After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 64: Yexi VS Tyre

The whole class kept in silence. Although they were all talents from all over the country and had been through all kinds of dreadful tests, there was still a big gap between them and those of the Heavenly Child level.

Yong Ye shook his head, feeling a little disappointed about the students' responses. He lied down again, with his lack back lying against Yexi's belly, and then pointed at Tyre, "

 "You, come down."

 "Ah? Me?" Tyre couldn't believe it, because the cat teacher quite approved his answer. Why did he ask him down?

Yong Ye waved his tail, showing kind of discontent.

 "So you wimpy kids are really hard to please. I'm only asking you to fight the student looking like a flower vase. Is it so hard?"

On hearing that Yong Ye didn't mention the condition of expelling him but only a fight, Tyre felt much relieved. Then he immediately got off his seat.

 "Teacher, I'm off. What should we do now? To start fighting already?" said Tyre. Now Tyre kind of got to know about their cat teacher. He seemed temperamental, but he didn't like others disobeying his order. It was their first day today, so there were a lot of rules they didn't know. So they would often go against their cat teacher. Yexi was a living example, although the consequences didn't look so bad.

As for the Tyre self fighting the Lunaria self, it would be a test for his Parallel Processing, but still Tyre had the confidence to put on a good show. Anyway, from their appearances, Tyre was a bit stronger. He only needed to be a notch above. But if the Lunaria self beat the Tyre self too hard, Tyre's fans would gather at the school gate to protest.

On seeing he was quite manful, Yong Ye nodded approvingly.

 "I have changed my mind. The effect wouldn't be obvious if only you two fight. Yexi, you join them."


So one against two?

Tyre frowned. So Yong Ye meant he was inferior to Yexi?

It made him a little frustrated.

DiZi and Claude who sat next to Tyre looked at each other. Actually both of them were interested in this fight, but Claude was a little worried about Lunaria.

Ghost Slayer and the other two all looked unhappy. Tyre was belittled, which was a great shame to them. Didn't they know who Mr. Tyre was? Among those of the same age, no one could even take one move from him, even DiZi!

Elena, Leah and Haha sat together. Leah hated Tyre, but still he she hoped that he could protect Lunaria from getting hurt by Yexi. Such complicated feelings were totally elaborated through her expression. As for the wind elf, she did not care about anything else except cheering up for Tyre in quite a low voice.

Yong Ye had no time to care about what they were thinking. He jumped onto Yexi's silver-haired head and took some good rest.

 "All right. This is the arena. The qi magic would be initiated to form an interception system. Anyone who got blown away will be stopped by the system. To be more precise, an unseen glass shield is set around the arena. Yeah, that's more like it. I'm gonna teach you in real fights."

Yong Ye patted Yexi's head with his paws.

 "All right, White Hair Witch, it's your show time. Remember! Fight with all you have! After all you can't deal with the two of them with a good manner."

White Hair Witch??? Yexi felt kind of insulted, but under the cat teacher's majesty, she could only stand up and walk slowly onto the arena. Then she pulled out the dagger around her waist while looking at Tyre and Lunaria, saying nothing.

 "Beat them! Miss Flower Vase and Mr. Mask are still asking for cat teacher's advice. This is your chance. What are you waiting for?"

Irritated by Yong Ye's words, Yexi stabbed at Tyre and Lunaria with an unbelievable s-shaped gesture.

Lunaria was astonished! She said to cat teacher in her heart, "This is against the rules! This is a competition. At least you should say 'start" and then we'll fight. How could he sneak attack us?"

Lying on Yexi's head, cat teacher stayed out calmly even though Yexi was attacking a lightning speed. He said lazy voice, "

"Everyone remember! To fight your opponent doesn't rely on your good manner. You can adopt any means as long you can win."

And Tyre and Lunaria had entered Yexi's KO scope. And Yxi immediately threw a chop, and Tyre also pulled out his sword to resist him. The clash of their swords burst out dazzling sword light.

On hitting against Tyre, Yexi frowned. With a push, Tyre got blown away for a few meters.

 "That's due the gap of their power. Mr. Mask only has dou qi. When facing other martial practitioners of advanced level, he should avoid confronting. As you saw, White Hair Witch blew him away using tiny strength. And she was a little bit too cautious. If she could burst out the strongest dou qi power at one fling, she could have wounded him.

Lunaria took the advantage of the less than one second time when Yexi blew Tyre away to cut in. She threw a prick with fire magic. This prick made Yong Ye stunned. Actually Miss Flower Vase was not as weak as he had thought.

What he didn't know was Tyre and Lunaria shared the same brain. One had to admit that was a perfect duo. Tyre had shown weakness only to carry a foreshadowing of this chop.

Yexi frowned, thinking that prick was really at the perfect timing, right before she was prepared for another move. It was like the knight sword lighting up the whole sky was approaching her slowly.

 "Distance, one meter!"


A space muffled was heard in this classroom. The moment Lunaria was about to prick Yexi with the knight sword, suddenly their distance was extended over one meter. And Yexi took this opportunity to avoid this prick.

 "Oh~So that's your unique magic, right? Compressing and extending space. From its extending angle, it could compress or extend over one point. Not bad. You're quite promosing."

Yexi had to admit that, as a lurker, having a cat nagging over her head all day really made her messed up. Having given it a second thought, she would have come up with a better countermove. But this noisy cat influenced her judgment and let her make a mistake.

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