After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 66: Disturbance

Tyre walked toward Lunaria and sat down in front of her even though people were staring at him with shocking faces.

"Hi." Tyre said to her just to show people, otherwise he wouldn't talk to the other 'self'. The Lunaria self then nodded with a smile.


Finally!! They could start to eat some food.

The only thing was that Tyre sensed that people were watching him unfriendly, which alarmed him to sit straight up.

 "Who is this guy? How dare he sit in front of our goddess? "

"He is being rude to ruin Lady Lunaria's sacred dining area."

"Where are her fans? I haven't seen any. "

"Breaking news. Right now, almost a hundred people are on their way here."

"Oops! That guy must be the most miserable student just because he messed up with the fans for he is sitting there on his first day at school."

Tyre put down the dinnerware, stood up quietly and ran out of the canteen through the crowd.

Right at the moment, the fans arrived, spotting him leaving.

"That's the guy! Big rewards for catching that guy!"

People who were already mad at Tyre dashed toward him on hearing there was a big reward. The poor mask guy (Tyre) was speechless. What he was intent to do was to show people how to get used to sitting with Lunaria at the dinner table. But it never occurred to him that he would cause such a big problem.

Those from the fan club looked at Lunaria with sparkling worship in their eyes, which made Lunaria lose appetite, "Forget it. Getting rid of the fans comes first."

"Hey. You."

Lunaria stood up and approached them. But they ran 10 metres away like they were hiding from a monster, and then looked at her with only piety in their eyes.

What the hell?! She couldn't understand what they were doing. Fine. As long as they could hear her.

"Can you stop picking on Tyre?"

"Ty…Tyre? What a generous and kind man you are! My great goddess Lunaria chooses to forgive that reckless hooligan. There is no word that can describe your kindness. "

"Then you can stop talking nonsense. Just say yes."

Lunaria got goose bumps because of what they said about her. Fans were horribly dreadful sometimes.

"Anyway, you cannot harm anyone I like. Get it?"

"Like? Like…"

The fans were shocked by what they heard, like it was the end of the world.

"She likes him!"

"Oh no! Not that hooligan!"

"What should we do? Should we go on?"

"We cannot let him live because he has awesome skills, but we cannot let Lady Lunaria know that it is us. So we have to do it nicely and secretly. "

 "Agreed. What do you think of poisoning him?"

"Not poison. Magic curse is better and neat."

"No. It's not good enough. We'd better trap him in the Barrier so that he can't get out for the tests at the end of the month. Once he fails to take the tests, he would be expelled from the school. Lunaria would be happy that he is still alive, and also he drops out of school. Kill two birds with one stone. "

"That's a good idea. You are the smartest fan in the club, Mr. Mukela."

"Yes, Mr. Mukela was the branch head of Lunaria fan club in Xigely Empire. We heard that you quit the job and came here for Lady Lunaria. "

"What a touching story! Mr. Mukela, you are our role model forever."

"Yes, you are No. 1 good example of our fan club."

"Haha…I am flattered. What I did is only to express my genuine feelings to Lady Lunaria."

Lunaria, "…".


Behind Tyre was a long line of students. They ran wildly outside the Yusheng Building, attacking either with thunder magic or directly dropping fireballs. It was not a problem at all for Tyre to cope with ten or twenty students. But the crowd behind him was growing in numbers. More and more the fans joined in to 'suppress' Tyre. Darmiala and others saw this scene when they just walked out of the classroom.

 "Tyre? Why are so many people chasing after him?" Niluka looked through the window, confused. Darmiala smiled and answered, "He might have done something wrong."

"Something wrong?"

"Let's go ask Lunaria. She should know something."

"Yes, sure. I am gonna call her." Niluka took her exquisitely-carved Magic Voice Stone out, adjusted it to Lunaria's frequency and made a call.

 "Hello, Lunaria. Where are you? "

"Niluka? I am at the canteen. I got a situation here."

"A situation? Did you mean Tyre?"

"You saw it too? Where are Darmiala and other guys? "

"Darmiala is with me now. The other guys may be still having classes."

"Anyway, can you help him a little? I owe you big."

"Come on. We are friends. We would love to help. It is easy to kick those guys' asses."

"No. No. No. What I meant is hide him. Never mind. Could you put Darmiala on the speaker? "

"Ok." Niluka responded and passed the Magic Voice Stone to the blue-haired girl.

"Hey, Lunaria, what's going on? "

"Do me a favour. After all, Tyre is being chased by them because of me. So could you take him to hide somewhere before I make it there?"

"Ok. It seems very interesting to leave it like that. But since you've asked, Niluka and I will help."

"Thank you. I will treat you a big dinner at Shengyu Hotel."

"Shengyu Hotel! You mean Shengyu Canteen where we can get free food? You just give it a fancy name and don't have to pay a penny!"

Lunaria's trick was seen through by Darmiala. She forced a laugh and repeated, "Thanks for your help no matter what!"

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