After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 106: Teacher Cat’s Extra Lesson

Just like that, after one-day rest, Tyre and Lunaria were basically recovered. It was when the class match begun.

Wednesday, July 14

Teacher Cat was furious at Tyre and Darmiala for skipping the weekly actual-combat-assessment test. In his knowledge, you human being should be thankful for having me as your teacher. Instead of thanking me, you skipped the class without telling me in advance. He was so despised for the first time ever. Other temporary teachers were fine with it because they didn't care if there were students or not as long as they got paid.

"So I will give an extra lesson this morning." Said Teacher Cat Yongye unwillingly, but everybody knew that he volunteered to teach the lesson.

"Can you tell me how bad my class is? I can understand if you sleep in my class. But why skip the class? And it's an actual-combat-assessment test! Each every week! You will feel sorry for what you have done when you get old. Don't cry for missing out your great, charming teacher Yongye's classes by then! What? Look at you! Sitting there empty-faced, just like the Holy Longitude and Latitude fish I once fished. You have the exact eyes as he did."

"Sir, do you mean the sea monster which was hatched with over one-kilometer long body?" Asked Constantine.

The class applauded for his erudition while Teacher Cat didn't approve.

"It is not a sea monster. It is my lunch. For you, little human, it is indeed a sea monster. But in my eyes, it is just untapped fish. What am I trying to say is that you live in your own society, even there are so many stronger and weaker societies outside. For you, a Heavenly Child is way beyond you because they can smash everything with a single punch and they can travel through void freely. But when you are at the level of Heavenly Child or even Crowned King, you will see how powerful you really are. Learning is an endless process. As you grow, you will understand how small you are to the world. It is good to be ambitious, but only time could make you successful."

 "Er, are you telling us not to rush into promote but to consolidate the current skills for a while?" asked Niluka. Teacher Cat paced back and forth and then answered,

"I don't know what I should answer. What kind of answer do you want?"

Niluka was startled by his question. What kind of answer she wanted? She had no idea at all. Why did Teacher Cat asked her?

Yongye rolled his eyes at Niluka and looked up in the air, which confused everybody in the class. Teacher Cat said unhappily,

"Come down. Get it? I am asking you to come down here."

"Get it!" Niluka was startled but soon ran to the arena as she saw Yongye pulling up his serious face.

Teacher Cat nodded.

"You know the drill. Anyone who can't answer my next question will have a fight with Niluka."

He definitely deserved to the most difficult teacher in the campus. Anyone who couldn't answer a question would be punished. No other teachers could be so responsible and caring about students.

"So back to class. As we expand our horizon, we will know better what kind of world we are living in. Just like the world you are living in right now. Because you are the major and biggest thing you care in the world.

It's true. Only your own life matters in your own world. Those ambitious men may see the future them in a high position where everybody worships them. But prior to that, they have to lower their self-esteem and cooperate with partners. What brings you here? Communication. Do you think we are just doing a simple actual-combat-assessment test? Does anyone know why we have this test? Come on. You tell us."

He meant Sand Sword. Sand Sword stood up instantly, which flattered Yongye. Sand Sword, looking like a middle-age man, gave it a though and then answered seriously,

"First, actual-combat-assessment test does mean literally because if it does, it would be an assessment. But in fact you don't ask us to fight each by each. Obviously the meaning of actual combat and assessment are separated.

Actual combat suggests that we should focus on fighting skills and potential danger in a fight against enemies. And assessment could be many things. My guess is cooperation between partners as you mentioned earlier. Since the very beginning of our college life, teachers always try to build our teamwork deliberately or not. And they also teach us the difference between one-man work and teamwork. So I assume that a positive classroom vibe is one of your assessments. Excuse my stupidity because I haven't observed the other assessments. But I do believe you want to know more about us from the assessment."

"Em. Great. You got a talent. And you explained very well. Although you beat around the bush, you are pretty close. I like smart guy like you. Sit down."

The class was in shock because Teacher Cat had never praised anyone like this since he walked in the classroom. All they saw from other teams were punishment and scolds. It was very rare that he said nice things to a student. It was also a proof that what a nice answer Sand Sword gave. Although Yongye said that "pretty close", Sand Sword's answer might be exactly his thought. Otherwise, he would have said his thought aloud and compared the two answers, then made Sand Sword embarrassed by scolding him, which was how he usually did and also why he was the most difficult teacher.

As Sand Sword sat down, Ghost Slayer gave him a big thumb-up. He respected him that he could speak loud in front of Yongye.


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