After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 104: Tyre…(2)

Tyre's calculation was beyond time. He anticipated precisely every move Claude would use. In another words, there was no surprise for Tyre. Everything was the result of his calculation.

When Claude saw Tyre's face, his heart sank down to the abyss.

Bam! A powerful punch was thrown at Claude's chest. Tyre's fist was twisted because of the punch. As Claude was punched away, Tyre leaped forward and held the Fallen One high up to cut.

At the very moment, Tyre trembled and couldn't hold the Fallen One tightly. The sword was dropped on the ground and he knelt down. The power of calculation begun to fade away, followed by utter pains and twitching stomach like a blender was mixing his stomach.

"Ah…Ah…Ah! Ah! Ah!"It was too painful for Tyre to tolerate. Claude had already come to his senses to see what happened to Tyre.

"Your Forbidden Arts is due, isn't it?"

The side effect of mind eyes was worse than before because Tyre was torn between losing consciousness and being woke up by the pain.

Claude frowned. It was not a good time to ask Tyre any question. He would ask him when they got out of here.

In the end, he, Claude, won this fight and it had to be him!

Claude was a nice and reliable person, but he was also an indomitable fighter. That was why he never lost a single fight to other peers. However hard he got beaten up, he would keep on fighting until his opponent fell down.

This time was no exception. No matter whom his opponent was and what skills, martial arts, techniques, weapons or tools that person used, Claude would eventually win! For sure!

"Tyre. Lord Tyre. I admit that you are the strongest opponent I have ever fought with. But you just can't defeat me!"

You just can't defeat me!

You just can't defeat me!

You just can't defeat me!

Claude's words echoed in Tyre's mind which was about to explode. The pain nearly ruined him but he still understood the meaning of the sentence.

Am I gonna lose?

You just can't defeat me!

How am I supposed to prove it to him?

You just can't defeat me!

Damn! In this world, all of you people are fooling me!

You just can't defeat me!

I don't approve! I can't stay at lower Qi Harmony forever!

You just can't defeat me!

I don't approve! What makes you think I can only defeat those weaker than Heavenly Child?!

You just …

I don't approve! The martial arts I have learned only belongs to me! It's mine! What makes you think it has no soul?!

I don't approve! I don't approve! I don't approve!

 [123, my brother said that no one can stop you as long as you have a strong heart. What about you?]


[Listen! I'm Lord 123's slave! He is going to sell me to you. You will have me if you win the bid!]


[He is fighting hard in there, so we can't let these guys disturb him!]

Roselle Butterfly, Sand Sword, and Ghost Slayer…

[It's all right. Everything will be fine.]


[Will you be my pupil?]

Master Lao Jerry…

[You have already thanked me enough since you got me out of here. Save your goodbye. We are not that type of person. If I am lucky enough…and we will meet again, it is our fate.]

Mr. Kamin…

The past flashed before his eyes like pictures. Every scenario, every sentence, and every word they said was vivid like it was just yesterday.

It was his memory, his own memory as Tyre.

Fine, his martial arts had no soul, then what? He was not powerful, then what? There wouldn't be any enhancement to his battle qi. Why bother to care?

This was the real him. He had to create everything with his own hands.

His martial arts had no soul. Fine. He would show them the soulless but ultimate martial arts!

He was not powerful. Great! He would challenge Heavenly Child in the future and especially Vanas!

Lower battle Qi? Screw battle Qi! He didn't give it a shit!

No one could deny him! He was here, existing in the world. Even though he fell down occasionally, got hurt or injured, he was still Tyre. No one could deny that!

His sight started to concentrate as millions of pictures generated together. Tyre's eyes were shining with formidable lights. The pains in the head and body were interrupted instantly. His strong will that was beyond all natures exploded in Tyre's chest. Like the dirt in his body was cleaned, now he could breathe fresh air.

At the same time, Claude emerged before him.

[How about we call our group as Heaven and Sword as One?]

You have done enough for us. You deserved to be our captain. You are the most powerful guy!


Tyre came to his senses as he roared, which was out of Claude's expectation. Tyre threw a punch at him which he couldn't back up. Although he had no strength at all now, he had to fight back because he still had the pride of the first genius of North of the empire.

With the help of one foot, he threw his right hand that he had left. He roared with a twisted face,


They punched each other in the faces in the rain and both fell down.

But they got back on their feet and then kept punching each other.

They fell down, got up, again and again…

They just kept doing the same thing once, twice…

Neither of them stopped. What they were doing was far beyond their physical limitation. Their bodies didn't function except for their fists.


"Tyre! Have you lost your memory too?" Claude knocked Tyre down with his worn fist. Tyre got back on his feet immediately and punched back.

"It was long time ago."

Claude had no intention to quit although his body was broken. Even if he only had one leg, he still threw punches with his will.

"What's your relationship with Lunaria…"


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