After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 68: Invitation

“Huh?” Tyre’s mind went blank for an instant. He couldn’t see why she said that no matter how hard he tried to understand.

He liked Lunaria?

He liked the other himself? He got goose bumps all over. Even though he cherished himself, he definitely didn’t like himself or herself in that way.

Before Tyre said anything, Darmiala continued, “All of us get along very well, which you should realize.”

Tyre couldn’t deny it. Thanks to Constine and Niluka, Claude, Dragon Slayer and even himself got closer. The group was not very intimate but they were really getting along and getting to know each other better.

Darmiala went ahead, “For the sake of our group, I don’t think you should pursue Lunaria.”

“No, I didn’t want to…”

Darmiala shook her head and cut in without listening to Tyre’s explanation at all, &1. All contents (including but not limited to text, pictures, etc.) on our official website are exclusive. Any website or individual shouldn't copy or use the contents without our permission; otherwise, it shall be deemed as infringement. For those who don't comply with this statement or use the contents on our platform illegally, we reserve the right to sue the plagiarist for our loss.ldquo;I don’t need your explanation. Look. We are young. We still have a lot of time. If you explain yourself to us, what should we do? What do you want us to think of you? You and Claude are both roommates and deskmates. You come from the same place. What should you think of each other?”

 “Why did she mention Claude?” Tyre was confused. Darmiala didn’t say anything more about it because she thought it was already a well-known thing.

Tyre obviously didn’t realize how seriously they meant. He didn’t even pay extra attention to think it through because he couldn’t understand a thing of what they said. All in all, it was not hard to understand what they wanted, not to disturb Lunaria. He could get in touch with her behind them. It was a mistake that Dragon Slayer found out about him last time and he paid a lot for it. But he learned his lesson. He wouldn’t make the same mistake.

“Fine. I promise you.”

Darmiala smiled, “Great! No wonder you earned you fame on the magic games.”

“We are classmates. We are on the same side. As you said, we still have a lot of time. We still have a lot of things to talk in the future.”

“As long as you know that.” Darmiala nodded. Niluka was relieved because she couldn’t read Tyre’s face through his mask. She felt uncomfortable with this.

“Um?” A weird voice slipped out of Tyre’s mouth. The girls looked at him. He waved his hand, “Nothing. Never mind.”

Something was happening to Lunaria, the other self!


While Lunaria was walking out of the canteen and trying to figure out a way to save Tyre, a senior student wearing a black gown approached her. He was wearing a pair of old-school eyeglasses. His spurious smile reminded Lunaria of who he was.

Kaga, the examiner of entrance exam when she was the Tyre self.

Lunaria saluted him with respect.

“Are you looking for me?”

“Oh? You are sensitive. Not me. The president of Student Union is looking for you.”

Kaga didn’t linger his eyes on her pretty face for long. There was no change to his emotion and tone. His mind must be solid as a rock to talk with Lunaria nonchalantly.

It took Lunaria a while to realize what he was talking about and then asked, “I beg your pardon?”

“President Ku wants to see you.”


“Are you coming or not?”

“I will. I will.” Lunaria nodded. Lunaria didn’t expect that Kaga was so straightforward. Luckily she met different kinds of people and she wasn’t startled at all.

With Lunaria’s approval, Kaga nodded and led the way to Yusheng Building.

 “We have taken care of the rest of your courses. Don’t worry about your points. If you need to say anything to your friends, call them now with your Magic Voice Stone. You don’t want to be disturbed when you are talking with the president, do you?”

Kaga was right. Darmiala and other girls would make a voice stone call if they couldn’t find her. It would be very awkward if the voice stone rang during the conversation.

She made a stone call right away. Darmiala was surprised but fine with it.

Lunaria took a deep breath after she hung up.

Ku, president of the Student Union, was prestigious among students. He was granted to interfere the constitution of the two powerhouses and to revise the school regulations. He was as important as a royal member.

Now he wanted to see her. Lunaria had a feeling that the Student Union was her hope to get one of the three holy weapons.

Kaga and Lunaria arrived at the train station of District Nine and walked into a coach.

“We are going to District Fifteen where the Student Union is based. ”

Lunaria nodded to suggest that she got the information. Kaga was not usually a silent person. For him, he felt more comfortable to hang out with boys. Lunaria was very pretty and elegant. As righteous as he was, he had to polish his words in front of her. He wished to say something funny in the first place but after he polished the words, what he said out loud was a short sentence.

His indifferent attitude confused Lunaria. In her eyes, Kaga was humorous and funny when he helped him with admission.    

At somewhere not even close to District Fourteen, a range of splendid campus complex came into Lunaria’s sight. Different from District Nine, the building style was more of Vermillion Empire. All the buildings were basically painted red, making it shine like fire. Vermillion Empire was known as a country to enjoy a life. They were excellent at construction.

Sensing that Lunaria was interested in the buildings, Kaga explained after polishing his words, “In District Fifteen, students from Vermillion Empire gather here to establish divisions of Architecture, Kendo, Tea Ceremony and Stalker. That’s why the architectures here are all ancient eastern styles. In fact, the District Fifteen has ranked top or even the first place for the annual Campus Environment Award.”

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