction of the entire party rundown, the final show Chanlan Court surprised the entire party.

While Zamia was lost in thought, he sensed an incoming wave through his perception. He then said to Lunaria, “Great. Ku has finished his work. Let’s go.”

“Ok.” Lunaria followed Zamia humbly, but in her heart she wondered why Zamia called the president by his name, “Is it because they are in the same grade or is there anything between them…” At this moment, Zamia looked back at her with sharp eyes, which scared Lunaria’s random thoughts away.


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