After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 105: Tyre…(3)

Tyre was punched away. The pain almost knocked him out but he made it through with his strong will.

"She has nothing to do with me. I was stunned by the First technique she used at the Magician Girl's Tournament. I didn't want you to misunderstand me because I also know how to play the first technique. So I didn't use it."

"I believe you, Tyre!"

"I'm sorry, Claude!"

The rain stopped and the cloud scattered. The sunshine shone in the sky on Claude and Tyre. They were panting on the ground, too tired to open their eyes.

The world was quiet.

Except for their panting.


"Yes? Claude."

"Nothing. Just checking if you are dead."

"How can I die before you?"

"You sound calmer."

"What do you mean?"

"Tyre, I can feel the gloominess on you since we live in the same room."


"It's more like a kid buries his feelings from anybody."

"You sound like you are old."

"Haha. Maybe I don't understand you now. but given time, I will get to know you better and better. By then I won't be know nothing about you when we have a fight."


"Tyre, can you take off your mask?"

"Why? Are you curious?"

"Haha. To be honest, I suspect you are the person who harassed Lunara in the forest."

"And you are telling me this?"

"Because your fist tells me that you are not him."


"What's your answer?"

As Claude spoke, Tyre took off the worn-out mask. A charming face as attractive as Claude's showed.

"Surprisingly, you are as good-looking as I am."

"Is it really good to compliment yourself like that?"

"It is. Hahahaha."


Tyre laughed out loud.

This was what made them friends to each other. When they didn't understand, they hated each other. While they were honest with each other, nothing mattered at all.

The reason why they had this fight was Claude's fault. He could have explained everything clearly.

"Tyre, did anything happen to you yesterday?"

"Weren't you there tracking me?"

"I left early. You can't you blame me on that. It was Constantine. He was curious of your face."

"So that's why."

"What happened? Why are you so angry?"

"I am still angry when I mention it now. I am telling you…"

Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi smiled when Claude and Tyre finally had a nice talk. Both of them were relieved, Constantine in particular. After all, he was the one who suggested following Tyre in the first place. Luckily, it didn't end very ugly.

When Claude and Tyre finally got out from the virtual world, their bodies recovered the way they were. But as their spirits were damaged, they passed out and fell down on the floor as soon as they got out.

Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi carried them to the nearby clinic which happened to be the one Darmiala stayed.

The girls looked very serious as if something horrible happened.

Constantine didn't have time to ask. They carried Claude and Tyre to the clinic rooms. LongTu spotted them and stood up, then said to Darmiala,

"I will be back soon. Something is wrong with Tyre and Claude."

"What?!" The girls were in shock. Only Darmiala said,

"Ok. Please go."

"Please tell me anything about Lunaria."

"We will."

LongTu caught up with Constantine and asked,

"What's wrong?"

"They had a fight and it ended up pretty ugly. It's my bad."

"Had a fight?" LongTu looked at Claude and Tyre who were still in coma and was confused why they fought. Weren't they friends?

 "Huh?" As LongTu found something wrong with Tyre's face, she pointed at his neck. She had a serious and cold look.

"This bastard."

How dare he used it again! He thought he couldn't die?

"Did they have the fight in the virtual world?"

"Yes, otherwise they would have a bruise on their bodies." Constantine answered, which made LongTu relieved. However, the side effect of Mind Eye was worse than damaging body. It could cause severe damages to brain and mental nerves. Bodies could be healed in real life but not mental problems. Even though they got out, the damage stayed.

"I will come with you."

"Ok. But what happened to Darmiala?" Constantine wondered.

"We were just walking on the street to school as we usually do. But all of sudden, Lunaria…fainted. So we sent her to the biggest hospital nearby." LongTu sighed.

The hospital they were staying was the biggest one in District 17 and 18. It was located in District 18 where Tyre and the boys lived.

But Constantine couldn't understand. Why would they move Lunaria to a hospital distance away if she just fainted? They should have sent her to a clinic first.

LongTu didn't say it because she was not sure if Lunaria was dead or not. No one believed that she was dead.

Tyre and Claude were sent to doctor's room. The doctor investigated that Claude was fine but Tyre was not so good. His spirit was barely ruined because he used forbidden skills in the fight. If he didn't make it through with his strong will, he would have become a vegetable now.

Thankfully, Claude proposed to have the fight in the virtual world so that neither of them were injured. With doctor's treatments, Tyre came around. The moment he opened his eyes, he still could feel great headache but much better than when he was in the small world. Looking around the room, he knew he was in a hospital. And then he saw LongTu.

"Huh, LongTu…"

"You used it again, didn't you?"

"Yes." He didn't argue because he used that horrible skill for no good reason and he used it when LongTu wasn't around.

LongTu looked at him seriously,

"Your spiritual status is not stable for now. You'd better take a rest."




"Your face…"

"Why? Good-looking?"

"Shame on you!"

The author has something to say: This is the end of Tyre's solo chapters. Many readers see Tyre as an outgoing and sometimes cute person. But in fact, he had been avoiding from the reality by putting up smiles. The reality is cruel, like Tyre had been unable to ascend his battle Qi. In the world that strength came before everything, what's the feel like if he got stuck at exactly the same place while others got more and more stronger? Let's put it this way. You work as hard as everyone else, but they get a raise at the end of the year while you don't. How does that make you feel? If it's just work, you can quit. But life is hard to change. Tyre was denied by Vanas and crushed by Claude. He was paranoid because of his lost memory. And he was still confused about Lunaria. Eventually because of a small thing, he exploded. Tyre is the leading role of this book, but also a man who thought and talked like an ordinary man. He liked to have a bath after a long day work. He didn't like being taken advantages, not even a little. He had to return the favor once he received one. His life was more important than anything else, and he was a little excited to face a strong Heavenly Child. He never thought he would be killed because he always won. He was not good at social skills. He made a lot of mistakes. But anyone who cared would know what Tyre was thinking. With the help of the mask, it was not very easy to understand him. 

Before he met Kamin, Tyre was a helpless and vulnerable teenager.

Before he met Dizi, Tyre was an arrogant and careless hypocrite.

Before he met Pandora, Tyre was a petty man who only cared about receiving but didn't know giving at all.

Before he met president Ku, Tyre was a fraud who thought he was smart enough to fool those big figures who had lived for centuries.

Before he met Claude, Tyre was a kid who kept everything to himself.

In the fight, they vented and understood. They felt each other's power by punching each other. In the end, Claude got to know Tyre's sorrow and burden and Tyre understood Claude's kindness and obsession with victory. They opened their hearts to each other and left behind their past, and finally laughed about it.

Tyre took off his mask and revealed his bright smile. Although his battle Qi still couldn't get improved, his martial arts were still soulless, and problems like his lost memory still existed, his sentiment was out. He could face the reality he used to escape from. He might become calm, or funny, or cruel if he had his memory back. But now this was him. He had changed.

His memory started from the moment he woke up in the small cottage.

This is my own understanding of Tyre.

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