After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy


After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy Chapter 101: Death fight! Tyre Vs Claude (1)

Opened his mind eye!

Cutting off all the connection with Lunaria, Tyre opened his eyes.

He looked at Claude coldly like a robot.

Claude narrowed his eyes because he sensed a bit of danger. It seemed that this Tyre in front of him had changed completely to another person. No, he may not be a person. He might be something else.

Then, no talks. No signs.

Tyre pointed at Claude and flipped with a finger.

A black hold appeared.

The power dragged Claude off the ground without giving him a chance to fight back and was about to crash him next second.

Numerous dead bodies vanished as soon as they touched the black hole. The hole was too big to be filled with anything.


Tyre, standing behind the black hole, was not affected at all. Claude was thinking while he used his sword to counterattack. Tyre was exceptionally calm and moved slightly to dodge the attack as the sword was about to get him.

Claude felt something serious because Tyre was like a robot now. Every move he did was like being accurately calculated. Right before the black hole swallowed Claude, his illuminating sword which was flying pass Tyre sent out a massive amount of light. Claude's eyes were wide open.

The Vedas and Upanishads, Instant Swapper!

Claude disappeared right in front of Tyre instantly and his sword appeared in his place. Claude showed up where the sword was. The sword and Claude swapped the places.

While they swapped with each other, Tyre cut at Claude expressionlessly.

As he could predict everything, Tyre's response reached to the peak and every move he used with the Fallen One was the most powerful of its own.

As the Fallen One launched black power at Claude, it was not ultimate powerful nor overwhelming though, it crashed the Space everywhere.

Claude got intense because it had been ages that he had never felt his life to be threatened.

He couldn't block it nor fight back. All he could do was to dodge.

But as he was still hovering in the air, he couldn't use all his power. If he couldn't ran away from this move, the side effect of it would spread all over his body like poison if he only got struck by it a little and eventually he would be cut in halves.

No! He would be cut into pieces!

Then he only had one choice!

Boom! Claude's body turned red, neither like a flame nor sunset, but more of blood.

As the red light got stronger, Claude flew into the sky all of sudden and dodged the move completely.

This cut, however, kept moving further. The ground was cracked open. 10 meters, 100 meters, 1000 meters and thousands of meters away, the ground was split open. The world was about to collapse. However, it didn't stop as if its power was infinite. It kept cutting to the ocean and the ocean was cut in half. A deep abyss then was formed. When it crossed the ocean, it kept cutting the continent on the other side together with a roar!


The sky was cracked a bit. And another continent started to split apart. It was like the end of the world. The scene was totally horrible, like the doomsday!

Claude had no time to be amazed by the power of the strike. He looked at Tyre calmly because he didn't want to reveal any of his emotion in front of Tyre who might take advantage of his emotional changes to kill him.

Is this all you get?!

Claude hovered above Tyre by stepping on the red light.

It was too bad that Tyre didn't plan to waste any time with Claude. He swung the Fallen One again.

God's Fall Style, Heaven's Fall!

When he actually used the move, the world would either become void or destroyed.



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