After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 103: Tyre…(1)

Tyre showed no fear of Claude's change. As soon as Claude spoke, he moved. With a little help of footwork, the world seemed to be twisted. If Yexi saw this, she would recognize it was her technique but Tyre improved had perfected it.

As the sound was still aiming Claude at the supersonic speed in the air, Tyre already showed up in front of him and swung the Fallen One in the air. Claude who shone with red and golden lights chose to block the attack with the light sword in his hand.


A breathtaking power exploded as the two weapons fought against each other. Both Claude and Tyre were pushed back. The void begun to twist infinitely and finally turned into a black hole that sucked in tons of gravels and clouds. Then the sky was cracked as if it was about to explode.

The most powerful men who lived in the this small world were protectors assigned by prestigious powers in the world. They had been competing with each other for ages. Now they gathered around to see the two persons who were fighting in the air. They showed their respects.

""God! God! Mighty Marganas! It is a privilege to see two gods fighting each other." A half-naked skinny old man knelt down on the floor with respect. Instead of getting angry at Tyre and Claude for tearing the continent into pieces, he cried with joys and worshiped them. So did the rest of the protectors. They showed their gratitude to the legendary gods. If Tyre and Claude were true gods, they could give god blessing to the protectors and receive the power of faith from them. 

Marganas they worshiped was just a common god who didn't even rank the top 3000 gods. Because he was the first god to build a palace of faith in this small world, he finally became the mighty god of the habitants as time passed by.

In fact, gods usually build places of faith in millions of small worlds. Although the power of faith was weak in the small worlds, it was better than none. That was why many junior gods who were incapable to build palaces in big world or universe chose to be highly respected gods in small worlds.

Tyre and Claude were still in a violent fight. Although Claude didn't succeed in hitting Tyre for once, he forced him back and further.

As Tyre pushed his limit to do every calculation, his hair turned silver soon and his nose started to bleed. However, the great pain didn't stop him at all

As Claude was about to have Tyre under control, his pupils got dilated. At the very moment, Tyre observed Claude's weakness and started to calculate although his brain was almost overwhelmed. Finally Claude's weak point got bigger according to Tyre's calculation. He stabbed. Claude was startled because he didn't anticipate that Tyre would use the Fallen One at this moment. In an outsider's eyes, Tyre was the first one who swung the sword and Claude threw himself into onto it.


Tyre cut off Claude's entire arm. But the real pain Claude was having was the power of the broken space. It was piercing into Claude's body like venom. It was much more painful than the ultimate punishment in the empire, otherwise Claude wouldn't change his facial expression at all as he had strong endurance of pains.

As the first genius of the North of the Empire, Claude was gifted as well as hardworking and strong-willed. The power which was supposed to tear him apart from the inside was forced out by Claude. However, his right feet undertook all the power and was destroyed all of sudden. Claude's life was saved. He fell from the sky on the floor and finally stopped after he rolled for over a hundred meters.

Claude was losing his conscience when he saw Tyre approaching with holding his Fallen One high up in his hand.

Am I gonna lose? Thought Claude.

He would lose to Tyre, a martial art practitioner at Qi Harmony? But he was Claude and he started this fight. How could he lie on the floor and wait to be defeated?

Impossible! It's impossible! Not even once! He could lose to anyone but not Tyre because he saw the sadness and anger in Tyre's eyes. If he fell down now, who could save him.

Claude's strong will became infinite power to clear all difficulties and made himself stand up.

I will save you, Tyre!

Even if you lied to me, even if you never considered me as a friend. But you are right here, still living. I won't allow you to be so sad. Therefore, I can't lose even it costs everything I have.

Urgh! Ah!!!

Claude got back on feet and threw a punch at Tyre by just missing his sword with a speed that he never had.

Tyre was still expressionless. He pointed with his other hand and a black hole appeared in front of Claude. However, Claude anticipated this. His eyes were wide open and his body shone bright lights which turned into light elements and disappeared. Black hole absorbed concrete objects but couldn't attack elements, which was one of experiments that Claude had earlier. Next moment, the light element gathered behind Tyre and generated a light sword before his body was fully shown, then stabbed Tyre.

He had to win this time!

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