Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!


Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! Chapter 942

Chapter 942 "Battle (3)"

Releasing her hand around Dragony's, Bai Yan takes a step forward to make a stance.

“Humph!” The big bulky man huffs a grunt at this picture as he swings his huge knife down at her. Perhaps it's the strength, or that he's imbued the strike with his own power, but a whirling series of wind blades instantly forms into existence for the woman.


The attack was direct, raising up a storm of dust clouds from the recoiling force. Sadly for the man, the effects were minimal. Bai Yan did not take even a step back from the strike. Instead, she was able to easily block off everything with her tiny bone quill.

This unexpected outcome humiliated the big guy and earned him some odd stares from the back for sure because he was acting so confident and such in front of everyone. Yet, look at what happened, nothing…. Not a cut, not even a tear in the clothes. Furthermore, his huffy attitude soon changed to shock once this big guy realized what he was confronting.

“This bone quill… it's a divine artifact?"

If not then what else out there can produce such drastic effects?

Thinking up to here, a powerful flash of greed beams out of the big hulky man's eye when looking at Bai Yan's weapon of choice. It's invasive and gross like he's undressed the woman from top to bottom.

“Brothers and sisters, let me handle this woman and I'll leave the others to you all. Arrest this teen and young girl for colluding with the pig!" Giving the corner of his lip a lick, the guy turned menacing, just like an evil final boss cackling a laugh from those old movies.

Mo Li Shang wasn't as calm in the back though once those foes began to move against him. He's flustered from being confronted with so many people, even so, he somehow managed to resist the attacks with a sword he pulled out from somewhere on his own.

This didn't escape Bai Yan's attention of course, which greatly surprised her due to the teen's amazing strength. This Mo Li Shang…. He's a Saint Rank as well? If he had such power to begin with then why was he severely injured at the Medicine Sect, and why did he lose all his memories? What does his appearance mean?

Despite all these lingering questions that she wants answered, Bai Yan didn't have room to dwell on the issue. The reasoning being that the attacks are now aimed directly at the dazed looking Dragony to one side.

“Dragony, get away!" Going pale in the face, she cries out in her urgency.

Unfortunately, the lass didn't budge, only staring at the oncoming blades with a look of fear like she's overcome by the emotion. However…. then it happened, right before contact. Perhaps the thought of death finally brought the dragoness back to reality, but the next shoving push from the clueless girl's hand did more than just resist the swing of the blade, she sent them flying!

"You baddies go away! You're not allowed to harm my mother!" Moving at lightning pace, the young lass's body became a blur of light as she becomes enveloped in a sacred light while dashing forward with her own attack.

"Baddies! Anyone who hurts my mother are baddies! I'm going to eat you all!"


A deafening draconian roar rocks the air and land, causing even the light to fluctuate for a split second from the sonic wave. But this wasn't the most important, rather its Dragony's new transformation. Gradually lengthening in size until she's her true form, the lass was no longer a green color like before, instead, she's now pure white from top to bottom. Then without so much as another word, she gulps down the closest human cultivator in one fell swoop.

“I'M GOING TO EAT YOU ALL!!!" There's no childish tone in her voice this time around, nay, nor does it sound dull and timid. Instead, it's the sound of a determined girl of sizable strength that rang into everyone's ear on this border city.

Mo Li Shang had stopped his actions by this point – much like the rest around himself – but it was Piggy who was the mouth shocked by the girl's transformation. The poor little pig was slacking his jaws open from not knowing how to react because he's the one who offended Dragony the most from sniffing her earlier…. He's quite happy at not being eaten!

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