After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 65: Incident in the Canteen

Without any need to say anything or eye contact, Lunaria and Tyre walked in places where they could take good care of each other simultaneously and waited for Yexi's attack.

Yexi focused on shrinking the space under her feet. The room was squeaky like a rubber band being torn apart. An outburst shot out instantly.

"Stupid!" Yong Ye yelled. Yexi couldn't stop herself moving. Tyre bent his body at an incredibly right angle and dodged aside. Missing her target, Yexi dashed toward the outer edge of the arena. Her mind told her to stop but she just couldn't.

Bam! Yexi threw herself at the interception system. Luckily she only got minor injuries because she had made precautions, otherwise she must be broken, or even worse, disabled. That was why Yong Ye yelled at her from the beginning. 

Cat Teacher patted Yexi's head with his paw. Although it was not hurtful, his anger was fully felt.

"Who said you can use explosive skills in such a cramped room?! Have you seen this? This is what you are gonna get if you use them in a combat like this. You make mistakes that even could kill you if you don't think it through just because someone says something disturbing. Now look at Mr. Mask and Miss Vase, hm…maybe I should call you Lunaria now. They didn't get upset with what I said. Imagine if I order you and someone else to team up to attack an enemy who is as powerful as you are, would you be too arrogant to obey my order? Or would you consider yourself less powerful? If you want to prove how good you are, you will get stuck in a dead end, which would disable you to have teamwork with your partner. And that will eventually make you make mistakes and then lose."

 "Now what I am telling you is the importance of language attack and mind control. It is not enough to be brave and afraid of death when you are in a fight. As I said, mind control is very important. What could possibly influence your mind the most? It is language. Sure. If your enemy is deaf, it is no use no matter how much you talk. Language is a game-changing weapon. What we should do is to find a way to defend ourselves from language offense and ultimately to stay comfortable no matter how harsh the language is.

Of course it is always easier said than done. That's why we have this assessment test to find out what you have. You get points if your assessment turns out to be good. Actually you have chances to earn points in every class. The matter is whether you can seize the chance or not. The real meaning of this class is to get rid of unnecessary factors in a fight and to understand why and how you fight. "

Thirty percent of the class went half-asleep by the end of the speech, while forty percent were all ears but still confused. Niluka was having a headache understanding it. The rest few were intrigued by the speech. Lunaria was not completely interested but she remembered and understood everything she heard. Besides, it was Cat Teacher's heartfelt speech that brought her here in the first place. She did some strange moves only to add amusement to the class.

Nevertheless, no one had any idea why Yong Ye was a talking cat.

It was time to go to optional courses. Lunaria had Fire Element Magic in class six and Thunder Element Magic in class 10, then she had a basic lesson of swordsmanship before noon to build up her knowledge foundation. What she didn't know when she was going around between classes was that the entire building went crazy for her. Wherever she was, there were students staring at her because she was so gorgeous and stunning that no one had the guts to talk to her.

During the lunch break when Darmiala and others were still in class, Lunaria had to go to the canteen by herself. The canteen looked like a dinning place for servants. It was cramped but nicely decorated. Food there was various, including special gourmet of east, west and Elf Empire, and even Dragon Empire. If LongTu were here, he would glut himself with all those delicacies.

Lunaria was curious of the food from Phoenix Empire. Now was a good chance to have a taste of it. But she had to wait in line because a lot of people were already before her. A boy before her was startled when he looked back and saw Lunaria. He was too excited to almost hit the ceiling and blushed without saying a word out loud.

Without saying a word although she wanted so much to, all she could do was to smile and nod to the boy, which already drove him crazy. He screamed and stormed out of the canteen.

What the hell? What was wrong with these people? Lunaria was speechless about his action. Because of his scream, most people were looking at her.

Loads of trays, bowls, whatever they used for food dropped.

Lunaria was embarrassed. Could she ever have a nice and quiet lunch?

The excited students in front of her all made a way for her. She didn't refuse their kind gesture. She got a few dishes and sat at a random table.

Other people sitting nearby ran away like hell but then looked at her with worship.

Lunaria touched her forehead, "Fine. You won. If no one could sit with me, I would eat alone."

If the Tyre self could come over, he would be a good example for people who had no guts to come near. In that way, people would get used to be around her and wouldn't be startled like what they were right now.

It was a good idea. She had it told to the Tyre self. And the Tyre self immediately ran to the canteen from the swordsmanship square and got a few dishes. When he was heading to Lunaria, a boy pulled his shoulder and stopped him.

"Hey, dude, what are you doing?"

"Having lunch." Tyre looked at him, having no idea what this was about.

"I know you are having lunch, but you seem to head to the forbidden area."

"What forbidden area?"

"The sacred dinning area of the most beautiful girl of our class Lady Lunaria."

 "Lady Lunaria?! She is a student too. Do you really consider yourselves her servants?"

Tyre shrugged his shoulders, deterred his hand off his shoulder, and answered,

"It was just a lunch. What is so special about Lunaria? She also catches cold and goes to bathroom. Now she is having lunch. Does it make her a saint? Watch. I'm gonna set you an example."


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