Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!


Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! Chapter 946

Chapter 946 "Mountain (3)"

“Wu Xiong, I said it before. While under my watch no human can harm us demons in this border city, otherwise…." the fox chief says.

“Demons?” The big hulky man snickers sarcastically at the remark, "Do you not see those two demons over there are submitting themselves to the two humans? So, they are what you call traitors, and again, the two humans are also traitors to humanity!"

Hu Bud Wei couldn't help but frown at the idea. If it was in the past then he would surely reprimand the other side if that's the case, however, the post of being Queen of the Demon Realm has now been taken over by a human woman. Even if he's unwilling, siding with the big hulky man in this case would be equivalent of insulting said queen.

“Father, Wu Xiong is right, these people are indeed traitors to us demons!" Hu Mei suddenly chimes in with a cold voice when locking eyes with Bai Yan, "This woman is the one I told you about from earlier today. She wanted me to connect her with the king through our connection so she could seduce His Majesty, but I refused of course. Out of anger, she then attacked my maid even. Do you still want to save such a person?"

“You're talking nonsense, my mother is the Queen!” Flushing red in the face due to how angry she was, Dragony lashes out despite her own condition, "It was clearly your maid who wanted to hit me, that's why my mother hit her back!"

Queen? The beating speed in the fox chief's heart began to pace incredibly fast for a brief moment, This dragon girl called this woman Queen? But when did Her Highness have a daughter? His Majesty never mentioned it at all in the letters!

“Dragony,” hugging the young missy from behind to settle her trembling body down, Bai Yan's calm and aloof self then confronts Hu Bud Wei. "Are you the chief of the fox clan here in this border city?"

“That's right, I am Hu Bud Wei!" Hands behind his back, the handsome middle-aged fox man was doing well in giving off a majestic and superior air.

Ignoring the flagrant dismissiveness, Bai Yan instead flips her hand out with a greenish object in hand: "This jade token, do you recognize it?"

Hu Bud Wei frowned at this of course. He couldn't quite pinpoint it but he does find it vaguely familiar for some reason….

Truth was, Di Cang had sent out the portrait of Bai Yan's identity token to everyone in the Demon Realm, including the fox clan exiled to this border city. What's unfortunate though was this fox chief's lack of forethought. When he received the picture back then, he only gave it a quick scrim through and left it as was, never did this fox expect to encounter Bai Yan in his lifetime. Making matters worse, foxes are inherently bad with their memories unless they deliberately went out of their way to remember something.

It's no surprise that he forgot….

Hu Mei didn't miss her old man's reaction with those sharp glaring eyes. In her haste after seeing the badge in Bai Yan's hand, the fox demoness immediately hatched a devious plan in her mind. One for out of spite regarding her maid's injury, the second being Bai Yan's superior beauty.

“Impudent! This jade token is clearly mine. I dropped it by accident this morning, to think it was stolen by you. What sort of world has this become if a thief can so blatantly flaunt their ill gotten gains out in the open, and before their real owner at that!"

Father can be so stupid at times. If I don't find some excuse to make him move then he might really believe this woman's words. It's not like this person can be the real demon queen anyways.

Making a face like he's enlightened somehow, the fox chief gives the fox patterned jade token a final stare before nodding his head. So its my daughter's stuff, no wonder it looks so familiar…..

Finding it pointless at this stage to continue her attempt to show her identity, Bai Yan puts the thing away before making a sneer: "I've heard of foxes being cunning and clever by nature, but it seems that's not true at all. To think the fox clan would have such a stupid person in their mix!"

So that's why Di Xiao Wan is a sweet dumbaclutz, not every member of the foxes are as clever and cunning as my own boy.

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