After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 67: A Way Out

Tyre was cornered to the left wing of the concave building. Because of the narrow hallway where he could be encircled, he chose not to go that way but instead ran outside like hell. The students were smart enough to go around the building in teams so that they could siege him.

Tyre saw them through though, he had no choice but kept running. He didn’t have extra energy to find a place to hide. If he spared an extra energy, he would be attacked by their magics in different directions. Although the students didn’t mean to hurt him, it wouldn’t be easy on him who was of low level Qi Harmony if he was struck by their basic magic. 

He saw Dizi when he made it to the playground in front of the concave building.

“Sir Dizi!”

Dizi was surprised to see a large group of people behind Tyre.

“Tyre, what is going on?”

Dizi was not happy on what he heard.

“Is it true?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Great!” Dizi pulled out his knight sword with his right hand, and said to the students behind Tyre.

“Since you look down upon us and you outnumbered us, I will beat you until you knee down before me.”

Tyre brushed against Dizi swiftly. He even touched his shoulder and nodded to him.

“Sir Dizi, don’t push too hard on yourself. They are just jealous of your talents. You can fall back if you are not their rival.”

“Fall back? They are going to run out every bit of power to deal with me.” Dizi’s face turned red because of what Tyre said. He was fully stimulated to be ready for a fight. Tyre was happy to see how well it went. He thought, “Dizi, excuse me for taking advantage of you. But since you are my partner, we should share burdens. Now you do it for me, I will do you a favor in the future.”

If Dizi could hear Tyre’s thought, he would cut this so-called righteous mask man(Tyre) with his knight sword.

“So, since it’s noon break, Let’s do this!” Dizi strode towards the crowd, holding his sword in one hand. Looking at his back, Tyre felt sorry for him. Dizi’s pure love of fighting was incomparable. Even Claude who was into fighting wasn’t as enthusiastic as he was because Claude had faith in his heart.

Without thinking more, Tyre decided to run in the opposite direction. He also made up his mind that he would never take advantage of the simple Dizi because it made him uncomfortable.


Getting rid of the team behind him, Tyre ran into another team who went around the building to encircle him. He opened the one window on the first floor, jumped into the hallway. The students quickly split into groups, one group getting in from the middle, one flying up to the stairway on the second floor and the rest jumping into the hallway after Tyre.

Tyre was closed in. If they got closer, he would be caught for sure. It was not hard to imagine what physical punishments he would get when the fans got him.

He got goose bumps when he thought of this. He had to find a way out. These people’s mind was twisted. If they got him, they may not abuse him, but at least they would say things that would make Tyre puke.

“Hey! This way!” While Tyre was running around, an iron door along the hallway was cracked open. He frowned, turned the direction, slid swiftly into the room and closed the iron door behind him.

A group of people passed by but none stopped by the door. They just ran past it.

Tyre was relieved, looking at the room.

It was dark in the room. But he saw a touch of green light which belonged to fluorescent stone. Thanks to the green light, the room wasn’t completely dark. Tyre focused on searching for the voice he heard earlier.

He recognized the red-shorthaired girl and the blue-long-haired girl behind her.

“Niluka, Darmiala, thank you for your help.”

It was not strange for him to see the girls here because Lunaria asked them to help him. The only thing was that they were looking at him differently.

 Niluka got right to the point and asked, putting her hands on her hips.

“Tyre, what you did really bothers us.”

“What I did? Bothers you?” Tyre gave it a second to think but still couldn’t figure out why. Niluka didn’t expect that Tyre couldn’t understand their questions, but she still acted like she was very serious, putting her hands on her hips.

“Because of what you did, the innocent Lunaria asked us for help for no reason. You bothered us and also her.”

“No. I don’t think I am bothered. I can speak for Lunaria. ”

Of course Tyre didn’t say it aloud. But he wanted to know what they were going to do next.

 “Leah didn’t like you, either, which you should take the hint. You are not welcomed by girls.”

“Ah!” Tyre was shocked. On his first school day, he was told that he was not welcomed by girls. Was there anything more heartbroken than this?

Niluka was quite satisfied with Tyre’s reaction. She became less serious and proud of what she got.

“Listen. Darmiala and I are not fond of taking sides or isolating people. So we have decided to go easy on you.”

“Thank you for that!” Tyre was relieved. His mood went up and down because they talked one thing first and then another later.

As Tyre thought, Niluka didn’t finish yet.

“But! On one condition!”

“What condition?” Tyre was curious. Niluka didn’t know what to say before she thought of an answer. She looked at Darmiala for help. The blue-haired girl stepped forward and stood next to Niluka, smiling at Tyre, “It’s very easy. You can’t get touch with Lunaria on purpose. I know you like her but you are not the right one for her. ”


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