After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 102: Death fight! Tyre Vs Claude (2)

However, Tyre couldn't completely control the move physically or spatially. Therefore, he was unable to use the maximum power.

Claude felt no strength in him while he was still hovering in the air. The battle Qi in the void started to fade away. And the air became very thin. Even the plants on the ground started to withered and the walking animals went out of breath. It seemed that everything was going to the void.

Claude looked down at Tyre and managed to generate a red-lighted sword in his hand. The disappearing element powers gathered around his sword like they found their own source. In the end, a concrete sword was formed in the darkness with circles of red light around the sword tip. At that moment, Tyre's Heaven's Fall seemed to be stopped.

Vedas and Upanishads, the Magnificent Vedas!

The red light brightened up instantly and rushed toward Tyre like a hungry beast. The ground was crashed into ash, so did the battle field. Only a man with a mask was standing there.

Tyre fought back at the same time. The darkness vanished quickly and flocked into the Fallen One as if the darkness was swallowed by it. The world was bright again.

At the moment, however, the Fallen One flashed countless dark light beams. Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi felt dizzy as they took one look at it as if their spirit was about to be swallowed by the Fallen One.

God's Fall Style, Heaven's Fall x 10!

The excited Fallen One trembled and roared instantly. Then the power of darkness flashed out all of sudden. The whole world was shaking at this moment. The battle Qi vanished. The air no longer existed, neither did the element power.

As the Fallen One launched, the world bowed.

This was the real power of the first move of God's Fall Style.

Still expressionlessly, Claude powered the red light. The Magnificent Vedas which was threatened by the power of darkness was encouraged to launch its power against the power of darkness like crazily.

The power of darkness and that of red light fought against each other with their infinite power, blowing away dead bodies, crashing the forests, sabotaging everything in the world.

As he felt the ultimate power from Tyre, Claude had never been threatened like this before. He roared like never.


Next moment, the power of darkness blacked the entire world.

Tyre withdrew his move and looked at the void in the darkness.

The world went silent at this moment. It had only been ten seconds since Tyre had opened his mind eyes, far away from his limit.

But nothing in his eyes changed because he still stared at the void without even blinking.

In the dark, a sparkle brightened everyone's eyes. Then it grew slowly into a torch, and finally a flaming land. The darkness no longer existed. The brightness of the sun shone over the entire world.

"Power of Solar God!"

A godlike power spread throughout the void and Claude stepped out from it, absolutely clean as he was wearing a fire coat. A bright sun rose behind him and he looked like a god.

"I have never used the power before. Lord Tyre, you are the first one."

Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi outside the Magic Video Stone were stunned to extreme degree. The power of light was like sunshine impacting their hearts through the stone.

 "Power of god!" Bayun Xiaoqi murmured and Constantine nodded.

"With the help of god, Claude's power surged but not as powerful as a Imperial level. He was still at the level of supreme Heavenly Child level."

"But it was amazing that they have hid such great power…" Bayun Xiaoqi couldn't finish his sentence. Constantine shook his head.

"It was not in our position to judge them."

On the other hand, Yexi was carrying Lunaria on her back. The girls ran toward the closest clinic while Darmiala said all of sudden,

"Stop! Such small clinics are useless! There is a big medical station at District 18 and there is one famous doctor there. If we can find him, he might know how to save her."

Those girls nodded because they knew they had to make it there very quickly before it was too late.


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